A Story by moonlight-am-i

Murder Land

Prologue: Many of us know the tale of Alice and Wonderland. A very curious girl falls into a world like no other that seems to be innocent. But, what if Alice fell into a completely different world one where she becomes a different person the person that reflects how she truly feels inside because of what people have done and said to her. For many years Alice had to indoor the pain of never being loved for who she truly was she was molded into what she was supposed to be. Alice kept a smile on her face to please her mother but on the inside the pain was too much; her heart was slowly turning black with hatred.  In Murder land Alice’s true colors show all the hurt that she has buried up inside is breaking out.

 When Alice is in Murder land only a hand full of people are safe.

Chapter 1-Drip drip... The sound the oozing red blood made as it hit the floor falling from my beautiful knife. The smell of fresh blood was so delightful. I lick the tasty blood; I haven't had blood this sweet in a long time. I stood above my weak and pitiful mother. She looked on edge probably asking herself were did she go wrong. She tried all of her life to raise the perfect daughter. Perfect what a load of s**t.


"Stop, you can't do this to your sweet mother." said my old bag of a mother.


"Oh really I can't you stupid b***h, I call the shots now. If you want to live any longer you listen to me."


I wasn't always like this before I was just a sweet little girl who use to help her mother in the kitchen. But, that all changed on that faithful day.


Two months ago I was in my old garden planting bloody red roses. Just when I was ready to go inside I saw something bizarre. It was a small bunny rabbit hopping alongside the snow white daisies. He had a big clock around his neck he said, "oh dear I'm going to be late. If I'm late she will cut my little bunny balls off."


I've never seen anything like this before; a talking rabbit. I followed the two legged furry creature. Before I knew it he jumped down this gaping black hole. Looking down at the hole I called out to him. "Hello Mr. Rabbit where have you gone." Sticking my head down to far I fell into the strange hole.


Down the hole I went. Deeper and deeper things started to get "darker". Day turned into night. Black clouds of darkness swallowed up the air. Soon what felt like I was going to keep falling forever soon came to a stop letting me fall on my a*s. Trying to clean myself off with the water from a nearby lake I saw something was different. I was different. My hair was not its sunlight blonde anymore. It took on a more of a devilish look.


I felt stronger that I was able to do anything and take on anyone. A new Alice was born one that wasn't going to put up peoples bullshit.


Chapter 2- After sometime I was able to finally take in all that had just happened. I had to find some answers. Where am I and how do I get out of this strange place? I followed what seemed to be a path leading to a gothic styled church. Walking the path I saw many strange things. Giant hairy spiders huge form their silky webs. There were flowers that were as big as me.

 Finally reaching the church I came across a boy who looked as if he was 15 the same age as me. With my hand I slapped him across the face and said, “Hey wake your a*s up.”

 The boy woke up and had a stinging red mark on his face. “Well good f*****g afternoon to you too.”

“How else was I supposed to get you up?” I answered back with a grin on my face

Shaking his head the mystery boy said, “I don’t know maybe shaking me gently until I wake up.”

I started to get angry, “Ugh I don’t have time for this I have to get answers about where am I.”

“Well that’s easy you’re in Murder Land of course where all fairy tales turn into a living nightmare. Everything that was once sweet turns sour.”

I thought to myself that explains it falling into this world is the reason for me changing.

“By the way my name is Alice, what’s yours?”

“Well my name is Alexander but, you can call me Alex for short.” he said looking at me with his beautiful brown eyes.

“So, Alex like it or not you’re going to help me get the hell out of this place and back to my world.”

“Okay but, to survive in this world you’re going to have to be able to pick up a weapon and kill anything in your way.” 

“I’m okay with that but, how are you going to get me out of here.”

“I’m going to take you to the Bat S**t Crazy Hatter he will know what to.”

I followed Alex to what had seemed to be a giant maze. Stepping through the maze the sky grew darker, the, moon shined quit beautifully in the sky.  The maze was filled with so many twists and turns; I started to feel dizzy. “Alex when are we supposed to get there I’m getting tired of walking around in this damn maze.”

Alex turns and faces me, “Hold on we are almost there don’t get your s****y undies in a twist.”

As Alex talks to me a giant spider comes crawling down from a spider web and reaches out for him. “Alex get out of the way.” I jump trying to push him out of the way but I am to slow. The spider rapes its long legs around Alex’s slim but hot body.

Alex tries to talk before the spider covers his mouth with its webs. “Hurry and find something to beat the s**t out of this thing.”

I hurry trying to look for something I could use to take down this spider. To my luck I found what seemed to be a knife shrub. I was lucky that this place was so weird. I hurried and reached for a knife. As soon as the knife was in my hand I lost all control of my body; I ran to attack the spider. My body moved with such grace. I had no idea where this was coming from I was never able to move like this before.

When I reached for the spider I had the knife tight in my hand only focused on one thing. I stabbed the spider with the knife rite in the heart. Blood poured all around me. Stabbing the spider felt so good I had so much power; I felt as if I could do anything. This was the first thing that I had ever killed. Mother always said never harm a living thing you’re a lady let a man do it for you.


© 2013 moonlight-am-i

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Added on April 18, 2013
Last Updated on July 8, 2013