Chapter 1

Chapter 1

A Chapter by dawn aulis


London  April 1933

Ina crept from the rancid hull of the cargo ship that had brought her safely out of Irish territory, back home to England.  Moving slowly, to avoid detection; she had sent out feelers and found the ship almost barren. After the troubled voyage the crew had been all too quick to be on land and out carousing the streets of London.  Her heaving stomach and the increasing weakness  from dehydration were making progress difficult, but no matter how bothersome , she would succeed and escape the ship, just as she had escaped capture in Ireland, no one would suspect that a mere child would be able to evade such imminent danger without any trace of where she had gone.  The most ingenious part was the lack of a plan, plans can be discovered, and so she had just run, no thought as to where she was going or when she may return, not so much as a tear for all she had left behind. 

As she lifted her head above the decking on board the Sea’s Lass, she smelled fresh air and felt renewed immediately, she would find some fresh water and be almost as good as new.  Then she would have to find refuge, a much trickier pursuit.   A quick mental look around the deck  told her no one was looking, keeping low just in case, she climbed the last steps, and shot for the railing, finding a ladder close by she was over the edge and down to the dock in seconds.

The night was thick with the stench of men, booze and cheap women, lamps were lit along the dock and many people were milling around; men looking for women and w****s looking for cash.  Beggars also lined the road leading away from the docks looking for anything not nailed down that had value, she chuckled at the idea that she most likely looked like a beggar living on the street, then grimaced at the thought that she just might be on the street unless her last hope for refuge did not fail.

After walking a few blocks she stopped in an alley to send out a call to her champion; only silence followed, still nothing, and yet she would not accept that he was gone, she would feel it if he were indeed dead.  Somehow he was blocking her, although how she could not fathom, only the first born female in her clan was the chosen.  Only the chosen could jump in and out of the minds of others, and never leave a trace, or any resistance from others.  The idea had confounded her for months, it was not possible for her champion to do this, and yet she would not accept his passing either, so she continued to call to him, always hoping...

She had only gone a few blocks when a slow but persistent rain began to soak her to the bone.  Ina did not mind, her Gunna had taught her that her clan had found it beneficial to pursue the most delicate quests in the rain, or very late at night; both provided cover from those who would like to follow and reap the rewards of her clan’s bounty.  Gunna, the thought of her grandmother brought her a sense of peace,  and she had gone for long walks late at night and sometimes in downpours to teach her the benefit of having few people about and the air wiped clean and smelling fresh, she had quite enjoyed the outings, although Father had been furious each time he discovered them sneaking in during the wee hours or drenched to the bone and giggling in spite of themselves.  He had threatened to send Gunna away, but never followed up, Ina thought that was because if her Aunt had not been there to care for her and her Grandmother to tend the kitchen he would need to hire help to do those things, and help cost money, and Father hated to waste money on anything.  Besides he needed them to teach her whatever they knew about her Mother and being the chosen one, her Grandmother of course knew all too well what being chosen meant she had passed the power to her daughter Ladi , however, Ladi had been more powerful than any other chosen one; and so she could only provide so much guidance.   Just like her mother before her Ina seemed to possess strong telecommunication skills and had been able to speak telepathically not only to her Aunt Handi and Gunna, but also to her Champion although she never told anyone of this gift. 

So much of her childhood had been devoted to nourishing the gift and protecting her; Handi had been positive that others were continually seeking for them, and would force them back to the home place in Central America where her Mother’s clan had thrived for so many years.  Now the clan was gone, wiped out by disease and greed, only the three of them had survived with the secret to protect.


Ina found Mill Street without delay, and once in the right area had no trouble to select the right house.  Set away from the street with a long drive and gates out front, the large limestone house looked quite intimidating, but she must go in, so she took a deep breath as she approached and made ready for the confrontation.  “I must go away; others seek me out as a means of getting to you and I will not let that happen.  Should you need refuge go to Mill Street in London and find my friend Sam Wilson, he will help you, do not linger if you sense danger, it is all around you, let Gunna and Hani lead you and when they cannot; follow your heart and my advice and make for Mill Street, Promise me” the last words from her Champion, before he left the last time, around two months before she was told he was killed in a shipwreck in Ireland. 

Tears running down her cheek she sent out a desperate call to her champion one more time, and still no response, she sighed and took another deep breath and stepped up to the gate gave the name Carina Murphy just as she had been told to do, and was led into the house.

A stark faced man, who must be a butler insisted that she could not possibly wish to see Lord Wilson, she must be looking for  Ashley, Ina stood firm that the only person she wished to see was Sam Wilson.  With a curt nod the butler Reed was off leaving her dripping in a study with dark mahogany shelves on two walls , leaving one with a massive fireplace now lit and giving off much welcomed heat, and one which had a row of French doors leading out to beautiful gardens.   Drawn to the feint smell roses, just starting to bud, lna was at the doors when the study door opened, and Wilson came in.  “Who, did you say the lady’s name was, Reed?” he quizzed over his shoulder, then letting his gaze pass around the room, stopping only when his eyes connected with her own.

“A Miss Carina Murphy, sir,” explained the Reed

Ahhh... the famous Miss Murphy, sent by Camp Murphy, he told me little about you, save that I should take you in if ever you asked for refuge with me, is that the intent of your visit?” He spoke as if he were teasing her, with a broad grin on his chiselled face. 

Peaking into his mind she found humor and intrigue, he was curious about her and wanted to draw out more information from her.  Fine that was better than being put out on the street, she smiled sweetly and explained, “I would only need refuge if you cannot point me to Mr. Murphy, I seem to have lost touch with him and we have unfinished business to contend to.”

“So he said, but I cannot help you, I have not heard from your cousin Camp in months, you will have to be content to stay with us till he re-appears, which in my opinion will be when he is good and ready.”  Still smiling he walked over to her. “You will need to freshen up before I present you to Mother and Ashley, Reed will see you to your room,” Mr. Wilson was watching her, and kept trying not to let it show that he was finding the entire conversation incredibly humorous, “you will find a trunk with suitable clothing, and Camp left me in charge of funds to clothe and board you till he can come for you.” He finished by walking over the large oak desk and taking out a ledger, I will send for a seamstress at once to make up some appropriate clothing for a young, unattached young lady,” he said the last with humour and dipped his chin to avoid her seeing the grin.

No need to hide emotions from Ina she saw them as much as felt them and was well aware that Mr. Wilson thought perhaps she was Camp’s lady, or very unladylike indeed.  She did not care what he thought as long as he let her stay and there was hope Camp would return for her.  Even better was that he did not seem to have any knowledge that she was anyone more than an acquaintance or a distant cousin of Camp.

© 2013 dawn aulis

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A great start! Engaging writing, well done! :) "only the three of them had survived with the secret to protect." I'm intrigued !!!

Posted 9 Years Ago

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