One Tiny Tale

One Tiny Tale

A Story by dawn aulis

This is the first story, in a series of childen's books I am working on. They are loosely based on my own family.


One day Dawn Funny Bunny was weeding in her vegetables when all of a sudden she heard a squeaky sound.  She couldn’t imagine what could make this silly sound so she decided to look around.

Nothing in the lettuce, and nothing near the chives, Dawn Funny rummaged through the radishes and found nothing but some flies.  Then she saw a cabbage move and she knew she’d found her pest.  Dawn Funny pulled back the biggest leaf and there was a little nest.

To her surprise the squeaky sound became a tiny cry, from what had to be the smallest thing she ever had chance to spy.  It had to be a baby, but what kind she did not know, someone must have put in here in hopes that it would grow.

Dawn Funny didn’t know what to do, her heart said love it with all your might, but she was not sure, it could bite.  She watched the babe for quite some time wondering what to do, and then she called her Old Mother Owl to see if she might have a clue.

Mother Owl was old and wise, and she knew more than most, and when she gazed upon the child, “Keep it,” she said real quick, then picked up the babe and headed for the house.

Dawn Funny’s heart took a leap “Love it” it cried once more.  She followed Mother Owl to the house and opened up the door.  The tiny thing had ceased to cry in the old owl’s wings, it was snuggled deep at peace and fast asleep.


Soon Dawn Funny’s husband Bull Dog Bob came from work and let out a bounding roar, “I don’t want this little thing, please get it out the door.  Throw it in the garbage with all the other junk.  I just know that it will cry all night I’ll never get to sleep, so just get rid of it now while it is still asleep.”

What to do, what to do Dawn Funny thought de isn’t very pleased, then she heard a knock, an so she went to check, it was her sister Prissy Sissy P***y Cat and her husband Gentle Joe Gopher, Prissy Sissy took one look and let out a horrendous shriek, “it will make such a mess and I know for sure it will be a pest!” 

Old Mother Owl stayed real calm through all the fuss and noise, “keep it,” she said once more, and started to run a bath.

Prissy Sissy who liked things clean said, “This is a chore for me, I’m not real sure about this thing, but at least we’ll know it is clean.”  And so she went about her task of giving the babe its very first bath.

It splashed and squealed and giggled about and seemed to enjoy the fun. Gentle Joe Gopher watched the show, with a smile and a laugh, “I don’t know what you think Priss, but I think Bob and Dawn Funny sure have a beautiful baby for themselves, it shouldn’t be any trouble, I bet its quiet as a mouse.”

What to do? What to do, Dawn Funny continued to think, then she noticed that something was really starting to sink.  Sissy cried out, “what a mess, I cannot believe what it’s done.  This thing just ka ka’d in the tub.  Please don’t keep it, cause I know for sure this thing is trouble, we just can’t keep a messy cub.”


Just then Father Beaver walked through the door, “what’s this, a baby?” he said with shock, “what will you do with it, hide it under a rock?” 

Old Mother Owl gave a stern look, “keep it,” she said once more.

The whole house was screaming and everyone was mad.  Dawn Funny was reeling, “I love it so too bad!  I found it in my garden, so it’s mine you see, I really want to love it, and for it to love me.”

Then the house was quiet and everybody stared, as Dawn Funny picked it up and gave it a small squeeze.  “I know for sure that it is trouble, it’s gonna cry all night, it might ka ka in the tub, and sometimes be a sight, but I love it, so you see I won’t mind the mess.  She’ll be part of the family and we’ll all be blessed.”

Mother Owl who was the wisest said with a little grin, “I told you all to keep it, haven’t you all been listening” Just then the wee thing smiled and all hearts melted for the child.

“I’ll clean  it,” said Prissy

“I’ll rock it,” said Gentle Joe

“I suppose I could play with it,” said Bull Dog Bob.

“And I’m gonna love it,” Said Dawn Funny.


Father Beaver shook the baby’s toe and said, “You don’t know me real well yet, but you and me are going to be the best of friends.”

“So,” said Old Mother Owl, “what’s it gonna be?”

A Resounding “KEEP IT” was the reply.  And so the dear little on was part of the family.

© 2013 dawn aulis

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Such a sweet story, sure to delight children of all ages. Your story below reminds me of one my dad made up about my younger brother.

Posted 9 Years Ago

dawn aulis

9 Years Ago

It is nice to hear that I am not the only nut who makes up stories about my child. Truly the idea w.. read more
Samuel Dickens

9 Years Ago

I think that's great.
My dear little one, Carina Ashley, came to our family as an answer to many prayers and wishes. Her first days with us were so special that I wanted her to know how blessed we all were to have her, so I would tell her stories of what happened when she was born. This became a game of who, said what, and many are included in my little tale.

Carina really did ka ka in the tub when my sister bathed her, and her Uncle Joe’s first words upon seeing her were that Bob and Dawn sure had a beautiful baby for themselves, and he did say she was quiet as a mouse. Her Pa’s first words upon seeing her were that she did not know him yet but that they were going to be real good friends. As for her father threatening to throw her in the garbage, after a long sleepless night of teething, I woke up and found her daddy having a real serious talk about how she was going to sleep through the night or he would put her in the dumpster outside our apartment, but I think he was only joking.

Posted 9 Years Ago

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dawn aulis
dawn aulis

Sherbrooke, Quebec, Canada

After many years struggling with fibromyagia I am currently considered disabled and not able to work at my normal position, so I have decided to explore my talents writing while I work on recuperating.. more..

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