A Story by shannon

The do's and don't of long distant relationships.

   Long distance relationships....
        If theres any advice to tell you is DON'T DO IT unless you are sure, and i mean 100% sure, that you will see that significant other and been communicating well over a year. But in most cases it just doesn't work out.  I've had 2 experiences, one was a strong friendship and one was a relationship, sadly both went down the drain.
    What happened to the friendship?
      Became fading strangers
  What happened to the relationship?
   The "perfect" guy became a lying cheating pig. 
    If you met a guy/girl online and think to yourself "WOW! this person is amazing, I think I may have feelings for them." WRONG. Anyone can make themselves into someone else through a computer. For example, my relationship. Now I didn't meet him online technically, we went to the same school and exchanged words only a few times. He shortly moved 3 states away and a year later he messaged me. I didn't really know him but from his sweet words and everyone posting on his Facebook wall how he is such a amazing sweet guy, well... I dove right in. I must give credit to him, he knows how to set a trap. He said a bunch of heart warming things that would make any females insides melt. He knew how to attract his prey. WARNING: If a male says "I love you" in less of a months time...he wants to get in your pants. After the first view magical days of being in a long distance relationship things started to get weird. There were tall tale signs that things were wrong but I ignored the signs, for strong affections for a person can in fact "blind you" 

 Sign 1- He was overly jealous. The minute I would hang out with a member of the opposite sex he would get EXTREMELY angry and accuse. If someone is overly jealous that means they are highly insecure of themselves OR whenever they hang out with the opposite sex they did/do things with them and now automatically they think you would do something similar. 
 Sign 2- When he would get very emotional he would say things like "I'm going to kill myself"  "I want a knife" Those are cries for attention and wanting pity of others. Also, trying to make you feel bad. If you and a partner are in a heated argument and he/she says similar things, those are their attempts to distract you from the argument and worry for them.  

Sign 3- He would cry everytime I got annoyed or angry. Again... a cry for attention and pity.

Sign 4- A female kept posting all over his Facebook wall and said they're just friends. When a male says "We're just friends." You best believe that they are not and there is something else going on between the two.

Sign 5- If you are on the phone with him/her and they are suddenly "tired" or have to go... well chances are someone else is calling them on the line, skype convo, or message.

 It takes A LOT of trust to have a long distant relationship but from what I've heard, seen, and experienced you shouldn't do it for your best interest. It just causes regret, pain, and heart break. 

  Now theres nothing wrong to meet friends online and have a long distant relationship in a friendzone way but after a while you two will becoming fading strangers. People walk in and out of each others lives and grow apart, I know...IT SUCKS. but if you do have a long distant friend and been speaking for more than 3 years then that is awesome :)  

  Just please be careful with all sorts of long distant relationships and don't put your whole trust and time into them.

© 2012 shannon

Author's Note

I purposely wrote it the way I did

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Added on June 18, 2012
Last Updated on June 18, 2012
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A Chapter by shannon


A Chapter by shannon