Chapter VIII: Sandtraps

Chapter VIII: Sandtraps

A Chapter by Oran

Solis really loves his job. I mean, he really really loves his job to the point where there are instances that he loses his state of consciousness once he goes on his so-called "hunter's rampage" like what happened with Herod. In his current ordeal, he's surrounded by shale spiders that he irritated by squashing one of their broods. There's two sides to this predicament: good because he wants something to take the heat out of, and better because he hates bugs. His energetic aura seems to emanate more because of this hatred plus his exposition to the sun. He's a Solar Elemental, remember?
He enjoys eviscerating these eerie creatures while his allies watch him do most of the dirty work. They're barely even trying to fight.
"This guy's insane", Credo remarks.
"It's like he's a kid with free candy", says Eve, also amazed and still surprised by her comrade's overflowing enthusiasm to kill things.
No matter how many spiders come in, Solis keeps on slaying them. As a Slayer, he seldom had chances like this. There was this one time when he encountered an entire swarm of locusts. At first it was a real pain for him, but later on, he realized how awesome it felt to haplessly slaughter the things you hate. That's when he discovered this particular "beast mode" where he'd switch from "thrill of the hunt" to "thrill of the kill".
A few minutes filled with hacking and slashing later, the Slayer finds himself covered by those green, slimy things you see in alien movies.
"Is that all of 'em?", Solis asks his allies, barely breaking a sweat.
"You're seriously looking for more?", the Demon Hunter asks him.
"I was just getting warmed up", he says, stretching his arms in aloof.
"He's here!", says Lina with her fiery red ears flicking around.
"Who's there?", says Eve, trying to make out something with her eyes.
Through the tunnel leading to another area, a shady figure was floating. As it gets closer, its appearance gets less vivid. It had a hat which is mostly used by men from the wild west, a ripped coat that gives off its shadowy presence and claws, like the guy from last time.
It was peering through the Brood's Nest and, apart from the tiny cats, it found a few significant figures: some kid with blonde hair with green stuff splattered on his clothing, a girl that looks like a guy except for the fact that she's tied her hair side ways and the dense objects that hang from her chest, and some other guy who had blue hair and a white scarf. Throughout the cave is a canvas filled with dismembered spiders with their body fluids painting the floor and the walls.
"You... did you kill my babies?", the figure said pointing at the idiot covered with blood, spider blood. His voice sounded like Batman's voice when he tones it down low.
"Uh... could you repeat the question?", says the idiot.
"So this is what you really look like!", Credo, disregarding the questions.
"Did you kill my babies?", he asks again. He's such a loser for calling spiders his babies, isn't he?
"So what if I did?", he asks in an smart-a*s tone.
"Hey! I killed more than you did!"
"Regardless, you will all die."
Another violent sandstorm is conjured on the three Elementals. This is how a Blood Well works. It will fabricate itself where the Demon is and will form into a pocket in the dimension according to the Demon's nature. The Blood Well is given a waypoint wherever dimension the Demon is, meaning it will place a portal for itself that the Demon can summon and easily access. In this case, he put the portal right on the hole they fell in and now he's opened up said portal.
If you skipped some words from the last paragraph, I don't blame you. It's the writer's fault for not writing it so haphazardly and non-concisely. 
Going back, their Anima seemed to have been left behind in the Brood Nest. Meanwhile, the three are caught up in the storm. You wouldn't be able to see a thing in that place except for the burning dunes that dull your sight.
"Solis... Credo!", Eve calls them out. She suddenly felt someone grasp her arm.
"Where are we?", Solis screams because of the storm that impairs even their hearing.
"This is his Blood Well!", she replies, also screaming.
"Doesn't look like blood to me!"
Again they see two figures having a clash. One with a gunblade and one with claws, the same entities they saw fighting earlier. Unlike earlier, though, the one with the sword seems to be having a hard time. Why's he even fighting a Demon alone in its domain in the first place?
After getting painfully smacked in the face and forcibly flying back, Credo finds himself being helped up by the Solar Elemental.
"He's... a lot stronger...", Credo says as he gets up.
"I thought you needed our help", says Solis.
"Then let's attack-"
"I got him!", Eve interrupts.
She was able to hook something with her hook blade. She didn't see what it was until it was close enough. It looks like... a barrel. Before she knew it, the barrel breaks open, revealing a bunch of metal clasps used for bondage. You can imagine the rest when she accidentally gets tied down. There were three: one to hold down the mid-section which includes the arms, one that tied down her legs, and the last one clasped around both her ankles.
"Wha-what is this!", she struggles to move, only to be held down by the devious device.
Luckily, before the two could see her, the Demon had already found them. Wait... how is that lucky?
"I found you....", he says in a creepy way.
The shade conjured a gale of sand that blasts against the two, causing them to be thrown a few feet until they hit the wall. Solis finds something that looks familiar next to the wall. A barrel.
"Yeah?", he replies, coughing up dust.
"I have an idea..."
Contented of beating his adversaries, the Demon is now about to kill them. Eve's still stuck in a stagnant position. Good... no, bad thing no one has noticed her yet.
Whilst the evil entity readies the razor blades which are his claws, he stalks his prey with his eyes fixated on the two struggling souls, but then they'd suddenly retaliate.

"Have some barrel!"

Solis throws a barrel at him, holding him in place like the one earlier, for a short period of time only. As his struggle gets more intense, so does the sandstorm that resides within the Blood Well, and eventually he breaks free before the two could land the finishing blow.

"You intend to use my own bondage material against me?", he taunts them.

"I got a better idea!", screams Credo as a path of ice bursts through the ground in an effort to frost the Demon.

"That won't work either!", he says as he merely pushes over the icy trap.

Astonished by the multiplied strength of his enemy, Credo asks his ally if he's got any more ideas rather than another head on attack. "You're an Elemental too, right? Now would be a good time to demonstrate!"

"Yeah? Well I'm out of mana, whatever that is!", he bluntly answers.

"There's no Sun here neither, huh?"

"Say goodbye-"

The monstrous murderer gets interrupted by a chain tying around his neck. It appears Eve has broken free from the trap, and she's back in the game so now she's holding him down with her chains on his throat while tries to get it off.

"Well don't just stand there!", she scoffs.

At once they run toward their enemy and slash him and slash him and slash him while he floats holding onto the chains; although, Solis didn't really do any damage since he's not using a weapon on his Elemental Affinity. Credo jumps up to his head and stabs him there. With his sword stuck to the Demon's face, he hangs on the handle with his hands then pulls up and stands on it, effortlessly balancing.

"Don't do it!", he says in a desperate attempt to survive.

Credo does the opposite and pulls the trigger with his foot, causing a buck load of frost bullets to explode and mostly damage the enemy's face.

The entity lets out a shrill scream of his pain and shrinks down into a less dangerous and weakened state. 

His cloak was blasted along with his hat,revealing a body that resembles that of a [1]Voidling or in other words, a four-legged crustacean. He was trying to crawl away and cover himself with the storm he created.It didn't work.

"You're finished...", Credo impales one of his legs with his weapon.

After letting out a painful scream he goes and says: "My death will mean little... this world is already ours... It's only a matter of time before we attain full power...."

"We'll just have to make time then", he says this and finishes him off by running through his abdomen and shooting one last blast of frost.

The Demon fades back to oblivion and subsides along with the sandstorm, revealing a room packed with barrels on the sides. [2]Felix would not be impressed.

"Man! [2]Felix would hate this place...", Solis thinks to himself.

"Thanks for the assist", Credo says in gratitude.

"Does that mean you'll keep your end of the bargain?", Eve asks him.

"Killing these guys is what I do for a living. It'll be fun do go on a killing spree every once in a while", he uses his charms and smiles.

"Welcome to the club", Eve warmly accepts him.

"Speaking of club, I think I know someone who'd qualify", he suggests.


"Excuse me!", Solis interrupts them, "Could we get out of here first?"

"Why, what's wrong?", Eve, concerned.

"I think I swallowed some of the spider fluid...."


1. Malzhar's passive skill from League of Legends that he summons from the void.
2. H-h-h-how's it going, Bros? My name is Peeeeeeewdiepiee!

© 2015 Oran

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