Chapter XI: Misconceptions

Chapter XI: Misconceptions

A Chapter by Oran

Morning was telling the sun to take a peak from the mountains, so there it is shining its rays on Xenovia. Back at the room they rented, Eve was still sleeping on her side of the bed. Credo was already out looking for the new club member he was talking about with Lina. Solis was still there changing into his normal clothes while blabbering with Tenenbaum about forgetting to take a part of Herod like its scales or something so he could sell it in town. Slowly but surely, Eve wakes up from the argument of the Slayer and his partner.
Rubbing her eyes, she slowly gets up, "Uh... I think I overslept...."
"Good Morning...", says Solis as he puts on his coat.
"Yeah... Where's Credo?", she yawns.
"I think he went to find that other Elemental he was talking about." 
"You didn't go with him?", she asks.
"I'm gonna go look around town to see if I can restock on supplies", he puts on his boots. "Besides, I gotta get me some breakfast too." He walks toward the door.
"Itte rasshai...", she bids him goodbye.
"What?", he doesn't know what it means.
"I said take care!", she resorts to her false angry tone, much like a tsundere would do.
He opens the door, "Oh, by the way..."
"Salamat", he smiles at her.
He shuts the door as soon as Tenenbaum gets out without answering. 
"Baka...", she frowns in such a way that it's adorable.
"Hey, Mea. I want candy!", Lux says as soon as she wakes up with her antennae stretching with her arms. Wait... did she just say... Mea?
"Guess we'll have a look around town as well", Mea suggests. 
See what I did there? I just used her real name. By the way, the writer's worried about how you'd pronounce it because (you're so short-sighted) the spelling's a bit cliche', so he told me to tell you that it's pronounced "Mei-ya".
How about we take a look at the Elemental Credo's been talking about? 
The streets were busy with the shopkeepers and vendors hustling to make a profit, or simply make it enough for the day. Among the crowds that walk around this part of town, she was walking through. The most appropriate description I can relay for her would be a princess.
Hair as orange as the setting sun covered by a straw hat, and her eyes were like an emerald garden reserved for heaven - which means green. It's almost like she could outshine every person that she makes her way through. Instantly, something very important to her caught her eye. At the same time, she strides to go toward him. He was talking to someone familiar. And wouldn't you know? It's Lanette.
"So have you had breakfast yet?", Lanette asks him while holding on to a basket full of tomatoes and apples. She's wearing her inn-keeper uniform, the same one she used back at 13th Lake Inn. It makes her look like a maid.
"Not yet. I'm actually looking for someone", says... Credo!
"That's no good!", she takes out an apple, "Here, have some."
"Ah... thanks....", he takes it, reluctantly. He doesn't like apples.
"Well, I better be going. My father's probably done fishing."
"Alright. I'll see you later."
"See 'ya!", she hurries away.
Once she's out of line of sight, Credo be-jokingly tells Lina to eat the apple. That's when the princess I was talking about comes along to greet him. This guy really knows a lot of girls. I don't really know what the writer was thinking when he told me to give Credo a lot of female acquaintances.
She walks toward him through the busy crowd where she finds him squatting and forcing an apple through Lina's tiny mouth. Lina then smacks him on his right cheek with her left ear as a result.
"Hey, Credo...", she holds onto the top of her hat when a wind unexpectedly blew, like the ones you see in movies and-or anime when the camera closes up on the face and you see the character's hair fluttering in the air. "It's been a while", she gives him a smile that could light up all of Xenovia.
He turns around to see how beautiful it is whilst his hand keeps knocking on Lina's face with the fruit. She pushes it away with her tiny paws.
"Oh, good. I finally found you."
"You were... looking for me?"
 "Yeah", he stands up, "I need to talk to your father."
"Huh?", she's surprised, "Why?"
"I'm taking you with me."
"Wait, what!?" I think she's misinterpreting what's going on.
"I said I need you."
"You're joking, right?" I don't think she understands the situation here.
"Anna, I'm serious", his red and blue, heterochromic eyes are also serious.
Her complete name would be Christine Anna Lavoisier. I know, right? Sounds like those ridiculous names you see in those love/erotica novels. It makes me sick that the writer would consider such a shamelessly long name even though it sounds like that of a princess. Anna was like a stray cat picked up by a rich family. Unlike the other Elementals I've discussed, this is probably one of the less tragic stories. She grew up as this prim and proper girl who's used to having things handed to her on a silver platter. With an unexpectedly high amount of intelligence, her parents decided to cultivate that intelligence through different tutors that would come by and teach her. She also has a considerable skill when it comes to marksmanship, specifically for the bow. Above all of this, her glow is stunning with only a hand-full of competitors. She's got brains, she's got skills, and she's completely beautiful; like I said: Princess. She doesn't even use arrows with her bow anymore! Literally! You wanna know why? I'll tell you later. Right now she's talking with her father.
"Father!", she calls out walking through the halls of her mansion.
"Yes, Anna?" Look at that. He looks like those rich-a*s aristocrats, staring outside the window and looking down on everyone.
"Um...", she's fidgeting, "...Credo would like to speak to you about something concerning...", she blushes a little bit as she puts her face down, " and him!", an uproar suddenly comes from her voice box. While she's proclaiming this, Credo is already on the way behind her with two of the guards accompanying him.
 "Credo? What is the meaning of this!?", her father says as soon as he sees Credo.
"Sir, this is urgent; I need her", Credo speaks up.
The rich man looks at his daughter's eyes."Hmm... I think we should discuss this in private. I fear my daughter will convince me into doing something stupid for you."
"I understand, sir. Thank you for taking consideration", he bows.
"Credo... are you really sure about this?", she looks up at him.
"Don't worry. I'll handle this for now, but I'm gonna need your help later on, okay?", he proclaims.
She gives him her that pretty smile again, "Okay..."
Credo follows her father to another room where they talk about what Credo wants and what he has to do in return. With this, the two guards take their leave. Obviously, Credo wants to take Anna with her for their "adventure", as the writer would call it. On the other hand, Anna thinks he's talking about that promise they made. They were childhood friends, after all. When they were kids, he promised her that if he ever needed her, it means that he wants to marry her. It looks like he forgot about that promise and now the two of them have a misunderstanding that they'll hopefully resolve according to how the writer wants it to go, probably.
"I wonder what made him want to do it", she thinks to herself while nervously sitting on the chair outside the room where the discussion is being held.
After what felt like hours, the two finally get out of the room. Lina was eating the candy which was placed on the table inside the room.
"If you can comply, I'll entrust her to you", her father says as he closes the door.
"I will, sir", he says with a determined tone.
"You have until the day after tomorrow", her father walks out and leaves them.
"One day is all I need...", he thinks to himself.
"Well? What did he say?", Anna asks in anticipation as she stands from her seat.
"I gotta do something really important first."
"Oh.... That's... good then!"
"Hey, Anna"
"Um... I'm sorry for doing this all of a sudden."
"It's fine."
"Don't worry. Whatever happens, I'll protect you."
"From what?" I think she's starting to doubt her understanding. 
"We're Elementals, remember? Your father wouldn't let you outside because there were Demons after our lives."
"What does that have to do with our marriage?" You see how she misunderstood?
He thinks for a second on what to reply. "Wait, wait, wait... Didn't I say that I'm taking you with me and the other Elementals to fulfill that book your father read us when we were young?"
She maniacally laughs at herself for misunderstanding.
  "A-Anna?", he asks, worriedly.
"WHY THE HELL DIDN'T YOU TELL ME!", she angrily blurts out. Remember when I said she looks like a princess? She looks like the opposite of that now.
"I'm sorry!-I'm sorry!-I'm sorry!", he repeatedly apologizes.
After calming down a little bit, she comes to her senses and sighs heavily. "I really thought you remembered your promise."
"I'm really sorry, but the only promise I remember is..."
"I... don't remember anything. Sorry" How pitiful.
Despite the fact that her childhood friend couldn't remember any of his promises and the fact that she thought he did, she still forgives him.
"Fine. I'll come with you", she tells him.
She places her hand on his face and draws him closer to hers then smiles at him, "I won't let you forget me again."
"Is that so?" He then retaliates and stands up to hold her real close.
She then shrieks lightly and tries to push him away. He backs off and laughs once she does this. It makes her blush and gets her really pissed-off.
"Wow. You can be aggressive but you can't even fight?", he laughs at her.
"D-D-Don't tease me!", she rants at him, still blushing.
He turns around toward the window, and it turns out it's almost afternoon.
He faces her again. "I better be going so we can move out by tomorrow."
"Where are you going?", she intently asks him.
"To kill a Demon."
"A Demon?"
"Out of curiosity, what did Issei do to you?", he asks her. Issei would be the Demon he was assigned to kill by Anna's father to prove himself.
She looks down as if not wanting to answer the question.
"Oh... I'm sorry. You don't have to tell me if it's that bad", he adds to patch-up the conversation.
"I'll tell you what happened...."
And so she tells him what happened. It must be pretty bad because she's been holding back her tears the whole time. She couldn't look at him straight when she was relaying the story, and neither could he. Once she finishes, she couldn't hold it anymore and cried her eyes out. They've been together for a long time when they were kids, but never once did he see her in pain like that. He just couldn't believe his eyes when he saw his childhood friend like that. Why wouldn't he? No one wants to see a girl crying, especially when you care for her so much. 
"I'm gonna kill him." 
You heard him. Credo. Will. Kill. Him. 

© 2015 Oran

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I apologize but wouldn't Mea be pronounced as Mei-ya instead of Mei-ah. You can keep it the way it is, it just weird to me or I just pronounced Mei-ah wrong.

Christine Anna Lavoisier....I LIKE THE NAME

Anna, is it pronounced as "Ana" or "An-na"

"I will find you and I will kill you" I have no idea but this is what I thought when I read that last part

Posted 5 Years Ago


5 Years Ago

I think that pronunciation on Mea was an error on my part. I'll change that part.

Ann.. read more

5 Years Ago

Lets keep that secret for now

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