Chapter XII: Prince of Lust

Chapter XII: Prince of Lust

A Chapter by Oran

It all happened three years ago. Credo was gone, Anna was bored, and as lonely as she might be, she was walking by herself in the outskirts of town. Her dear friend left her because his Elven parents did not want her father finding out Credo's origin. He had explained this to her before he left, but it seemed a little too hard for her to adjust.
She was wandering around the city limits when the rain started to pour. Trying to find a place to stay, she finds someone also fleeing from the rain, and they happen to bump against each other and fall down.
"Sorry", the guy said, rubbing the back of his head. Coincidentally, they look the same age even though he's a little older than him.
"I'm fine", she says as he helps her up.
"You need a place to stay? It looks like this storm's gonna take a while."
"No", she wipes her top, "I gotta get home."
"Which way's home?"
"I... don't really know", she's been wandering around lost for a while now.
"Come on. I know a place close by."
"Okay then...", she's got no choice. I guess you can imagine what happens next. A suspicious man and an innocent girl in one place has a lot of possibilities but produces only one ending.
The rain was still pouring really hard when they got there. The place he was talking about was a gloomy shed made of old bricks. Inside, the place it was seemingly messy. Everything was arranged from the books to the clothes folded in the drawers. You wanna know why? 
"No one cleans more thoroughly than a man expecting to get laid."
-Some guy from 9gag
"Is this where you live?", she starts a conversation so she won't feel uncomfortable.
"Not really", he says, "My grandfather built this place when I was young." That's obviously a lie to look less suspicious for his victim, right?
"It's really tidy."
"I clean this place everyday", he acts all friendly, "Oh... about your clothes...."
She looks down on what she was wearing to see it soaked in the rain and sweat from moseying around all day.
"Do you have anything I could use?", she asks him. She's so innocent and vulnerable!
"Here", he gets a small, velvet blouse from one of the drawers and hands it to her. "You can change over there", he points at the door that leads to a small bedroom.
"Thanks for this", she takes it and heads over to the room.
"Don't mention it." He says this then licks his lips while Anna has her back turned. Her innocence is so stimulating to lustful eyes. No matter how you look at it, this is just too easy for him.
Inside that small room, Anna was stripping down. Her clothes were drenched wet so she had a hard time from removing it because it's a little heavier. Everything came off from her top to her socks which gave a cool sensation to the skin on her soles when she removes it. She wipes herself with the towel hanging at the edge of the bed, as if it were prepared just for her, and puts on the dress the guy gave her.
She comes out of the room and finds the guy already changed and dressed in loose clothing, sitting on one of the chairs.
"Looks like it fits pretty nice on you", he compliments her.
"Uh... thanks."
"There's coffee over there if you want some." I've heard that statement in the same situation before. It didn't end well for the girl. I guess this is the same.
"Is this it?" She points at the mug on the table.
"Yeah. Go ahead." What he really means is "go ahead and get wasted"!
She takes a sip then a question pops on her head. "I'm sorry I never caught your name."
"My name?"
"Yeah, your name." She takes another sip that brings her closer to her unbeknownst doom. 
"Ladies first." He acts like a smart-a*s gentleman.
"It's Anna. What's yours?"
"The name's Issei", he a devious smirk forms on his face. "Nice to meet you, Anna."
 After hearing his name, she suddenly felt a chill crawl up her spine. Her insides were beating her, telling her to get the hell out of there right now. She heard a rumors a few days ago about someone named Issei who has been "conquering" women from different places. And the next target for his "conquest" was her.
She drops the mug to the floor and she runs to the door leading outside. But before she could even reach it, her body suddenly gets a thousand times heavier. Her eyes went dim, and she collapses on the floor.
I'm not gonna emphasize what happens next. The writer told me that it might scar children for life if they ever read this, considering the audience is rated teen. Basically, she wakes up naked on his bed and he was on top of her and he tries to "conquer" her with his demonic powers, much like an incubus, but it doesn't work because Elementals are unaffected by most of evil magics. She tries to resist and eventually gets her hand free and punches him in his face with a fistful of flames (She's a Fire Elemental). It was enough to get him off her so she rushes out and finds a way home.
When she finally comes close to the city's Mirage Field, she starts knocking on it and begging for help. Luckily, one of the guards on duty saw her pleading for help, so he opens up the transparent field and lets her in.
After that horrible, horrible incident, she never went outside of Xenovia ever again. She's been having nightmares since then. You can't really erase from your mind something so terrifying. But for someone so pure like her, to have her composure vaguely erased like that, is something to be afraid of. 
"I've still been having nightmares since then, but I can't really get it out of my head whenever I see a guy that looks like him."
"That b*****d did that to you?"
"Well, he is a Demon. It's my fault for not seeing through him", a weak smile forms in Anna's face to tell him she's fine.
"Lina", he calls her out.
She jumps on his shoulder, "Roger that! Let's roll"
"Do you even know where he is?"
"No. But when I find him, I'm gonna kill him."    

© 2014 Oran

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Some guy in 9gag........made me laugh a bit

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