Chapter XIII: The Highrise Hunt

Chapter XIII: The Highrise Hunt

A Chapter by Oran

"You pick-up anything yet?", says Credo who was travelling along with Lux and Lina. Before he left Xenovia, he gave a brief explanation of what happened to Eve and hurriedly asked if he could use Lux to find something.
"Not yet", Lux replies, "Be patient. It's hard to concentrate when you keep pressuring me."
"Just hurry."
The three of them were walking along the riverbanks of Crestfall Glades, trying to find the Demon that Credo was hunting. Apparently, Lux can detect individuals who posses a large amount of magic, like the one they're hunting right now.
"Credo....", Lina restlessly wags her long ears, "This is so boring... I hate tracking missions." 
"I hate them too", he picks her up and puts her on his shoulder, "But the sooner we finish this, the sooner I'll get to buy that waffle sandwich you were talking about."
"Really? Even the one with mixed-berries!", she excitedly asks.
"The reward's probably at least fifteen times more than mixed-berries costs", he gladly remarks.
"But I thought Anna was the reward?"
"Yeah. But if we finish within twenty-four hours, I'll bargain with her father."
  "Yes!", she performs a fist-pump... or is that a paw-pump? "There's a rumor that if you share it with someone you're in love with, you'll end up together! Maybe we should eat together, Lux!", she fantasizes.
"Be quiet", she demands.
They walked around for three hours, and before they knew it, the sun was going down. Lina kept on singing her crazy tune about mixed-berries until Lux told her to shut-up. A little later after that, they find themselves in Redwood Forest, where Lina was astonished by both the critters crawling around and the smell of ashes. It's almost dark, when Lux finally detected something.
"Wait", they all halt, "I think I got something."
"Finally. Let's get to it, then!", Lina enthusiastically proclaims.
"This way."
Back at Xenovia, let me introduce you to Anna's Anima. Her name is Rylai, and her fur is a light shade of sky blue. The difference between her and the other Anima is her long, pointed tail. She's been watching Anna practice in the target range all afternoon. Remember when I said she doesn't even use arrows? That's because she uses a special bow her father gave to her on her fifteenth birthday as a present. What was it's name again? I think he called it "Drakelthorn", because it was made out of fire dragon parts. It was magically enchanted with flames, meaning it's compatible with her Elemental Affinity. She'd practice with it everyday without using any arrows, only using the flames she summons from the bow as her projectile. Specifically, she uses that bow's affinity to create arrows.

Her attire consists of a dark-green cloth dress with an asbestos-lined one-piece underneath. A pair of black nylon
bridal gauntlets and thigh-highs covered up any trace of skin exposed from the petite dress, and if that's not lolicon
enough for you, she has her hair tied in long side-twintails.

She fires a shot at the target, but instead it flew past it and burst into flames.
"Missed again?", says Rylai, "Are you that flustered about Credo?"
"No", she summons another fiery projectile and winds it up on her bow, "I'm worried about him."
"Well, I'm worried about Lina too, you know? But, you know, what if he ends up getting beat up? Like that time when he picked a fight with that boy that bullied you."
 "First of all, we're not kids anymore." She aims at the target. "And second, I don't think that guy he's hunting would be satisfied with just beating him up."
"I'm just saying. What if he dies and they find his mangled body some-"
She gets interrupted by the projectile exploding on Anna's hand before it gets fired.
"You think I should've gone with him!?", she panics.
"Calm down!" She slaps Anna with her tail. "I was talking about the guy they're hunting."
"Oh", she gets slightly enlightened and realizes something then faces at her cat. "Wait.... You mean you think Credo can beat him?"
"Of course! Don't you remember? He cracked that bully's nose, right?"
"I hope you're right."
Anna creates another arrow and pulls the string of her bow. After a long, deep breath, she focuses her eyes on the target. Then... release!
"Oh, you finally got one."
Let's pick up where we left off, shall we? After wandering aimlessly, Lux was finally able to detect something. Somehow, the trail she led them to was going straight to 13th Lake Inn.
"You're kidding, right?", Lux mutters to herself.
Following behind, Credo sees where Lux coincidentally took them. No seriously, it's just a coincidence. The writer was drawing lots on where they would find Issei, and 13th Lake Inn turned up. 
They get on one of the windows to see if anyone's there. It was the lobby, and there were two people in there. One was a girl passed-out from a magical drug used to kidnap women, and the other who was a guy performing the kidnap.
"Is that Lanette?", says Lina, breaking the silence.
The guy turns his face toward the window to see nothing but the outside. Meanwhile, Credo was ducked down and had his hand covering up Lina's mouth. After that, they find the guy walking out the door, carrying the out-cold Lanette, princess style.
"That stupid Harem King!", he quietly remarks, pissed-off because of how many women that Issei has probably violated.
"Can't we just kill him now?", Lux suggests.
"No", says Credo, "We'll follow him to find out if he has anymore victims, if they're still alive, that is."
"Oh well; you're the Demon Hunter."  
With that, they stalked Issei while he takes his knocked-out prey to his den. After a very long and boring amount of time, it seems they made it to Albion Marsh. There have been people travelling there who heard women moaning at night. They say a nun once killed herself in the middle of the foggy place or some other ghost story about an Elven woman dying from the poisoned fruits. In my point of view, I think the women who were moaning were just some of Issei's unfortunate victims when he f**cks her silly. But who knows? Maybe it's both.
"Credo... can we kill him now? I'm tired of running around like this."
"I have to agree with Lina on this one", says Lux, "I'm out of fuel for stalking this idiot."
Credo thinks of something to reason with them, but then he sees Issei get inside a bungalow made of bricks.
"Oh look. I think we can kill him there."
Issei was so ready to taste what this girl in a maid outfit has to offer, so he takes her and lays her down on the bed, and wakes her up. Once she opens her eyes and sees what terror has befallen her, her body trembles with utmost horror. Her sweat almost enveloped her skin from this frightful ordeal. 
"Where am I?", she asks.
His reply? He holds her down on the bed with both hands on her wrists. A maddening look on his eyes told her exactly where she was: [1]The Second Circle of Hell.
[2]"Dress Break!", Issei screams, magically tearing off all she wore from the clothes on her top to the white nylons on her legs. Such an unsightly situation for those who are pure of heart, and a viciously arousing one for those who are perverse in nature.
Just as he was about to slowly dig his way into the flawless body, a shot of frost blasts from the door, hitting him on the side and throwing him off the bed.
[2]"Hyoudo Issei!", Credo shouts his target's name.
As soon as she saw Credo, Lanette runs to him in tears.
"You alright?"
She merely clings to him and cries out loud as a reply.
"Sorry we took so long."
"You took so long!", Lina scoffs at him.
He takes off his scarf, and wraps it around her chest to at least cover her.
His eyes were calm as well as his voice when he spoke to her, "Take Lux with you and go get help, alright?"
She nods still in tears, "What about you?"
"I'm gonna beat the crap out of this guy."
With that she runs off with Lux. Credo and Lina stayed behind to do the job assigned to them.
From the bed, Issei rises up with a dirty smirk on his face.
"How have you been, antidisestablishmentarianism?", he greets Credo.
"Swell", Credo reloads his gunblade, "What about you, Harem King?"
   "I've conquered over one-hundred women", he boasts.
"That gives me all the more reason to kill you."
"I'd like to see you try!" Issei opens up his Blood Well, transporting Credo and Lina to another dimensional pocket.
"Shall we?", Lina jumps on his right shoulder.
"Thought you'd never ask."  
1. From the book: "Inferno" by Dante Alighieri where those with the sin of Lust is kept.
2. Hyoudo Issei is an Anime character from "Highschool DxD"(R-18). "Dress Break" is his signature move... seriously.

© 2016 Oran

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