Chapter XVI: Highway

Chapter XVI: Highway

A Chapter by Oran

There were a total of four seats inside the carriage with a row of two on both sides. Credo and Anna were on one side while Lannete and Nash were on the other side, facing each other respectively. It had only been 4 minutes and 0.819 seconds when someone started a conversation.
"So Credo...", a fake smile hiding her furor forms on Anna's face. "... I see you made a lot of... friends since you left three years ago."
 "Yeah, well, a lot of stuff happened and I ran into them since my parents were brutally executed", he says nonchalantly. 
Seeing a chance to relieve some tension from her little crush, Nash goes and tries to comfort him.
"You don't have to explain anything, man", she says in an intimate way.
"Th-that's right...", Lanette adds to get some attention too. "... It's not like they died trying to save themselves. They saved you because they wanted you to live, not because they wanted to die."
"That... actually makes me feel better. Thanks", Credo says. 
"Thank you for praising me, Master", she humbly bows her head while sitting.
"It's Credo... and, uh... you don't have to-"
"Back to the situation at hand...", Anna interrupts with her arms crossed, "... I can understand why you're here", she points at Lanette, "But... Nashor, was it? Why are you coming along with us?"
"Um...", she tries to think of something good. "...... I'm his long lost sister!"
"No you're not", Anna and Credo reply immediately at the same time.
"Then....", she thinks of something else, "Oh! I'm looking for a place to stay."
"A place to stay?"
"Th-that's right!", she goes with it, "I ran away from home because they were gonna exile me for being only half-Elven, right Credo?"
"I thought you had a place back at Xenovia?", Anna questions.
"They make me sleep on a large rag at the back of an oriental cafe, and I just realized that it was demeaning."
"She does have a point", Credo points out.
"Oh, so you're taking her side?", Anna tells him in a threatening tone.
"Why are you so mad?"
"I told you, it's Credo."
"Credo, maybe she's on her... period...", Lanette suggests. 
I'd like to take this time for an awkward pause to have a moment of silence for all those brave men facing their female acquaintances who are on their period. 3... 2... 1. Okay, going back.
"I'm... I'm not on my period!", Anna angrily counters her proposal.
"What's a period?", Lina asks.
"I think it's some sort of food", Tenenbaum answers her.
"You're dead wrong", Rylai implies. Lux and Rylai know what it is since they both have female partners.
"It's not food", Lux tells them. She then proceeds to whisper to them what it means, both backing away with repulse as a reaction.
"Oh, how shameful...", Nash says with a mischievous smirk that targets Anna, "... I guess even princesses get visited by the Hemomancer (Hemomancers - mages that specialize in bending the blood) monthly." 
"I told you!", she blushes a little bit, "I'm not on my-"
A loud knock from outside interrupts her.
"Could you keep it down in there? Some of us are asleep", says Mea who was driving the carriage. Solis has been taking a nap on the seat next to her because he was tired from packing up a lot of stuff yesterday.
"Too late", he says, now that he's wide awake from the ruckus. He takes a second to rub his eyes then asks her, "Where are we going again?"
"Here", she gives him the small book next to her. The cover reads: "[1]Escherion's Profit, written by [2]Jax, Grandmaster at Arms"
"What's this?"
"Check out page 357."
Now, I know what you're thinking. How could a small book fit 357 pages? Well, I don't really know how. The writer said it was his lucky number so he told me to put it there.
Solis takes the book and flips through the pages until he makes it to page 357. It had written text about an ancient sword used by some guy named Jax for the League of Legends. Unfortunately, he was banned from using real weapons because he was too powerful to compete in the League, so he took the sword and hid it inside an abandoned castle inhabited by a powerful dragon. What's awesome about this guy is that he didn't give up on entering the League, and instead used either a Lamppost or a Fishing Rod as a weapon to make things fair.

"Damn, no pictures....", Solis quietly remarks. "So is this where we're going?"
"Yup", she answers while steering through the steep road, "You should have a fun time there when you meet the dragon."
"I'd love to!", he says with an ever-enlightening expression.
"Figured you would..."
"So...", he takes a closer look at the book, "Why doesn't the sword got a name?"
"What? Swords don't need names."
"Yeah, but this isn't just a sword", he closes the book, "It's an ancient sword with the same... 'Elemental Affinity' as me."
"You know, why don't you just give it a name when you become it's proud owner?"
"My thoughts exactly...", he lays back and shuts his eyes for another nap.
"Sweet dreams, Solis...."
How many days has it been? One? Two? Oh, well. Naiya's got a lot of time left to get the hell out of that bloody castle. Wait a minute.... It looks like Lycomedes is about to discuss something with King Orion.
"Your Highness", he bows as he hurriedly enters the throne room.
"Lycomedes, has the Reaver been propelled?"
"Yes, sir. It is currently laying dormant under the bridge of Xenovia's Mirage Field, awaiting orders."
So that was what that guy with [3]goggles was talking about when he warned Mea about that crazy stuff about to happen in Xenovia. I guess the writer does have a way with foreshadowing.
"Have it raid and survey the settlement along with a few Stygians tonight", he commands.
"Very well, sir."
"Now, regarding that Elemental we've captured. You have something to report?"
"Yes, sir. Geno has been observing her, and he found something remarkable."
"And what of it, then?" 
"Sir, I don't think we should be keeping the Void Elemental here. Her powers have been growing gradually since yesterday. Her growth has exceeded a normal entity's energy, far more than we could calculate."
He takes a second to fondle his beard then says: "What do you suggest we do?"
"I think it would be best if we were to eliminate her before she gains power beyond our reach." No you don't! You just wanna kill her and get it over with!
"I see; and how do you propose we get rid of her, considering her unstable state?"
"We could throw her down with Balphagore, sir." You're gonna what?
"Excellent", his highness remarks with amusement, "Dispose of her at once." You guys are really gonna kill her? It's only been a day and a half!
"With pleasure, your highness", he bows once again then takes his leave.
Seriously, though. They're gonna feed a cute girl with gold hair who likes to read books -apparently, Rated-15 books- to a monster? Well, they're in for a big surprise, right writer?
1. First Lord of Chaos from Artix Entertainment's "Adventure Quest Worlds".
2. Champion from League of Legends.
3. Not Jax. Just looks like him.

© 2015 Oran

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fighting with a lamppost, that's pretty cool

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5 Years Ago

That's the common effect in the League of Legends

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