Module 3.2: Compass Rule

Module 3.2: Compass Rule

A Chapter by Oran


            Listing of adjustments in life made through Compass Rule...


            It’s been quite a while since I contemplated on the classroom layout of my high school, and compared to my current university life classroom layout, things have gone from b******s acting like they know everything to mother*ckers worried about the upcoming subject’s quiz.


            On the first semester of my freshmen year, I had idiots, front and back, talking about what they’re going to do in the future “when we become licenced engineers”. Said idiots were lightly aggravating my quiet nature at first, but when the quizzes on Trigonometry and College Algebra piled up, so did their average score of less than seventy percent. I haven’t seen them around since the end of the end of that semester, but one of them got in contact with me in Facebook and he admitted on his failure on both math subjects along with the rest of them.


            Modesty aside, they’re much, much more screwed than I am.


            The second semester came in a flash and hit me in the face like a ton of bricks with three math subjects: Advanced Algebra (Add A*s Algebra), Solid Mensuration (Solace Menstruation), and Analytic Geometry (Anal Action Geometry). This part is probably the peak season of my life as a college of engineering student because of its abundance in English subjects in spite of the three mathematical foundations that I have to master. This is the first and last semester that I thoroughly enjoyed not only because I was working with the English subject, but also because I ended up in a section where everyone is a decent student; not to mention all the cute girls erotically graphing the equations of limacons and cardiods! The graceful way that they analysed the polar equations pertaining to the figures puts a warm smile in my heart! I ended up upgrading my scholarship too, but the end of the semester was probably the end of my favourite classroom layout too.


            Oh, such a twist and turn of reality happened in the third one! During the pre-registration period of our enrolment, I selected the wrong section and ended up with a bunch of pricks again! And as if I were a masochist asking for more, my subjects on Calculus, E Programming, and Elementary Surveying had the most f*cked-up triple-threat line-up of professors I’ve ever imagined! Never have I felt so betrayed all my life when I discovered the lack of cute girls who would ask for help in getting the derivative of a hyperbolic function’s logarithm! They were all just sl*ts with c*m-stained lips and loosened ****** holes! Such disadvantages led me to lose my scholarship in the process, and before I knew it, I’m the dead man walking I have to live with every day.


            And now...


            I’m here at the mercy of some sl*t trying to get me to discuss to her the types of construction in terms of quality. It’s been a long time since the start of class in the seventh floor’s classroom in the Technology Building but the instructor hasn’t come by yet.


            You know, you’re cute... But I got rejected by the girl I love for a second time yesterday and I am oddly depressed right now so could you please leave me the f*ck alone? Damn, I guess I’ll have to brush her off with my hidden arrogant nature.


            Hindi pa ako nag-re-review”, I told her earnestly.


            ’Yan ka nananaman!” Whoops, wrong choice of words for me. “Tapos mamaya ang taas-taas nanaman ng score mo!


            She immediately goes on about how high my score was last quiz and how I’m selfish because I’m not sharing my knowledge.


            You don’t seem to understand, cutie. It’s not that I’m being selfish; it’s just that I don’t give a f*ck about anyone who has five other smart-a*s students that can teach her. Earlier, you were with that sucker wearing glasses behind my seat who taught you about the category of buildings, so please ask him instead because he probably knows more than I do.


            Dali na! Turuan mo na ‘ko”, she playfully shoves me while asking me to teach her.


            No way in hell I’m gonna associate myself with a trickster like you! I’ve learned my lesson in high school about infatuation due to b*tches! I’m not falling in love with you like I did with that cheap girl who asked me to do her project! Ask some other loser to teach you!


            Paturo ka na lang sa kanya”, I say, pointing at the guy behind me who looks eagerly motivated to teach her about construction.


            Ako na lang”, says the poor guy, accepting my suggestion and taking the bait.


            Sige na nga...”, she abruptly accepts and moves over to the other guy’s seat.


            Oh, thank you, Lord.


            For a second there, I thought I was going to fall in love with her too.


            It should be quiet for now. So... What was I thinking about earlier?


            Oh, right, classroom layouts.


            In a typical classroom layout of second-year universities in the Philippines, there is a vast array of compelling emotions besieging an average student’s integrity. Frustration, fear, pride, and depression shall always be present in an everyday classroom as long as there are more than twenty students present. In a setting where an instructor is deemed absent in an afternoon class, the first ones to call for signing of attendance on a yellow paper would be the irregular students who have no more classes.


            The rest of the students can be divided into three based on what they’re doing to keep themselves occupied while waiting for the right time to evacuate: The talkers, the blockers, and the mockers.


            The talkers basically talk about any damn thing they can think of; the blockers are the ones that are blocking out the noise to concentrate on things to do for their upcoming subjects; and finally, the mockers who sit in mere silence, listening to the background noise around them and judging everything they see or hear.


            For a Civil Engineering section whose Building Construction instructor is absent, it appears everyone is stressed even though there’s nothing to be worried about. This dread built by worrisome failures and future sights of regret in the course wreathes a scar in my soul.


            There is just so much to be scared of that everyone is pretending to be calm through insane happiness and faithless thoughts.


            People say that we’re lucky that we can afford tertiary education, but the truth is there’s a mountain on our shoulders to be carried for a country built from deception and lies.


            After all we’ve done to make it through, I’m starting to regret it. As I sit on this chair, it feels as if I am strapped to it so I can be subjected to torture. I’d be fine with the suffering if it were a necessary sacrifice to God like the seven brothers in the Second Book of Macabees, but no one is going to give heed to one in a million of worthless children who should have had the means to save the country.


            Well, I have homework to do using the 2014 version of AutoCad so I can make my group’s Rear Elevation Plan on Building Construction due tomorrow.


            Who the hell thinks any of this can save the country? Does anyone actually think you can turn into superman and save the people when you can integrate a hyperbolic cotangent function? If any of this makes sense, then why am I still breathing? The only thing that ever meant something in my life just laughed in my face when I confessed to her! Can a graph of a natural logarithmic function explain that to me? Can my happiness and sadness be balanced as easily as the latitude and departure of a Compass Rule and eventually compute the area of the damage through DMD/DPD? If I brush up on integrating trigonometric functions through the property of substitution method, is everything going to be fine? I’ve done so much just to save the tiniest fraction of my future and now it’s falling over me too!


            Why does the world make us feel so self-important then display facts about just how insignificant we are?


            I’m doing things out of my league here but it doesn’t seem to amount to anything worth living for!


            Integral Calculus can’t save my soul!


            Building Construction won’t pay the bills!


            Higher Surveying is not able to secure my future!


            This is why, for as long as I live, I swear: Isasama ko kayo sa hukay.


            I hate everything.


© 2015 Oran

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