A Poem by Ed Schimdt

A question we all should ask


Catholic Protestant
Muslim and Jews
Look at each other
With frightening views
What are we doing
This isn't God's plan
We are meant to be brothers
Our family of man
There seems to be something
That gets in the way
Confusing ours minds
From what his words say
Love one  another
The gist of his book
No matter the language
Nor how it may look
I've missed something
I don't understand
WHO is it then
If it isn't Gods hand
Who darkens dreams
With hatred and fear
Clouding our vision
Till nothing is clear
Sharpens our rage
At the point of a knife
Who sends the misguided
To cause loss of life
Who wants the world
To tremble and shake
Who takes innocent
Lives in his wake
Who breaks a spirit
Then fills it with hate
Demonic decisions
Sealing their fate
Who takes a man
And warps his soul
Death and destruction
His devious goal
Who turns souls black
With power or greed
Who preaches hate
Planting the seed
For the slaughter of others
But who do we blame
The ultimate evil ?


It's done in God's name



© 2009 Ed Schimdt

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Added on January 11, 2009
Last Updated on January 11, 2009