no easy

no easy

A Poem by Marc Mccune

the aspects of living a life, listening to Macca, agreeing with what he says.

it doesn't work out,
if you don't work at it...

everybody wants to be happy
relaxed, free


everyone alive
those who believe lies
and those who make them up.

reaching for whatever it takes
reaching for a one who fits our mold

where does mercy start?
where does it end?

sometimes a line in the dirt is hard and dark
sometimes the grey blends into both sides
no easy answers

we look

we reach

orbits are found

comfort is zoned

it's not just a loving machine

it doesn't work out

if you don't work at it

turn it up loud
fill my ears
flood my mind
if it doesn't make sense
then, make it feel good

take my mind
on a life journey
tell me answers
tell me secrets that I'll keep

show me your mind
in the notes you sing
in the chords I play

something from nothing

and put all these emotions
in place

put all these thoughts
in a book

tell me the truth
I can't seem to find

© 2014 by Marc McCune, all rights reserved

© 2015 Marc Mccune

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~~ sheer brilliance... ~~ i agree with the idea that we have to work at it... ~~ for me, this poem is about a lesson that i learnt with great difficulty... ~~ you've written such a complex thought in such simple words... ~~ the issues you raise are the issues i've been dealing with since the last almost six years... ~~ i think i haven't read a poem in recent times that i can relate to... so intensely...

Posted 5 Years Ago

Ahhh, what a relief to read poetry again. Your voice is like music these days, there's a subtlety that's really glowy and direct and then you have these interesting breaks that are slightly askew to my read that makes the work richer in a neat way I can't quite put my finger on yet. Nice challenging granules of spice.

:) :) :)

To reacquaint, what kind of reviews do you like? Do you prefer perspective feedback or do you like to be nitpicked?
I'm happy to be able to read you again and get familiar wig your flow!

Posted 5 Years Ago

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Marc Mccune
Marc Mccune

Hickory Hills, IL

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