Evidence In Support Of God's Existence As A Creation Of Man:  Part One

Evidence In Support Of God's Existence As A Creation Of Man: Part One

A Story by Marvin Thomas Cox-Flynn de Graham

I do hereby attest that there is insurmountable evidence of God's existence as a Creation of Man: i.e.: God is Man, as Man is God. This is part one of my article of speculative conjecture.


Evidence In Support of God's Existence As a Creation of Man

-- i.e.: Man is God as God is Man: Pt 1

Written By Marvin Thomas Cox-Flynn de Graham

Copyright © 2021 Marvin Thomas Cox

DBA: Marvin Thomas Cox-Flynn de Graham

All Rights Reserved

God Blessing The Seventh Day by William Blake (1757-1827)

Part One: Set The Captives Free: An Introduction To Free Thinking

Wouldn't it be odd if we, suddenly, came face to face with an undeniable set of historical, logically deducible, common horse sense facts -- facts of our reality which are, surrealy and incontrovertibly, totally contrary to the commonly accepted teachings and doctrines of Organized Religion (for example: Judaism, Islam, Christianity) -- facts which blatantly reveal that Man created God as a pure fabrication based upon outright lies and mythological fairytales set forth as sacred truth by men seeking to assure the perpetuity of their attained positions of power and control over the lives and pocket books of ignorantly superstitious men -- men who foolishly trusted them, and do so unquestioningly to this very day? 

Such a revelation would be shocking, if true, in consequences ramifications of suddenly realized implications of a world of humanity deceived and betrayed by those whom they have blindly trusted via the mind enslaving mechanism of Blind Faith1 (my personally derived as a correctly modified terminology aptly and accurately rendered as:  A Blind Fool's Faith):  Belief without true understanding, perception, or discrimination.

In my life, as an individual member of Humanity's The Human Race, it has become my personal conclusion (after many years of intense Scriptural, and Historical facts-devotion to in depth study and detailed, meticulous, research) that Man -- (as men comprising Rulership's cunning utilization of power and control over the lives of other men rendered susceptible to lies and deception by, both, ignorance and superstition) -- has, indeed, created and fabricated the characterization and personification that is Organized Religion's declaration of a (Personal?) God proclaimed as having called and commanded Organized Religion's leadership to indoctrinate all the peoples of the world into obedient acquiescence acceptance of lives lived out within the corralled fold of God's authority and pasture as docile and complacent, placated and domesticated (corralled, penned, and subjugated within the cranial regions of their own imprisoned minds taken captive) sheep who are no more than Sheeple-People Cattle2 ruled by shepherds deceptively entrusted with determining their fate, fleecing their pocket books, and sacrificing them in bloody war after war in the name of God, Country, and that elusive illusion always sought after, but never quite attainable as always just out of reach: Freedom that truly is a graspable realization of Liberty held in useful, applicable, hand of rights attained as undeniably indelible, and not simply elusive illusions that are but pipe-dream's emotions held sacredly in Blind Faith styled hope of hearts that shall never see the fruit of realization of Freedom as truest Liberty in their daily lives of living and dying upon this planet Man calls Earth.

Having concluded the introductory lines to this article, I shall begin the task of presenting any man's graspable and understandable arguments of accusations against all that we have been taught and told about Organized Religion's so called God in the sectionalized parts to follow.  I do hope that you will stay with me for the mind awakening, Free Thinking, adventurous ride of line upon line of sound reasoning's common sense logic, of right before your very eyes of hidden in plainest sight, that is to come ...

(Written September 29, 2021)

1 Blind Faith -- belief without true understanding, perception, or discrimination. http://www.dictionary.com/browse/blind-faith

2 Sheeple People Cattle -- Sheeple-People -- A word and term which I have expanded upon and find myself favoring in my attempt to communicate the all too factual reality that people tend to allow themselves -- even seem to want -- to be led, watered, and fed, much like sheep, trusting others with decisions and truths regarding their lives, their futures, their welfare, and their safety, rather then shouldering up such responsibilities themselves as individuals, in finding and enjoying the comfort of numbers. The word sheeple was first coined by actress and Wall Street Journal writer, Barbara Anderson, in 1984.

© 2023 Marvin Thomas Cox-Flynn de Graham

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