To One T.S.S

To One T.S.S

A Poem by Samantha M. Tusspot

one of my best, i think!


    you cannot sit, i cannot stay
    in the rain for one more day
    seems you always got your way
    a blackened eye, a bottle or two
    emptied from the brim, lying by the plants you grew
    a fist clenched tight to tame the shrew
    oh Daddy, Daddy, can't you understand?
    i'm dying for you, Daddy, my world is in your hands.
    a skinny, pale shadow, a fair-haired man
    who looked just like you, or so i've been told
    i've imagined them all to be kind, pale and cold
    but all my hearts dreams have been bought and sold.

    you cannot see, i could not say
    why you linger in my mind to this day
    should this continue i will have my price to pay
    but Kurt Cobain could never be you
    and a kind eyed man whose smile says "thank-you"
    oh Daddy, Daddy, now what did you do?
    another girls screams, but where does she stand?
    are you all she ever wanted in a man?
    a skinny, pale shadow who should have been banned
    from my memory, which grows thinner and thinner
    a national socialist, a well-practiced sinner
    haunts the back of this brain like a splinter
    long removed but the pain ever daunting

    Sawyer, you a*****e, look now who's flaunting.

© 2010 Samantha M. Tusspot

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Added on October 21, 2010
Last Updated on October 21, 2010


Samantha M. Tusspot
Samantha M. Tusspot

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