Lost Howl

Lost Howl

A Poem by Amanda

Told you I liked wolves.


A gleaming night sky dances above his head,
As soft cold snow makes up his bed.
His family is near by, no one is ever far.
They all sleep under the same shining star.
But their slumber is interrupted by a sudden shot,
A piece of metal came screaming in the air burning hot.

It blasted through his skin, right through his fur
His head collapsed and all he could see was a blur.
Blood began to pour fast from the fresh bullet hole
His life began to depart, his tormented soul.

Out from the shadows emerged the beast on two legs,
He whimpers for his soul, for his life he begs.
Nothing but cruel laughter escapes the man’s tepid lips
The wolf can now barely see, his vision is an eclipse.
His beautiful white fur is now spotted dark red,
The falling snow covers the blood, like he never bled.

His family stays quiet as they watch from behind the trees,
They cry and mourn as the man silently gets to his knees.

The beast strokes the dying’s head ever so lightly,
He smiles wickedly and tilts his head very slightly.
In one quick motion the man pulls out a small knife
And takes what is left of the poor wolf’s sad life.
His eyes widen in pain and breath is pulled out of him,
His hearing fades out and his eye sight grows very dim.
One last breath caresses his cold dead tongue,
The icy air slices though him, and freezes his last lung.

In his last seconds of life out of his lips escapes a howl,
A beautiful sound turned nasty and ever so foul.
The others who had seen him fall all sit and cry,
For they had to bear to stay and watch him die.

The man smiles, isolating the fact of what he had sinned,
The wolf’s lost howl will forever echo in the lingering wind.

© 2014 Amanda

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Added on February 19, 2014
Last Updated on February 19, 2014
Tags: wolves, wolf, wolf hunting




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