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Love is an universal emotion that all countries races and life forms can understand.


Love is an universal emotion that all countries races and life forms can understand. Pain is also a universal emotion that every life force goes through. Without these two emotions we are nothing Also I have come to realize that love is the foundation of all intelligent life.

If humans or any other beings had nothing to love then there would be no reason to do anything. Wars are started over love. The love of money, the love of power, the love of being famous, all emotion and everything we do is based on love. People rob and kill , which are the two most evilest things to do to another are done out of love. Either love of ones life or love to save another.

Love creates all and destroys all."Love Rules All" ,We take this saying without giving thought. There are certain aspects that humans need to validate their existence. A universal aspect humans strive is to be loved by another. To be loved shows that you matter in someone's life. People do deeds in a conscious effort to be loved.

When a person admits they love u, u feel a sense of warmth around and within u. Its a great feeling to have. The power of love is what makes us go all out in life. We want people to love  its good for us mentally and physically. Those that haven't experience love of a non family member questions their actions and they feel alone.

Another aspect that people strive for and is link to love is importance. You can be loved by someone but are u important to them? Many people say they love a famous person, but that can be based on looks. But there is nothing beyond that love. There is no real importance to these famous people to us. People want to be important to someone or something.

It makes them fee al more heighten sense of worth that love cant quite reach. Being important states that u are recognize by a group of people. I used to think that sex is a big deal and it is a key to have a great relationship. I used to think that since I'm a virgin and that I'm below average of the size requirement for sex, I would not be able to have a great relationship with a girl. 

Love controls all. Greed, obsession, addiction these stem from the emotion of love. All of these stemmed emotions from love can lead an individual to the dark side of love. Love can make people do evil and stupid things. Things that they will later regret.

Love causes  us great joy and great sorrow. Love can cause us to kill a person or oneself. This makes me think that love is dangerous. But  anything that we do that can makes us happy has us required to take risks. It is built in us as humans. As long as we don't allow love to fully take over us then love can be so dangerous after all.

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I seriously couldn't have said it better myself
love makes the world go rounddd

Posted 13 Years Ago

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You are a very intelligent man. Do you just sit at home all day thinking about abstract concepts? lol Great great great job. You should start a blog here on this sight. I'm sure many would love to read what you have to say.

Posted 13 Years Ago

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Huggy Bear

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