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Pain brings out all the deep dark secrets we keep form one another.

Pain brings out all the deep dark secrets we keep form one another. If u see someone that risk their life for u and u are there staring at this person. with him or her bleeding, u realize that any moment the reaper will take away this person from u. At that point u tell that person how u truly feel towards them. See everyone keeps things inside from people because they think they have all the time in the world. When in reality you don't. Life itself is precious, and not only do u have to live everyday on ur own terms u must say s**t that scares u to that person. U don't wanna say it when that person is dying or really hurt. The reason is cuz u are doing it because God and fate force u into it. So please readers take the time to say what you wanna say because the ultimate regret is losing the chance to tell them you love them forever.

When your mentality has not matured yet and u are emotionally distraught inside where do you turn to for help? What if having friends and money is not enough to cure your soul aliment? You may say God but what if there is no God to call on for guidance? Then what are u left with? U are left with yourself. With all the great wars that have been fought on earth, there is no greater battle then the one that rages within us everyday. We battle to better ourselves, we battle the demons that lay in our souls from past evils. The weapons  in our arsenal for the battle is our intelligence and  our special gift that makes us stand out. 

Emotional souls may feel they don't have intelligence or a special gift that makes them strong enough to fight the internal battle. The way they can do it is just incorporate analyzing life in a different light and allowing yourself to come up with different observations then u did before. This is by no means a quick fix but the feelings u have will wax and wane, but allowing yourself the ability to look at life differently will allow yourself the strength to battle for what u want to be emotionally, spiritually and mentally.

A lot of people become who they are by the environment they came from. Some people have great home lives that were filled with love and respect. Their lives after leaving their house translates in a great life for them and their significant others. These are the type of people that have their life going according to plan. The problem with that is the moment their plan goes kind of off track, they panic and lose their minds. When you get used to everything going your way, you don't know any way to live that life.

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When you are in a foxhole with other Soldiers. Religion, race and belief is tossed away. Survivor become only goal. A powerful chapter. I fear some foolish country(Many have nuclear bomb now) will kill millions then we will learn too late. A powerful chapter.

Posted 13 Years Ago

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Added on January 20, 2010
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Huggy Bear
Huggy Bear

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