Cruelty/ Differences

Cruelty/ Differences

A Chapter by Huggy Bear

What is it about kids that are so evil?

What is it about kids that are so evil? When you enter school for the first time, the kids look cool and act well towards to you. All of a sudden, the moment you exhibit any qualities that are out of the normal, they attack you. Kids have the power to destroy other kids' minds and hearts. High School is the true test. High school still has the dumb a*s kids you dealt with long ago. The problem is that now they have the ability to administer mental and physical abuse. Most kids that go through that stage of school usually are scarred in some way. Some kids become what they hate and some commit suicide.

What I don't understand is why do other people find it important to point out a person's flaws and make that person feel bad for them? The whole reason why life is so great is due to the differences we exhibit. Our differences in the way we think allow us to come up with new solutions to problems that plague the one track mind. Differences make possibilities and possibilities lead to better outcomes. So for all those bullies and dumb a*s people that have fucked with the different, you are the ones that should be the outcasts. You should be the ones that should be scarred for life, or the ones that commit suicide. We different people make the world, you devolve beings are the ones messing it up for all of us

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Some people fear what they do not understand. I learn in my life. There are bad people in all colors. The good people must not allow the bad ones to have power. A excellent chapter.

Posted 13 Years Ago

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Huggy Bear
Huggy Bear

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