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The niche of bullies within our lives originated from people feeling superior towards others.

The niche of bullies within our lives originated from people feeling superior towards others. These bullies make life miserable for those that are weaker then them. Now these bullies can be anyone in our lives. They range from the popular kids to even our family members. They cause so much emotional and physical damage that it will take a lifetime to heal. Some people can move on and become stronger, some commit suicide and some commit untold horrors like the columbine massacre. We can blame the media for the columbine shooting but the real murders are those that were bullies towards the two gunmen. If they weren't tortured like the way they were during their high school life, those kids and teachers would still be alive. Still today this bully bs still exists and pplz still suffer. One day an incident will happen that will be so bad that people will be forced to face the true issue for all the pain that is caused by troubled teens.

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The problem in this world. Many people fear what they do not understand. So they are rude and mean to the indifferent. Parent are responsible for a lot of the hate in their children. My daughter like all children. Was born with innocence.Her eyes are my eyes now. She see people for their deeds and goals. Here at my daughter High School. Kids were planning a attack. Was stopped. They had guns and were ready. Bullies are create by bad examples. Media is to blame I agree. I believe killers and bad people don't need to be poster on the TV and the News.

Posted 13 Years Ago

This is so true. Bullies are so stupid and I think anyone caught bullying should see a therapist. Not even kidding. I was picked on and bullied almost my entire school career and even though I'm not anymore, i still suffer from the repercussions of it. Thank you for posting this.

Posted 13 Years Ago

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Huggy Bear
Huggy Bear

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