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There is something that I never talk about that I should. That would be suicide.

There is something that I never talk about that I should. That would be suicide. Most individuals  ca not keep up with all the heartache, pain, emptiness and loneliness. Due to that they commit suicide. Suicide is life equivalent of bankruptcy. Bankruptcy is a legally easy way of not paying back the money they owe. Like bankruptcy suicide is an easy way out to deal with it.

 Those that are contemplating suicide need to think for a bit  Those that you think are better than you are not. Trust me they are not immune to the trials and tribulations of life. The only difference is they hide their pain from people. SO don't praise and think low of yourself  due to someone that is better looking and has obtain popularity. It is just a cover. As long as you can stay true to yourself all will be good. Don't change for no one unless you wanna change for you. Allow people to love you for you. When you could get that, life will be better I assure you.  I used to be like that and with much support of family and friends, I got over the treacherous mountain and I am able to solider on through life.

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I learn what suicide was when I was young. Two brothers chose death over life. Left a lot of people wanted to know answers that could not be answered. Last week I met my brother 21 year daughter. He kill himself before her birth. She ask me. Why did her father kill himself. I hug her and told her. Some people can't face the problems of life. Then I told her. We miss him and we still don't understand. Great wisdom in your words. Suicide is a fool's way to escape.

Posted 13 Years Ago

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Huggy Bear
Huggy Bear

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