Chapter 9-Resolve

Chapter 9-Resolve

A Chapter by Huggy Bear

To be honest for me seeing what the creator of this universe looked like, I was not impressed one bit.

After  God disappeared I sluggishly walked over towards a slanted grass hill. I fell to my knees and laid down. For most, meeting God would have people jumping up and down and cry relentlessly. To be honest for me seeing what the creator of this universe looked like, I was not impressed one bit.  Since human history was record we was humans fought against ourselves on the ideals of what God hold.

It saddened me to think that all the bloodshed humans have shed for God will be in vain. My anger boiled to a violent degree. The God I saw was no different from his nemesis. God is willing to harm those that followed his rules, no matter how insane or contradictory they are in human nature.

This being is given the name of God. Now in most religions they have "God" be a kind entity that will be good to the masses. That is unless you stray away from "God's Will" (which is to follow his will) which in the event "God" will put you through pain and torture for all eternity. Religion has convince.a good amount of people believing in religion and of God.

Those same amount of people believe in religion and have such a strong connection with religion that they are willing to die for that one belief.  Now due to the fact that we humans are comprise of many different variation of view points and cultures it is not surprising that we have come up with different variations of religion.

We as humans can't accept a person's or group's opinion to be the truth. Usually when we don't agree with someone on something that they feel strongly for, we as humans act violently.
God does not deserve his power. My resolve was getting clearer by the thought. I know what I must do. If I am to truly become a hero for not only my species but for all species in this universe I have to defeat the representatives of Good  and Evil. 

© 2010 Huggy Bear

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Added on February 24, 2010
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Huggy Bear

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