The Sky of Desire

The Sky of Desire

A Poem by Huggy Bear

Honesty about be a male virgin in this world

I fear physical commitment
Sex is my kryptonite
I might get laughed at
Many nights I said to myself I dont want sex
My ignorance against my desire works for a while


The sky of desire falls on me
My soul painful with lust
Throbs violently

I peer into society's psyche of sex
I hear of amazing feats of domination from both sexes
I see how happy they are when the are "taken care of"
In my eyes it seems like this is what love is

Without great sex there is no love
It shows that love from another girl is never possible
I question my capability to perform sex at a high level
Sex in this society is very strict
Either you are good
Or you bad and there are no do-overs

Unworthy of explicit love
I am cursed
I could of have lifted my curse
To give away innocence with in-genuine intent

an injustice on a grand scale
the drama of desire 
the sky will fall again

this soul flexing hope to hold it up

with these two arms

pillars for

explicit love

© 2010 Huggy Bear

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I find this funny in way im not trying to offen you. You shouldn't worry so much just do it to a girl you truly care about. I cant really give an advice but good poem.

Posted 12 Years Ago

My God…..
Why do you think about sex……?
Society is wrong with regard to sex….
And it will be so forever…..
Because….human beings have a tendency to overcome sex and evolve in to the level of God…who is sexless…..
To have a right concept about sex…..
Read the books of Osho Rajaneesh…
But your words are truthful and sincere….
I like it….

Posted 12 Years Ago

I admire the innocence and openness in this poem. The feelings here, unfortunately, never go away! Overall I enjoyed reading this. I would suggest re-reading for spelling errors. An error in spelling or obvious grammar issues will control the feel and flow of the poem. I enjoyed reading from this point of view.

Posted 12 Years Ago

Mustafa, I understand this poem and where you are coming from. It must be very difficult to remain celibate in a world that is flouting sex so blatantly and making people feel they are somewhat odd if they choose to remain true to their beliefs and morality. You are a rarity, and I say that in a kind way and applaud you for your stance on this. Keep saving yourself until the right girl comes along and believe me you will be glad to give all you have to her. Wonderful write!

Take care my friend,

Helena :)

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Posted 12 Years Ago

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