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Chay II

Chay II

A Chapter by TransparentHearts

The orange star plunged itself into darkness, dying with the daylight. The military
vampiric contributors gazed out upon the dimming horizon. The feeding ceremonies
would begin shortly after the previous night’s riot. Humans were so predictable. The
system is an easy one- listen and obey like good mortals or be sacrificed to the princes and princesses of the dark. In my case, my caring is less whether the foolish flesh chooses to resist. However, my fellow starving companions maliciously enjoy when attempts are made. I make it a point for the humans in my Septosectors to abide by the rules set forth by the VAR. The vampires under me, however, despise that I do so. The privates always complain their hunger is killing them.


Ahh, newbies.


Last night brought three more recruits to begin the undead transformation process at the next full moon. My achievements help me score brownie points with Marissa. That’s how I was promoted to my position at such a young age. The truth is half the vampires in my command could annihilate me in a few blows. The power to my cleverness, however, is that units will never discover that I am their junior.


“Tungstein, I need you here,” I summoned, speaking at first to the air until a wisp
of blackish smoke whisked itself into the room. The rookie materialized in front of
me. “Prove yourself, private, and bring the mortal prisoners into the conference room.”


“Yes, ma’am!” He saluted, disappearing into the smoke.


“Where’s my damn apprentice?” I, too, was swallowed up into the blackish substance.


“Raveck! Where the hell have you been?” Raveck, my trainee-in-training, has been
shadowing me for the past month. He was 358 years my senior, but I never confided
this to him. There was simply no point in it. Raveck had the personality of a twig, but his loyalty proved to be simply extraordinary, considering he could mass murder almost every vampire in the VAR building. The immortal did not possess the motivation that it takes to become a God of this world until he met me.


He had breeched my security, destroyed a number of VAR buildings in my jurisdiction, maimed about thirteen of my military force,killed about four others, and then knelt before me begging me to take him under my wing. Raveck originated from a Trisector in the south, where his mortal life was lived as a cotton farmer. Used to controlling slaves, his potential for leading an army of starving, murdering, blood thirsty fiends looked pretty damn good to me.


In a blur, his manly form manifested. “Yes, Chay? Why do you visit me in my chambers
at the crack of dusk?”


“Because you refuse to show up to mine. Mortals tried uprising last night. Where the hell were you when your comrades needed you?” My tongue spit and scolded.


“I took a party of us down to the river, ma’am. A sentry unit reported some suspicious activity. Thought it’d be best if I checked it out, and not made a big fuss about it. Besides, our dead men do fine against humans.”


“Does that account for your disappearance? I expect you to be leading like a good
apprentice. Not slacking off by some river in the west. Our defenses can hold some
measly mortals.” What a piece of work. He thinks our walls can’t hold the mortals in our Septosectors and double as a barrier to the outside forces?


“But Chay, the sentry reported seeing about four or five vampires in the sector.
Precautions were necessary, especially with the rouges of the undead. You know, the Kryptoknights.”


My hand met with force across his cheekbone. “I expect you to be with our command unit on the field with our comrades. You are supposed to be the upcoming leader! This is nonsense. You have lookout duty in the second sector tonight. Relieve the sentry at midnight. Stay until dawn.” With that, my
bodily essence vaporized.


The Kryptoknights acted as a band of “mythical beings”, protesting the VAR’s demise of this country. According to the sources the VAR has captured, they hold sore feelings about us taking, capturing, and feeding off of their food source. In essence, the few rebels revolted. One legendary member is rumored to be the very first vampire, and he alone knows the secrets of our race.

© 2010 TransparentHearts

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Added on November 10, 2010
Last Updated on November 10, 2010
Tags: supernatural, vampires, chay, rei, marissa, undead, war



Well...where to start. (The short version) I liiike weird crazy, not run-of-the-mill kind of stuff. Liike taking an armadillo on a rollar coaster. How fun would that be?!?! You could call me crazy. I .. more..