Cassandra's Story. Chapter four

Cassandra's Story. Chapter four

A Chapter by Kat

         I stormed over to Andrew' place. I threw open his bed room door and pushed him off the bed, waking him up.

        "What do you want dude?" He said groggily.

        "What do I want? What do I want! I want you to stop hurting Cassandra!" I shouted.

        He looked up confused. "Who the f**k is Cassandra? I don't know any Cassandra."

        "The girl that you and Aria beat up yesterday. She's scarred enough already! Now she's going to have physical scars as well as mental ones. I can't believe you. I thought you were better than that. But you're not. You're lower than your father." I snarled.

        "Do you really think I care? She seriously can die for all I care. She's a freak, I mean she never talks. How the f**k can she have friends? She's so weird! And never. Ever. Compare me to that b*****d." He looked at me with a hate that was so close to one I've only seen him give his fathers grave.

        "Dude, how can you say that? Do you really want her to die? She's been raped. She's seen her parents murdered for f***s sake! The fact that she never talks is just a minor set back. She talks. She signs, she just wants to know that she's not a freak. And you're not helping. Before you became Aria's f**k buddy, you weren't hurting her. Sure you got into fights but... You never hurt a girl. Aria's done that. She's changed you. And you're not man enough to own up to that."I turned my back and leaned up against the wall for a second. 

        "Come with me. Now." I said, grabbing his arm.

        "Huh? What? Where are we going?"

        "To Mai's house. You're going to see the damage that she has gone through."

        "I'm not dressed!" I threw some skinny jeans and a tee shirt at him. Once he got them on we left.

        "I brought him. How is she?" I asked.

        "She's slipping in and out of conscious. I think I should take her in. I'm really worried about her this time. I checked her forehead, she had a huge gash. I had to stitch it up. It wasn't easy seeing as she wouldn't let me use anesthetic. I really think we should take her in." Mai rambled, walking over to her bed where Cassie was resting. Mai wiped a washcloth across her forehead. "She has a fever." I sat down on the bed and patted her leg.

        "I hate to have to do this..." I muttered as I managed to take her tee shirt off and skinny jeans. I'm not a perv or anything. It's just that I needed Andrew to see the scars that she has gotten.

        "Uh dude, who is this chick?" Andrew asked.

        "The girl that you should thank. You should thank her for not telling people about what you've done, cause if she did, you would be in prison and a pretty boy like you would so be butt raped. So when she becomes conscious again, you better apoligize. Or so help me I will hurt you." Mai growled.

        "I need a name." He said.

        "Cassandra. Or as you call her, 'Emo Chick'." Mai said quietly.

"That's what I did to her? Woah." That was all he said. He sat down

        "Yeah you a*****e. You better hope that she gets better because for some retarded reason, she's never let me tell anyone about what you did. So if she dies, I will personally make you suffer. I may not look like much, but believe me Dude... I will hurt you. In any and every way possible.

© 2009 Kat

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Meh, so I'm gonna write some random stuffage about me I guess. I'm Kat, I love to write, listen to music, and hang out with my friends. I really shouldn't have caffine but I do anyway. I mean, it's ju.. more..