"amaze mi'

"amaze mi'

A Poem by Myenigma

murderous mind set iii


Visions are reflections of senses reminding us it’s easier to forget everything……

for things happen  faster than we can think; just like standing in silence become the brim movements resembling someone’s screams; all while letting time pass is another synonym for committing sin, so then…,




                  will be 


     things again

  already knowing you are right...

right; in front of the painful; chain full

memories of an addict. One tiny spark causing explosive

 uniting the star child staring at cupid shooting inconclusive,

 to think opposites are funaticals all up in attracting

a dangerous..deadly love affair..

dangerously In conclusive somewhere, in-between

Twisting bodily fluids….That’s when 

everything became red.

Just like that..... 

                love was made

“amaze mi”….



you.” :

Unfounded in the extra nocturnal 

areas of the darkest body part

The mind.

 Spinning at 160 thoughts per beat

 out the bodies heart

was it love?..

With the cuddly kisses,


the eyes, 


your glowing smile

that started 

cutting up lovemark..s

 and final memories

, into evermore..

I was   


 at first....      

to see you Naked…

actually I was taken aback 

by the secret places 

of your sacred,



  I’ve seem 

to have awaken though..

 and have learn how 

to quench your thirst....

and I would not envy others if they

ever meet your tender curves, 

you are lovely

even when we both get hurt

in the center of misery

never wanted to make you jealous

Or see you mad,

or more notably make you bored

always waiting anxiously

for us to find a home

Just treasure

 the sweat times we've consume together

How I hate considering

  that your not constantly with me,

 why do we leave each other?

for Others

seem to want you;

 I see..

For the moment we are

 like everything else in life commenced

enjoying complications,

like our first date, 

seemed like a mistake

because I was ambiguous 

when I started reaching

For your gleaming thighs,

 lustful in anyones eye

 when I realize it was becoming

 the feeling of death

Now its on who ever you leave them

but I've grasped the need of how

 to probably treat you

 always dressed in a specific hue

 of black leather

until you feel the need to properly unleash

Do you really treasure every detail 

we've done together?

people always assume your the reticent one 

    but really; they don't know 

         how you can't wait to come out ,

speaking, screaming, showing 

the turnabout moments of our minds.

 Becoming frantic to examine

the blemishes of attention

when we decide to scrutinize

with your piercing eyes.

We watch you set a permanent stigma

of blotches on 

the splendors of screaming


But Still.. it

reflects the elegance of your

 intruding manners 

the grandeur beginnings to

the very brilliant gory ends.

Sensing the panicking antics

of everything

 we can still be charming

if we want too

When we are in the act of intimacy,

 patiently convulsing

  in union with a strong grip, 






when we are in action


I did not know

How to read your feelings…

But now I do

No more arguments,

Because we are both sensitive

to each others yelling

no one wins,

So we've mastered our work



our differences to 

 watch the color of burgundy

discharge from a distance

© 2015 Myenigma

Author's Note

artistic write these concepts and ideas have been done before.
A Non gender specific murderer’s Passionate/sexual objectification of a knife :D

Funaticals= filled with excessive and single-minded fun zeal.
lovemarks= permanent marking on the body relating to love.

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Added on November 4, 2013
Last Updated on January 30, 2015




No one special just a sinner like everyone else. A random writer/voice from the deserts wanting to tell his stories,😁😁 Transforming from myenigma to the metaphysical prince ㊅.. more..

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A Poem by Myenigma