BIRDYJOSH and BIRDYLU ~ A Paper Birds' Story

BIRDYJOSH and BIRDYLU ~ A Paper Birds' Story

A Poem by myrt2013

The book by the same name condensed in a poem. The story of two Origami paper birds in love and their struggles to survive in an unknown environment.


A Paper Birds' Story
(The book condensed In a Poem)
(c) Mirta Oliva

I folded the paper time and again
And so you were born, my Origami paper bird
BIRDYLU was your name - and you flew and you played
Your eyes always calling for a handsome paper mate 

  I went right along and folded paper again
And soon he was born, BIRDYJOSH was his name
The pair was in love, I noticed one day
So I prepared a wedding for the sweet paper birds

My prayers were answered, you flew in the room
staring through the window at the green leaves and blooms
I only knew then they‘d be leaving my den
But I’d always be watching both birdies and hatchlings.

To get seeds and other goodies they'd get out of the roost
Safeguarding their 'lil bodies from the light of the high moon
The birds built their nests - the chicks came and went
And Boxer my cat would not go near them

For it happened one day, BIRDYLU was surprised
A feathered-chick had arrived - It really blew her away!
With only one worm - what was she to do?
When two little beaks were begging for food!

It was then that I told her, you must feed both birds
The one with the feathers and the one of papier
So BIRDYLU fed both chicks and soon they would play
Minding not a bit of what they were made

And when the time was near for the feathered little chick
To join her own breed, I saw more than one tear . . .
All birds shared the forest very close to my backyard
So they would see each other by the silver moon at night

One day I arranged
A big party in the skies
What a sight, what a night,
I could not believe my eyes!

With the colors of the rainbow more chicks were born
They all lived in harmony, they all shared the fun
And BIRDYJOSH and BIRDYLU, dressed in red, green and blue
remained always together, forever true . . .

© 2013 myrt2013

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That's a very sweet poem. ! ^-^

Posted 11 Years Ago


11 Years Ago

Layley, I thought I had answered before. Now I see your comment. Thanks, you are and look very swee.. read more

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Added on February 27, 2013
Last Updated on May 15, 2013
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A Poem by myrt2013