A Chapter by Marmar


May 13, The New Era, Year 12,


   I remember my first sight of Kapala, the New Capital. The city was not like the other domed cities that scattered the world after the third world war, but had a near impenetrable barrier to guard it from wayward demons, witches, shifters, and other Supernaturals. Also, illegal Outlanders, especially those.

I found it silly how they would say that when the whole city was run by Supernaturals, after all this was the city said to house all of the young and talented, regardless of your species. According to Raiju, it is a safe haven where the best and brightest may reside peacefully. Gael, on the other hand, thought that this was ''the nesting ground for all that is evil and wicked.''

    I never really could tell who was right, but I remember thinking that the city was beautiful. I had not yet entered it. It would, after all, be a two day hike to get there, but looking down on the spiraling towers and old buildings of the city with the sea just behind it, that was my thought. It was beautiful.

 I am writing before me and Cay rest for the night. It was not my intention to write until we were sure that Gabriel, our younger brother was really here or not, but as I looked down at it, I remember the feeling of certainty, that the two years that my brother and I had spent searching would finally be over, so I write to remember the first sight of the city that holds my brother.

© 2015 Marmar

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