Vatican's Downfall

Vatican's Downfall

A Story by N. James Frazier


                In a dark room the flame from a lighter illuminates the blackness for a second before going black again. Two lit cigarettes are the only thing which could prove that this bleak room was not a cavern of hell. A crash is heard at the front door of the house, someone was there. Clearly, someone was there. There was a brief scurrying in the darkness, then nothing but absolute silence. A man dressed in black came stumbling in the room with the two burning cigarettes. Walking down the stairs he tosses his jacket on the table, and he turns on the light and proceeds to lie down on the couch. But as soon as he lies on the couch the lights mysteriously turn back off, surprised the man walks over to the lights to turn them back on. When the man gets to the switch the hammer of a gun clicks behind him. The man swallows. Another man approaches from the right with a gun to the temple.
                “Father Flannery,” said a muffled voice.
                Two men dressed in black masks grapple the priest, both grabbing his arms he is dragged into his living room. He is stood up and then one of the black masked characters gives the man a kick to the back of the knee. Bringing the priest to the ground. The two hoods remove their masks.
                “Father Flannery, I am Montgomery Vinyard, this here, (saying arrogantly) the man who is currently placing a loaded gun to the back of your head is my brother Jack. Do you remember us Padre?”     
                The priest looks as if he is going to be sick.
                “I will take that sad sickly expression upon your face to mean that you do remember us.” Montgomery said.
                “Behind the closed doors of St. Jude church, away from prying eyes, away the eyes of our parents, and away from the eyes of god, YOU Padre, you took advantage of the church and violated us. Eleven years ago. Eleven years ago we were only nine years old. “ said Jack.
                “ Padre, you are truly the thief of all thieves, robbing of innocence. Sir, you do not tend to your flock, but rather slaughter it.” said Montgomery.
                “What do you hoods want, money, fame, or pity. Or all three. That is right though, huh? Is it money? All trash like you do is complain to the press, robbing the Vatican blind. You think you two vermin are the first to try something like this? No one is ever going to believe that I ever laid a finger on either of the two of you. I have been a member of this community for over twenty years, TWENTY years. (Doing the sarcastic bunny ear things with the fingers) People “trust” me. No one is ever going to believe that anything had ever happened between the three of us.” said the priest.
                “Why would we want money, there is no justice in money.” said Montgomery.
                “Our payback is going to be just compensation..” said Jack.
                “For you see my dear Padre, we are here to spill your blood. And I can guarantee Padre, that here tonight, your blood will flow like the blood of Christ, but no one here will morn over you.” said Montgomery.
                “You call ME a monster, yet you two are the ones who are the ones that are holding a priest; a man of god, against his will. Oh, and I am sure you should win the public favor by killing me, sure kill me. You two do not understand, if anything happens to me you two lose all proof that anything happened between the three of us, you let me live, turn me over to the cops, what jury would find a respected member of society of an eleven year old crime that ceased to exist, think about it, what hard evidence do you really have? I know what you are thinking, you realize that what I say makes sense, but I warn you, your next reaction is to kill me, right? If you do such a thing , you two will be hunted down like the preverbal dogs that you are, the masses shall raise up for their fallen Father, their patron, their messenger of God.” said the priest.
                Montgomery hearing this goes over to the sink takes a glass of water and fills it. Then moving his hands in the air, prays on one knee blessing the water, seemingly turning it into Holy Water as he mocks the priest. He then takes a spoon and sprinkles the room with the water, and then he douses the priest. As a final insult throws the remnants of the glass into the face of the priest.
                The priest was spitting out the water as if it burned. He said, “Now this is enough, Kill me, but do not make a mockery of everything that I have dedicated my life to.”
                Standing behind the priest, Jack takes the back of his gun and smashes the area from the priests upper lip to his lower nostril. Mocking the priest even more, Jack gets on his knees next to the priest as if he were at confession. He says, “Do not worry Padre, it will all be over soon.” getting closer to the priests ear, “Don’t you remember, this is what you told us.” Jack then proceeds to rip the crucifix and white collar from around the neck of the priest. “You have lost the rite to such privileges. A MARTYR Never you shall be.”
                In a preaching voice, and circling the room with his arms out, Montgomery dictates, “Now it is time, your fate awaits you in the afterlife. And let all the legions of angles pray upon your miserable soul for all eternity. Whispering he says, “Lucifer is calling, Dear Padre.” Montgomery puts a pillow to the barrel of his gun, silencing his crime, the priest hit’s the ground, blood soaking in the shag, his white collar is stained red near his body.
                The screen fades to black.
                The two brothers are held up inside the loft of a barn. The door to the barn is barricaded slightly with whatever the two could find. They stare at the walls in silence. Montgomery is sipping away at a Jim Beam Bottle, he winces at the taste. Jack breaks the silence.
                “You know the police will be here soon? You know this RIGHT?” Jack says as if trying to get his point across.
                “There is no way. NO way I am going to jail. The devout Catholics: the Mexicans, the Irish and the Italians would massacre us our first night there, Why? WHY?! All because I took a soldier away from G O D. After all He has done to ME! For that reason alone, The police will not be taking us alive tonight, for this “murder”, (Sickly chuckling) “this Murder.” (Thundering out) “THIS MURDER!,” said Montgomery.
                Almost simultaneously with the end of Montgomery’s speech, the wail of sirens echo in the night air, louder and louder. It is like the wail of a lost soul. The wail of a banchee howling away in the night; scraping away at the doors of the barn. The two brothers swallow deeply. Two squad cars pull into the gravel driveway, three officers exit from the two cars. With guns drawn, the men in blue advance on the barn.
                Jack is going to tell the world of his story. He realizes that if he goes down he is going to go public with what had happen between him, his brother and Father Flannery. He exits out a window. The police do not know where he is, but Jack is coming to them, with his gun drawn. He tells them that he has a gun and is coming out. He sees them, but they do not see him. He sneaks up on their side, and points his gun at the trio in blue.
                “Put your gun down, son.” Said the oldest Police officer. “Son, you do not want to do anything crazy, just lower your weapon.”
                “Crazy, CRAZY?!” The paranoia seeping into his mind like sinking vessel in the cold night. I did what was necessary to clear my conscious. I needed to guarantee that this would never happen to another person AGAIN. That priest… That MONSTER… Father Flannery, he defiled the trusting members of the church for years, and still, no justice came his way. WHY? Because he wore a little white collar around his neck, people thought he could do no EVIL.” And yet still you confront me as a villain, (questions their response to his actions) but he is the criminal that lies dead at your feet. He is the thief of all thieves, ROBBER of innocence. Sirs, he did not tend to his flock, but rather SLAUGHTERED it” Jack is unhinged.
There is a stand-off between the trio of police officers and Jack. One of the younger officers says, “Just put the gun down sir, you are already being charged with murder, do you really want things to get worse than they have to?”
                Everyone has a gun pointed at a member of a rival faction.
                “Son, what ever happened to you, I am sorry, we will get to the bottom of this, maybe it will even hold In court, you know, crime of passion. Just as a sign of good faith, please lower your gun.” said the oldest officer again.
Chuckling Jack says, I will not surrender, You see you just…don’t… get it, no jury is going to find ME innocent. All because I did what I had to do. I did nothing wrong, I (say long) cleansed god’s church. I served MY patron saint, Saint Jude. You men should know Saint Jude well, he is the Patron to all Police and lost causes.
                “Oh please. These two KILLED a Priest, do you not understand this. Enough of this philosophical discussion, please. They are Murders, plain and simple.” Said the third cop
                “Sir, what if it were you who were forced to help this priest, molested. Better yet, what if it were your son working in the church, sworn to secrecy because the priest ALWAYS had you alone. Not being able to tell what happened t you.” Said Jack.
                “With a piercing glare the third cop says, “DON’T ever talk about my son ever again, or by help me god I will kill you. Now put YOUR GUN DOWN” he thundered
“Are you not blind, can you not see why my actions were justified here tonight? ‘If you prick us do we not bleed?, if you tickle us do we not laugh, if you poison us do we not die, if you WRONG me shall I not AVENGE.’
                (Said at same time as Jack) You have till three to drop your gun or we will open up on you, ‘One, two,….three.”
But all I am is your villain,
Your HOPE I shall TAINT (Points gun to head)
In an amazing light spectacle, the three police officers unload on Jack firing till empty. Jack is shot un against the barn door. Hearing the gunshots, Montgomery swallows deeply. Not even looking outside, he continues drinking from his bottle. The police are inching their way through the barricade.  Jack still fighting, musters that gun to his head and pulls the trigger in his last act of defiance, this truly was a desperate man’s last dance.
Time seemingly slows down, Montgomery makes the slightest glance towards the police officers, he removes the gun from his pants, puts it to his temple, Cringing his teeth, he looks at the platoon that swims in a sea of blue ahead of him, draws the weapon instead, drawing towards mighty Poseidon and everything blacks out, Gunshots.

© 2008 N. James Frazier

Author's Note

N. James Frazier
Please ignore grammer, and also feel free to comment on entertainment value and intrest, along with anything else

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I thought it was very entertaining and I was very interested in it. It helps bring light onto a serious problem in society today. I don't see how priests could bring themselves to do that since they are in the service God; it sickens me that they actually do that, especially to young kids.

Posted 11 Years Ago

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Added on February 10, 2008
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