chapter 1

chapter 1

A Chapter by nadinetaylor

I wake up to the sound of yelling from down stairs, it was Miss Alane. Yelling seems like the only thing she does these past days, it was either the painting in the hall wasn't needle straight or a maid’s sock was mismatched, she keeps yelling about how everything must be perfect. 

I don’t even try to go back to sleep, There’s no use, her voice was getting louder and louder. I feel bad for whoever she was yelling at. I sit up rubbing sleep from my eyes, glancing at the window. 

It’s the middle of the day sun light is shining in the room directly on my pillow, although that always fails to wake me. I’m the last one awake it seems, not something that unusual.  I stand, yawning, and stretch going to the bathroom to get ready for the day.

I wonder why everyone seems so busy.  While brushing my teeth I remember something, in about a few days Miss Alane should be hosting a fancy dinner party for some important rich people that means everyone will be busy doing one thing or another getting prepared for the party, like always.

 Miss Alane’s dinner parties are very famous, she only invites noble men and women to dine and many nobles want dine with her.

 But Miss Alane is really stressed about this one, Making sure everything was especially perfect for whoever is coming, making sure there wasn't a speck of dust anywhere and that you can eat off the floor from how clean it is. 

after showering, my wet hair wrapped in a towel ,getting dressed in my maid uniform mumbling to myself   “dress with elbow sleeves, the white apron with pockets, shoes” miss Alane got me into the habit of mumbling my uniform so that I don’t forget, like I usually do. Lastly I slip on a pair of gray plaid shorts underneath my dress. I rather wear pants then a dress any day. In my opinion Pants are much more fitted for work.

 Zipping up my dress zipper I take off my towel and quickly combing out any tangles in my hair. After I’m done I run my finders through the short choppy wavy locks, I’m so happy I cut my hair short, I never liked having to deal with it in the morning, if I even bother with it.

I closed the bathroom door, planning on leaving my bed un-made since it’s unlikely anyone would notice since their all so busy.  As I leave, a note near the edge of my bed catches my eye. I pick it up it reading the rushed hand writing of Miss Alane:  I need to see you at my office

Stuffing the note in one of my side pockets, I walk down stairs. Already everyone was busy doing their jobs.  It seems like everyone was also really stressing about this party. “There like bees, Man this guest must be really important people” I think in my head. 

Making sure I wasn't in anyone’s way, which was a challenge having to step aside and duck passing butlers, cooks, and other maids, I go in the kitchen hoping to find some breakfast but instead find it in absolute chaos.

 It’s pretty normal for the kitchen to be chaotic preparing dishes for all the guests, but this is just mad. Workers are coming in and out, Sweat on their foreheads from the heat in the room and their own activity, balancing dishes on their hands going to who knows where and cooks shouting out orders “it’s going to burn! Where’s my water?” “The soup needs some more salt!”

 A glance inside was all I could get, seeing all the fancy made dishes wasn't something usual, all these nobles have very exotic and refined taste buds. Even with only a glance I could see that all the dishes have exwezid details. 

As I walk away from the kitchen, leaving all hope of eating breakfast, a man passes me mumbling “what does the boy even eat? Tried everyth-” is all I could catch before he goes inside the kitchen. Who is he talking about?

As I make my way to Miss Alane’s office I notice that there are an unusual number of maids and butlers in the hall. Cleaning the already clean marble floors, wiping invisible dust from the hanged paintings, doing one thing or another to make the already the clean cleaner.

 I believe that my shoes are clean but just in case, I bend and take them off, earning looks of gratitude from the maids nearest to me.

 Holding my shoes with my two fingers I stop in front of Miss Alana’s office, taking a deep breath, I knock on the big wooden door.  “What do you want!? I’m not accepting any more dishes!”  An irritated voice comes from behind the door I answer “it’s Aven.” I hear footsteps come and the door opens. Expecting Miss Alane I am face a surprising sight.

 Who opened the door was Miss Alane. But not the usual tidy not a hair misplaced on her head miss Alane. No this Miss Alane is the every opposite. This was Hair-in-a-mess- sleep-deprived Miss Alane.  “Well? Get inside” 

I go inside to find her desk a complete mess. Fancy looking plates with even fancier looking food lay on the table. Plates overlapping each other, her paper’s in a neat stack next to the desk to make room for more dishes.

 Small bites were taken from each piece of cake on each dish. “She’s tasting food for dessert after dinner” I thought to myself. There were many dishes as could possibly fit on the desk.  The smell of the room smelled to put simply was divine, like walking into a bakery just as they oven the oven to let out the fresh pastries.

 After closing the door, a very tired Miss Alane crashed in the chair behind the desk. “Oh look at all these!” she waved to all the dishes on the desk.  “All of these not one, not ONE, is perfect!!” 

she looked at the dishes was displeasure then lifted her head to me “Aven, you should be about the same age as him, what do young children like you like eating for dessert? Please tell me, I’m all out of ideas!!”

It takes me a moment to realize what she asked. Miss Alane was looking at me waiting for my answer “um it depends on the person but… I believe children like sweet things, like cake, or biscuits for dessert”.  A small smile came to her lips 

“I know how much you love pastries.” I smiled back. Miss Alane stared at me as she considered what I said “hmm something sweet….”She rubbed her forehead “that cancel’s out most of the cakes…” a few long moments pass as she thinks. 

“Aven come here taste this.” She hands me a plate with an amazing looking strawberry shortcake. Down the middle are little balls of icing with dots of gold on top and on the edges half strawberries lined up facing the point of the cake. The part I really like is there’s wings made of whip cream, the top wings are white cream and under them are the bottom pair of wings that are gold, and it looks like an edible masterpiece. 

Walking closer to the desk, I take the small fork and take a decent piece from the cake putting it in my mouth. To put it simply it tasted amazing. I savor the taste noticing something. 

The chef used two types of strawberry, looking at the cake noticing that the strawberries that lined the edge where slightly different from the ones lining the opposite side and maybe something that tastes syrup, but more complex…maybe he mixed it with something else… blinking I don’t let myself think more about it, Not wanting to make Miss Alane wait I swallow.

When I look at the cake again it wasn't the same masterpiece. It was delicate so my bite ruined the perfect design of it. I look up to see Miss Alane’s anxious face waiting for my opinion 

“it tastes really good…but I think it would be best if the desert looked a little less fancy.  Although it tastes really good, I ruined it by eating. I think it would be better to tone down the decorations a little” Miss Alane’s face was deep in thought.

 “It’s just my opinion or course” I add. Looking at the plates on the desk, searching for something that would show what I mean. An orange tart laying on the edge of her desk, un-touched, catches my eye, it looks so simple. 

“Perfect” I thought “what about this one?” I reach and took the plate with the tart from the edge and showed it to her.

Her face was doubtful. I shrug and I take a bite…it’s really an orange tart, no surprise tastes,  but because it’s so simple it was prefect, I want to eat the whole thing and was about to when miss Alane takes the tart away from me.

 I watch as she took a bite and a she laughs smiling. “Of course you would love this Aven. I've decided this is perfect for him!!” she looks at me. “You did well. Now go to the kitchen and bring them this tart, tell them this will be served to him” 

I take the plate with the tart “but, you know he might not like it” miss Alane waves her hand “don’t worry about it, if it’s not to his liking there are many backups” giving a little curtsy, and was about to leave but stop when miss Alane calls my name again 

“Aven, also tell the cook to give you the list of all the ingredients for this tart. You’re buying all the ingredients. Make sure to get the best ones you can find. Knowing your little talent of getting the best stuff I doubt that’ll be hard. You may leave now” 

I curtsy again and leave the room but pop my head back in again “also you shouldn't worry too much about this guest, I’m sure he’ll love your dinner” I reassure her. Miss Alane smiles and I close the door.

When I told the cook that Miss Alane wants the orange tart to be served he was over joyed. The whole day the kitchen was busy making dessert dishes to be tasted by Miss Alane and now she finally made her choice.

 After the few moments of cheering the chef yelled for everyone to get back to work. He gave me the list of ingredients and I left the kitchen and headed toward my room.  I look at the rooms I pass silently counting. “41, 42, 43“I stop at the door that was marked with a big 44 in the center.

 I open the door to my room to change from my uniform to some casual clothes that Miss Alane got me; she doesn't like my going out with my uniform, something about making friends. Taking off my uniform I pick up the knee length shorts and short sleeved t-shirt and put them on and walk out. 

© 2012 nadinetaylor

Author's Note

it's edited i hope you enjoy it! please give me your honest opinion! it would really help me!! thanks

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hope you enjoy

Posted 10 Years Ago

Interesting. This is different from what i usually read but interesting. Thought you would like someone to comment.

Posted 10 Years Ago

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