Well America You Did It

Well America You Did It

A Story by hyancynthstofeedthysoul

Some thoughts on the election of President Hussein.


I will celebrate my seventy-third birthday on January, 15th, 2009. Five days later Hussein Obama will be sworn in as President. I never thought one of THEM would ever serve in that capacity.


This country throughout it's history has resisted THEM. We fought a war to prevent THEIR having an opportunity to do so. THEY have tried to infiltrate our political system. THEY have had small successes, yet we have until now prevented it. THEY have taken over much of our economical functions i.e. newspapers, cable stations, etc., as well as lower level governmental positions.


All this considered THEY have never reached this pinnacle.


I never thought it possible, but now it has happened. We will have one of THEM in the White House.


Yes my fellow Americans you have done it.


You will now have a SOCIALIST as your President.

© 2009 hyancynthstofeedthysoul

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I'm thinking a couple of the prior reviewers (I will assume they are too young to realize the significance of the word "them") have completely missed the tongue-in-cheek nature of the piece. It harkens back to the bad old days, as it were. It takes a little long to get there, but it's a nice punchline-driven piece.

Posted 15 Years Ago

I'm afraid the polemic nature of the writing reduces its impact, especially referring to your President as Hussein Obama, rather than giving him the respect a large majority of America believes he deserves, including the person he ran against. You give no evidence, no proof, nothing to back up what you are trying to put across. Compared to a real European socialist, President Obama is centrist, perhaps even center-right, as far as his policies are concerned. I, for one, look forward to having a well-spoken (non-hawkish) President with a triple-digit IQ in the White House.

Posted 15 Years Ago

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However you may feel abt obama thats on you. however I think your views are blurred pertaining to obama

Posted 15 Years Ago

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On this we agree my friend. As an American who had hoped to see someone like Rice or Powell step up and do their duty as Americans, I too am saddened by the results of the recent election.

My son who turned 25 in January, however, is already seeing the error of his ways, just a month later. The country is full of 25 year olds who hopefully will see it too and we will get back on track!

Posted 15 Years Ago

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so the "t" pronoun sounds racist my dear friend. very frank insight.. (^^,)

Posted 15 Years Ago

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A long and eventful life I have lived one. While stationed in Germany I visited every country in free Europe and the British Isles. In the U.S. 48 of the 50 only missed Alaska and Hawaii. Have worked .. more..