LOst And Never Found

LOst And Never Found

A Story by XxYoung.WriterxX

Child Abuse

jessica was 7 when her father and mother beat her to death, she always loved her parents but they nevver loved her. she was blamed for every thing.
 well one day her parents came home from a party, they pulled her out of bed. her father told her she was nothing more than a peice of trash, and shoved her fave in the garbage. her mother then grabbed her arm and slapped her. she yelled in her face and said "you should have never been born" jessica screamed and yelled for help. the beating finally stopped hours later. jessica laid on the floor with blood evrywhere, she could feel herself slowly slipping away. she knew she was never going to see her "Mommy and Daddy again" so before she left sheprayed for them. when she was done she ended the prayer with "Ill see you soon jesus". 
the next morning jessicas mother came in the kitchen and found jessicas body. she scramed for her husband, he ran in. they were never worried about their little girl being dead, they knew they were going to jail. so they hid her body in the backyard. they made eachother promise not to tell any on.
2 weeks later a woman was walking her dog down the ally behind jessicas house. the dog ran to the spot jessica was hidden, he started digging her body up, the woman ran over and yelled when she saw the little girls body. she called the police and they arrived shortly, they arrested Jessicas parent. the had jessica a funeral. jessica is now in peace with God!

© 2013 XxYoung.WriterxX

Author's Note

this is not a real story. child abuse is wrong and no one should have to go threw it! NO ONE

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-"she always loved her parents but they nevver loved her." "never" instead of "nevver".
-"so before she left sheprayed for them" put a space between "she" and "prayed".
-"the had jessica a funeral." "they" instead of "the". Capitalize "jessica" "They had Jessica's funeral".

It's upsetting when a parent abuses a child. The child depends, trusts, and loves them unconditionally, and then for something like that to happen. It's a wonder why people still have faith in each other.

Posted 6 Years Ago

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london, OH, United Kingdom

i love writing more..