a Refined me

a Refined me

A Poem by alltheloveabove

There are two options-- either you've changed or I never knew the real you.


I suppose, there will come a day 

Where I will be able to look back into the past

And realize that all my problems were but trivial things.

I suppose, when I come to a certain age,

I’ll realize my rash personality and my grudge-bearing self

And be able to laugh off the little things that once infuriated me.

There will come a day

Where heartaches are but memories and the comfort of my friends still warm me,

I’ll look upon my friends and bless them, my enemies too-

How I wish I could skip past, through these current days

So I am unable to feel the pain and abandonment of a friend so, so dear

Breaking my trust into a million, ugly shards of pain

Tearing me apart, clawing away

at a fragile heart.

© 2012 alltheloveabove

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Author's Note

sometimes, people let you down. In a big way.
You wonder if you'll ever forgive.

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The poem did tell a true story. With age some bad deeds and actions become less painful. Some actions of life will cause permanent pain. I believe best to be kind and hopeful. Live a good life and create good memories and friendships. Bad things may come. Strong people keep love and gentleness alive. I like the complete poem. You made me think.

Posted 7 Years Ago

Hurt hurts, no point kidding self, pretending. It's a gnawing pain that gets into the deep inside you didn't know existed. But I learned quite a while ago that there's no moving forward without a kind of forgiving, plus an even stronger need to firmly set aside, if not forget. Life is such a privilege, why waste it.

Your poem's so lovely, sadness and all, you've written with amazing power and every emotion going but.. next time .. find some beautiful light.. and then send me a RR.. please.

Posted 8 Years Ago


8 Years Ago

Thank you. I am trying to find forgiveness, but enough to not let myself become close to that person.. read more

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2 Reviews
Added on September 29, 2012
Last Updated on September 29, 2012
Tags: betrayal, regret, hope, future



Geneva, Switzerland

Hi everyone :) My name is Jina Kim and I am more of a spontaneous writer, scribbling, or rather typing away furiously until I click 'submit.' Thank you for the reads and the reviews, it's highly app.. more..


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