Night Wind

Night Wind

A Poem by alltheloveabove

by Christopher Dewdney


Tonight the wind blows through
all the worlds I have known and
through all the lives I have led.
The wind blows in the trees,
deeper into each.
The wind blows forever,
strains like something
endlessly departing.
Restless, impatient,
it races without burden.

The night wind implores me through walls,
claims me inside buildings.
The night wind is an empire
in exodus, a deliverance
beside the dark shape of trees. Oaks
that wrestle the gusty twilight
under starry skies.

The wind takes
me in its giddy rush and
gathers me into a storm of longing,
rising on wings of darkness.
There is a music in the wind.
The thrum of guy wires
of a thousand branches.
Muffled percussion
of banging doors, the
sibilous clamour of rushing leaves.

Above me the Milky Way
and leaping, striding, I am the
bloodrun of the atmosphere.
Racing with leaves and newspapers
down deserted streets,
over fields and playgrounds.

I pace the wind
through forests and beside highways.
Along oceans and rivers
the gale’s mysterious, unspoken imperative
is a joyous delirium with
nothing at its end.

© 2013 alltheloveabove

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I love how you describe here the wind. The wind is something beautiful, I want to be a bird that can floating through the wind without worries. A nice sweet poem....

Sincerely: Panda

Posted 6 Years Ago


6 Years Ago

haha, it's a great poem. Not written by me though. :)

6 Years Ago

oowh okay but it'' nice (:

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Added on December 4, 2013
Last Updated on December 4, 2013
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