Haiku End of Days

Haiku End of Days

A Poem by Nancy Lee Shrader

Haiku End of Days

Sealed with seven seals

No one worthy to open

The Book from God’s Throne




In the midst stood He

A Lamb as He had been slain

Worthy is the Lamb




First seal is broken

Thunderous sounds in heaven

We’re told, come and see




Four horsemen will ride

Earth’s tribulation begins

Beware faint of heart




Bow without arrows

White horse sent out to conquer

Words of deception




Red Horse wields a sword

He will take peace, from the earth

One third will be killed




Now comes the black horse

Scales and measure in his hand

Hurt not oil or wine




What is oil and wine

Wealthy people of the earth

Devour all the poor




Pale horse bringing Death

Kill by sword, hunger and beast

And Hell followed suit




Disease fills the earth

It knows no station or age

And many will die





Fifth seal is broken

Those slain for God Word cry out

Judge and avenge us




Wait for fulfillment

Numbers must be completed

Rest for a season




Sixth seal brings earthquakes

Sun is blackened in the sky

Moon is turned to blood




Stars fall from the sky

Mountains and islands disrupt

Sky rolls like a scroll




Kings and rich men too

Hiding themselves from God’s wrath

Rocks please fall on us





Four angels are called

Tribulation is halted

The faithful are sealed




Many are chosen

From the earth and God’s people

Faith has saved their souls




Numbers are chosen

Sealed twelve thousand from each tribe

Of Jacob’s twelve sons




Great multitude comes

Every tongue, every nation

Sings salvation’s song




From whence did they come

Out of great tribulations

Hunger, thirst no more





Lamb will feed them all

Lead them to living waters

Wipe away all tears




Seventh seal broken

A space of half an hour

Silence in heaven




Seven angels here

To them trumpets are given

Prepared them to sound




Hear first trumpet sound

Hail and fire mingled with blood

Trees and grass burn now




Second trumpet sounds

Mountain thrown into the sea

Oceans turn to blood





Creatures in the sea

They die and ships are destroyed

On third of the whole




Third trumpet sounding

Star of corruption burning

It falls from the sky




Star’s name is Wormwood

On fresh waters it will fall

Poison waters kills




Fourth trumpet now sounds

Sun moon and stars are darkened

One third of heaven




Judgment announcement

WOE! WOE! WOE! The trumpet sounds

Feel God’s wrath rain down





Fifth trumpet brings key

Bottomless pit now unlocked

Smoke of great furnace





Smoke dims the sun

Thick darkness, clouds, no clean air

Breath caught in the throat





From bottomless pit

Locust flood, stings in their tails

Do not sting God’s sealed




The faces of men

Like horses dressed for battle

Crowned head, woman’s hair





Locusts torture souls

Men seek death, but death won’t come

A five month long sting





One WOE is now past

Mankind must endure two more

Before judgment comes




Trumpet number six

Euphrates Angels are loosed

Third of man will die



Beware the horsemen

Two hundred thousand thousand

Have breastplates of fire




Lion head horses

Fire, smoke and brimstone

Their fowl breath will burn




Beware horses’ tails

With serpents’ heads, they do hurt

Man repented not



Thundering voices

Speaking of the End of Days

Seal up all the books



By reed and a rod

Measure temple, not the court

Belongs to Gentiles




Two witnesses come

Prophesy they in sackcloth

Water and sky obey




Voices of thunder

Their testimony is heard

Call fire from the sky




Thunderous voices

Are preaching the Word of God

Turn water to blood



Witnesses not loved

Many men try to kill them

But they are stricken




There time is now spent

Antichrist has dominion

He now strikes them down




Lay dead in the streets

Merriment celebrations

Give and receive gifts




Two Witnesses rise

And every eye shall see them

By the hand of God



Treaty is broken

The antichrist reigns supreme

All must wear his mark





Guillotine brings death

To all who believe in God

Ax is at the door




The last seven plagues

Thundering down on the earth

There is no escape




The first vial poured out

Grievous sores covered all men

That had Satan’s mark



Second on the sea

Became blood of a dead man

And all things died there




Third is a blood curse

On rivers and fresh waters

No water to drink





Righteous is the Lord

Angel of the water said

Give them blood to drink




Fourth vial on the sun

Give power to scorch all evil

Still they blasphemed God



Fifth vial brings darkness

On antichrist and minions

Gnash their tongues in pain




Sixth angel pours his

On the river Euphrates

In preparation




Gathered now for war

Armageddon in Hebrew tongue

Spear is salvation




Seventh pouring out

Great Babylon is fallen

City in three parts



Mountains were not found

Every island fled away

Great hail fell on men




Riding a white horse

A two-edged sword in His mouth

God’s eternal word




All fall by this sword

Spoken by the Son of God

Believers rejoice




Satan locked away

Antichrist in fiery lake

A thousand year reign



Peace is everywhere

Weapons become pruning hooks

Wars are fought no more




There’s no more darkness

Jesus is the Light of man

The well spring of life




Lambs lie down with lions

Wild beast are led by a child

Tears are wiped away




Loosed for a season

Satan seeks to devour souls

God’s hand crashes down



White Throne Judgment call

Jesus opens book of life

Names are written there




Every knee shall bow

Everyone’s tongue will confess

But it is too late




Jesus turns away

Other books reveal their sins

Comes the second death




God’s judgment is just

They’re cast in the lake of fire

Penalty for sin



Those who washed their robes

Won’t stand naked in their shame

Life everlasting




Standing on the rock

Of the salvation of God

Through faith, received grace

© 2009 Nancy Lee Shrader

Author's Note

Nancy Lee Shrader
A thousand word challenge for contest. I hope you enjoy my 1000 Word Haiku

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Whoa... That was just... Oh my gosh, amazing! I'm not big on religion, but this was just fantastic! WOW.

Posted 11 Years Ago

Truly amazing write. Goes right along with the bible. You out did yourself on this one

Posted 11 Years Ago


Posted 11 Years Ago

It felt like i was turning a pencil in my hand that has a pattern that when moving looks like its drilling due to the way your ordered it.

That is me being weird the poem is great.

I really like it.

'Treaty is broken

The antichrist reigns supreme

All must wear his mark'

It says to me 'Do what the powerful men say otherwise you will bear the consequences' Live on strings.

Posted 11 Years Ago

Nice job, your passion is really overwhelming at times, which is really nice to see.

Posted 11 Years Ago

Nice. Thanks for entering. The...what do you call it? Collection of Haikus? Whatever. It's great anyway! Have you considered entering this in my other contest - Apocolypse. You have to right something about the Apocolypse. This fits exactly!

Posted 11 Years Ago

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Nancy Lee Shrader
Nancy Lee Shrader

Beckley, WV

Nancy Lee Shrader resides in Beckley, West Virginia. She is author of three books IS IT NOW? The End of Days! IS HE MESSIAH? Messianic Prophecies Revealed! And The Curse of Mayweather House Nancy Lee .. more..