Klondike Bar Haiku

Klondike Bar Haiku

A Poem by Nancy Lee Shrader

A tasty Haiku


Klondike Bar Haiku






Now what would I do?

To get me a Klondike bar

I’d do silly things


For a Klondike bar

I’d do many silly things

Like dance on my toes


Chocolate divine

With creamy ice cream middle

I’d walk on my hands


I’d do anything

Sing with marbles in my mouth

On the evening news


I would shave my head

To have my ice cream delight

People laugh at me


I'd stand on my head

Wave my feet when cars go by

For this ice cream treat



 Yummy Klondike bar

My heart goes pitter patter

I would kiss a moose



Climb in a coffin

If vampires ate Klondike bars

Never mind the fangs


Chase down a werewolf

Like it was the family dog

Kiss him on his snout



I’d howl at the moon

While all my friends are watching

For a Klondike bar


I'd swim with the sharks

Pretending I'm a mermaid

For Klondike reward


If you think I’m nuts

Try a Klondike for yourself

You’ll do silly too



I wrote this haiku

Wishing for a Klondike bar

Vote me the winner

© 2010 Nancy Lee Shrader

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It is really cleverly written, the relation to the pictures is brilliant. I don't know what a Klondike Bar is so, this poem was quite funny. I think that it wouldn't have been as brilliant if it didn't have the pictures, it could go both ways, maybe you should try to have it less leaning on the pictures, or absolutely great choice of pics!

Posted 14 Years Ago

This made me smile and laugh. I love the way you put this together with the pictures. Very well done...

Posted 14 Years Ago

Very nicely done. Thanks so much submitting this to my contest. I really enjoy the fantastical and absurd things you would do for a Klondike, especially the Werewolf one as though it were a family dog. You're rather talented at the haiku. This poem with all its structure and style and especially the inclusion of silly pictures was amazing to read. It made me giggle. Well done.

Posted 14 Years Ago

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Added on May 21, 2010
Last Updated on May 21, 2010


Nancy Lee Shrader
Nancy Lee Shrader

Beckley, WV

Nancy Lee Shrader resides in Beckley, West Virginia. She is author of three books IS IT NOW? The End of Days! IS HE MESSIAH? Messianic Prophecies Revealed! And The Curse of Mayweather House Nancy Lee .. more..


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