SWICK: Oppressor Alliance VOL 17

SWICK: Oppressor Alliance VOL 17

A Poem by Nicaushio Yamaki

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Oppressor Alliance

VOL 17


1)      Seasons (Intro)


My birth is near



2)      Door of Hope


Through my empty sight

All can be blown with a tide

That makes one come



Failed piece in

My path goes astray

Until my end is falling

To the end of a the

Shallow path


As the gates open

To a sight my eyes gauged

Down with a

Blood shot of

Thorns in my eyes


Shame unto the

Ones in with silence

Of guilt


As I lay, in my death of

Crimson blood weeping

With tears of the weak

Blood trails in

My steps


Woe in my tones the voices

Comes again

To tie me into the bonds

Of my sins

Weak as I lay with a fowl threat

To my truth in

The revealing light in truth

My will has long to

Be strong in my eyes


As the door of hope



The light presents unto



As the door of hope shine…


The light of beauty glows

Through my vessel

With a gentle touch


When I reach into the

Light it all turns away

From the

Forbidden sorrow


Release the pain in my will

Come back what I have lost

Back to me


For this is what is worth

Receiving in my life

Than this terror

I rot in


So let it be my light

To free this prison

Of my vessel

Of all


3)      The will to lay


Turning back my pain

Comes to hunt me



It goes away to become

Dead and cold

Voices in many waters

Shouts with madness


Looking back in my silence

Trying to stop cold


That creeps by night


Before it is too late….


I will crumble with the wind


Before the time of struggle…


The fracture of my struggles for

Long years as my

Turns away silently


In these hands lies my treasure

To bare


So much to hold that

Will tare by days

Of rest


Sleeping in shame I wake

Casting into my own

Fault of darkness


The blinded fourth

Cometh to see the world

For himself


During the leads in time

Will change

For the light of

In which I must walk


As weak as I go

The more terror I face

Though the tears

Over flows like

A stream of a river


The hands

Of guidance

Reaches down to my

Failing needs


Crawling through his hands

As I try to be renewed

Becoming a soul to anew

World in peace


4)      The calling…(Instrumental)


5)      A Black crow of legends


A walker roams through

The darken burdens

Bringing it like a heavy



Fight in justice must be

Made to spare

Through this war in terror


The force of this strife

Is woe to the bloodshot

Eyes of slackers


Between the tides of a falling

Voice form the skies of

Blackness in a mans



In my time of calling,

The breath in which I must

Breathe unto me

Has become a

Stanch of a murders

Smell of blood


In my darkness with you

Free me from this



Arise my holy one will you

Speak to me as I flow

The breathe of life


The pain I must take

Unto you for the taken

Off for a shield

Of my journey


Thrown away like a mere

Vessel into the blinding

of one’s death with

Mercy of a pure



As I turn through a black

Dark path


My light is no more but a used

For a tool to over



This is just another wicked

Life of a will fade

To be nonexistent

Even in death he teareth

His garments


Through my closed eyes

Are ashes until I am

Carried away by the

Voices of the wind

Though my shame

Is untold


6)      Pedals of faces


In my heart filled with

Such hurt over again

I reach and receive

The only thing


That will put my eyes to rest

From this fatal pain

As the shadows lurk

In him he comes

To take away


The ear for the

Unheard is crumbling

Away in my grasp


Fearing the lost

Will past for another life

In my cornered sins


The peals flow like

A soulless victim

Going to its trap

Of the den in death


Struggle only to not see

Any hope for one’s escape

Through this pastors

Of wickedness


This silence may never

Go away from

 This valley which

Has died into

The next life


I knew road has come to

Bring life into what is

Dead and never



Like a sun without a moon

To shine


As a trap opens for the

Folly doers of their



As you turn only to sow

The doom you have rotten

Into your favors

In punishment


When the flower blooms

Is the breast of vessel

That grows in the



In my sight

I see ever so cruel

In the dark I have never felt

Such empty silence

In the hurt

Of deception


A song is so soft to the honey

Comb to the mouth

For its taste of



Chaos reigns to endure the

Victory in reason

The sun turns to blackness

The clouds roam away

From the darken skies



© 2012 Nicaushio Yamaki

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