SWICK: Nightmares & Ravenwords VOL 18

SWICK: Nightmares & Ravenwords VOL 18

A Poem by Nicaushio Yamaki

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 Nightmares  & RavenWords

VOL 18



1)    Tragic Toll


Oh my storms full of roars

In my heart of

Guiltless blood cries

With no mercy



My wish is fragile

Of this symmetry



A light so deceiving

So far to a grave

With a sparrow trapping

The essence in his eyes


A lonely soul,

Never coming back



A path is approaching

Behind the darken vessel

For murdered hand

Hungry for blood

To spill


Draining cup

Synergy in loss

The skies are

Dim to fall.


I still believe……



When the tides over flow


I still believe


When wrath comes

Unto me with

A stumble


I still believe


When Time is close to death

With a stone to my neck


I still believe


Even when mercy never comes

To brake these shekels

In sorrow.


I still believe…


As I look up while pain

Raining in my eyes

Reaching on the skies



In blackness


Through my terror as dying

Sound in the winds

Leads to a death

Lonely place.


2)      Tale~Tell


Tale~Tell becomes

A killer


Tale~Tell here he comes

A mysterious death

Quick by dawn


Let it be what could

Not in the presences

Of ashes


Makes you wake on the

Edge of a rope

With a stone shinning

Towards its victim


Slowly as it comes into

Astray for more

In sacrifice


Come with me

Let’s wait in this

Way out to the

Fading light


Tale~Tell oh my soul

Rejoice the glory

To live


Oh my soul on a thread

Of dusk waiting to

Fall like a dead soul

To no end


Oh restore my transgressions

Whiter than snow

And reborn again

Of no sin found

Unto me


Will you help me

To be prepared

In a name so powerful

To resist


A strong tower never

Defeated with a glorious

Night forever


How long can I wait

For this all to be over

The end is so fragile


So many colors in my funeral

With this illusion of my

Mind looking back at me


3)      Mercy


Have no fear of this



Fragile as she comes

To overtake the

Grind of life


My pressures stands

In death near me

Asleep to the kisses

Of painless nights


Oh mercy on me

For the earth


Mercy on me

For the chance of life


Turn over the scums

Of the wicked to



Will she ever

Remember this

Name again


The shades of mercy

Where it watches

For her to



4)      Evil Flower


Hold on my child

Do not give in


Trembling….through the flesh

Of the weak keep

Your strength


In pain…...recover from your

Sadness and rise

The mirror into

 The light


Darkness……listen and be the

Standing light in

Your path


Light the way for all to become

Clear to know


In dismay a deceit is no

Longer in shadows


All shame will flee

Like little frighten

Rats under the

Scum waste in the shallows


A soul in the dust is

Lost to be found

Make it known

In the light


For you shine with

Guidance of truth without

Spot or wrinkle


Show your truth to all

That is full of darken

Sin in their cups

In guiltless shame


One more time…..Crush al evil

With a spare of defeat


Let your mercy shade those who

In plea of their awakening

For his tomb

Can be for the wicked

To share.


5)      Missing image


Many voices can see through

My mumble

Watching my voice as sounds grow



Missing a trail to no end

His eyes of voices

Starring in a sorrow



Crying out through my

Stepping stones

In his time


Open the eyes for the

The death is coming

Like a poison



Far though I cannot see you

Too much in my sight

To see the path

In silent times


Take me back to where

I came from

My guilt in shame

Cannot handle any more


When the door is open

In my darken wager

No one was there

To shine my way


My end is near to my

Sleep as time passes

Like the darken forest

Full of demons

For all to share


Forgive your ways and

Don’t follow me

Into your wicked world


Who are you in my

Plague of terror


A stone unturned for

A salvation in



Ashes of dusk speak without

A sound to convey

In his need


6)      Thousand Eyes


Tell the truth and no

More lies


For you hear my evil

Yet speak no death


Woe for the one

With his crown snuffed

Out for his sins


Judgment into his soul

On the last time is

Too late

Forever in torment 

As he cries for mercy


Forgive for the innocent

And live away from shame

For time has come

To end for all



Why are you treading in your

Silent sins for guilt

For his dirty ashes upon

A head of a sleeping



Your soul sleeps through

Eternal life for all you

Lived for


Rest your light up

On righteous shoulders

Forever rests peacefully

From wickedness


My blood flower prays for him

In peace I will go

Away from a murderer and

His blood eyes

To kill


As your freedom falls

Trapped into darkness

Lost with no way

A place to rest.



7)      Signs


Another child searching

For his fading



Lost into the darken

Path in his sight


Destroyed in many

Where hope once bloomed

In truth


Hidden stones upon

The throat of

The one begs to live

In peace


Storms of wrath up this world

For its evil deeds

On a snowy night


Twinkle little stars

In the skies shines down

Upon the

One cries lost


As his tears falls for

A guide fades

Into the winds of

No return


As you go into the night

Without a lamp to your


For the dead wonders

With a lamp in their

Darken abyss


 In your mind

Takes place in woe

To be rotten


Buried along with the rotten

 Souls that

Shine no longer.


For he is doomed to see a new



8)      Mourning Rose



The dead silence

Hides my cries in the

Dusk of cold winds


Lean on me my child and let

Your feet not be troubled

Into tragic sands


Walk in with guide and light

For you reach the bitter end of

Your pain.


Forever you rest in sorrow no

Longer. The end is near to come

In a twinkle of an eye



© 2013 Nicaushio Yamaki

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"Reaching on the skies

In blackness

Through my terror as dying
Sound in the winds
Leads to a death
Lonely place."

A splendid read and write. Thank you for sharing...:).........................

Posted 7 Years Ago

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Wow.....This is beautifully written. These are the words I search for when I write. I need to hear the music that goes with this. I really like your style and your genre, so gothic...and done so well.

Posted 8 Years Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.

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