SWICK: A Dark Side of Days VOL 19

SWICK: A Dark Side of Days VOL 19

A Poem by Nicaushio Yamaki

I hope you enjoy your inner destiny.



 Dark side of Days


VOL 19


1)       Unspoken Tales



Turning back to the pain

Alas a dictator rips his

Flesh in his

Insanity of the

Last days…


2)      Hopeless and cold


Destroy the things

In the way of a

Crumbled dark world


Make it fate to a guiltless

Cry spilled into the

Meadows in

Reaping his own

 Bets in favor


Turning back, my soul is spilled

Among the darken pain

Silenced behind me


My cries for mercy, is ripped

Into the ocean as I

Reach to save it

From drowning



My path in bondage with chains

Pulling me into a force

In no return


For such a dream turning

Into a shedding murderer

In his own deceptions

Keep crying


A cup with death is poured like

A thousand rainy arrows

In torture from the



No rest to run from, no where

To scurry to in a trapped

Of the murder who comes

To haunt you


My friends,

My allies

My betrayers, you full

Wicked killers of this



Woe unto your souls

In your favors to

Ruin living vessels

At a cost astray


Bow in repentance you

Wicked sluggard who

Loves bloodshot eyes

In deaths


For the unspoken words

Shall be for filled

For a time to decay

And no more seen


So black and cold

Nowhere not a tone

Is sound


So dark and hopeless

Destroyed in the eyes

Of a hopeless soul


Too blind to realize this

Deception in a world’s

Deceiver in itself


So dark and cold for the

Naked to be rested from

Troubles in tragedy


This will become the pain

For the helpless and needy

In mercy


Woe unto all is taken in this

World for a dark pit with

Pain of needles

You wicked doers

Shall eat your own



For the spits in a snout

You dig in a fowl

Mind of your

Own blood for joy

 As you get swallowed

By the den of your

Wicked death


3)      End

Under the groves of living

Chaos is breaching

Silence in tremble


Delusion in a cold blood

Cries in mercy

Of tears of threat over

The earth

As I brake with terror

Follow me.


Death walks by me, for I

Am shaken by threat

Blind with a

Unknown murdered



Guiltless blood in

Eyes of a broke mirror

To this day, the end is near. To

This day, existence ends


The birth becomes dying

In a rage of despair

Withers away like


Carry me to a rest place,

Where peace flows

With waters of joy

In eternity



4)      Missing Image


 Standing in my danger

All hope is nothing

Thou it is lost


In this cold world

Evil lurks

Like a shadowy

Spirit in the grave

On plea changes

A wrath unfold


As death amputates the

Mind of your own

Haunted trails

Stay asleep for wrath of day

Is passing


Seen no danger as it comes

Faster than the eyes

Of a vessel

Speak out as justice falls

Upon the words of

The sounding skies

In doom


With another cup

Running over guiltless

Deaths of a break dawn

Of innocent soul


Spikes into the flesh like

A murderous animal

In cold blood


For the hidden hearts

To share


My sadness of casting out into

The forbidden ties

Of failure

Blinded by the darkness in

My plague


Row, row a boat

Down the stream of

A once upon of

Utter den of death

As my insanity

Is in the edge of

My own will


Do not cast me out into a

Plague of thorns forever….

© 2015 Nicaushio Yamaki

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I read this aloud to myself. Poetic art in its darkest form, my friend. It's pacing rolls off the tongue so easily. It was meant to be heard. Thanks for the message. I'll be back for the rest later.

Posted 7 Years Ago

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1 Review
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Nicaushio Yamaki
Nicaushio Yamaki


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