My Life Story Part 8

My Life Story Part 8

A Story by Nicaushio Yamaki

A new sequel from part 7 of My Life story. Until next time, I hope you enjoy part 8.


My Life Story

Part 8


In all my soul this pain has never come to hunt me more. I feel like every time I get joy in my heart, it slips away once again. The only meaning in life is to be treated, as though you never existed. There are a lot of things in this life, that are yet unsolved among people and the triumphs that it brings. Sometimes many hearts can feel, as though hanging by no more than a mere thread. Falling into the pits once again of sorrow and hardships. Will this painless cycle ever stop?

Only time will tell when the last air is being spent.


Introduction: Hello everyone, it has been a long time since I started on my next new novel My Life Story. Lately, I had been through a lot of depression sickness which I will talk about it later on during this series. This may be my last series until I am fully able to write more stories again. But do not worry, I will try my best to write a few sense here and there. Well, let’s all get started with this series. Another thing this series I will not make it as long, however, I will try to write a chapter a day if I can. 


Chapter 63: The suffering of awaiting 

Hello everyone it has been a while since I got started in another series of this novel. A lot of things had been happening to me over the weeks by far, with so much effort into working things out. The only thing is I have been doing a lot of thinking lately and I also learned a few things the hard way. What are the things I learned the hard way you asked? Well to start this off, I will start with what happened in the last chapter of my previous novel. 

Talking about my problems had been an issue ever since I started talking with a few counselors in school. At the time I began to learn the hard way, how people will tell you anything or lend you any advice when things are better for them. I picked up on this when I was at the SAOR institute learning center, talking with an employee about some issues I was having. The only thing the employee did was talk about how negative, I was about my life. The way she was phrasing it seemed like to me she was saying, she did not want to hear about my problems. It seemed as though it was a waste of her time, unfortunately. The next time around, I figured she was not worth talking to about my issues so I emailed another counselor named, Ms. Holly. My advisor recommended I talk to her about anything whenever I had things on my mind so that I can be able to stay on task in my school studies. So I emailed Ms. Holly for a good time to meet with her in her office. Finally, I got a reply back from her later on during the day saying that she would be available, around eight o’clock in the morning hours since she was going to be free by tomorrow. Otherwise, she always had meetings and other events to attend too. My Advisor Ms. Channy is the one that always worked with my schedule, and she recommended I talk to her when I had the chance. So finally the next day I went to her office to speak with her. Ms. Holly was pretty nice. I spoke to her about just how I have been having a hard time getting my driver’s license. After I spoke to her about everything, it seemed like she was okay to talk to as far as I can see about things, compared to some of the employees I spoke with. After trying to talk with her, along the way I stopped talking to her since she was too busy with meetings and other things. So I met this new employee that works in the library, I do not know what her name is but, she seemed kind of nice and okay to talk with. At the same time when I spoke with her about other things that were going on with me, during the time, she only sat there to listen. On top of that, she spoke to me, saying basically how things will get better in the end and to just never give up and stay on task. I also noticed while I was talking to her about my issues, she began to have a certain expression that her time was running out. I felt she was going to cut it short and on top of that, I did not want to be rude or anything, so I had to prevent myself from getting carried away during my discussion about my issues. After about two months later that day, I began to understand that no one cares about my issues and how it was just a waste of time talking about them, to councilors. I started to understand that, some people are not reliable when discussing issues. The only thing most people are focused on is their jobs and their own business. Not saying it is a bad or good thing, however, I am saying that, after I began to think about it, I thought how such an idiot I was. I have apologized to a few councilors about the waste of their time on other important things, they would tell me it is okay even though I know it was not. After I thought about it more, I came up with a question that I asked myself. The question I asked was what is the point of talking to people about my problems when all they are going to do is think of me as a negative person about it? So what I did is I kept things to myself and I always talk to myself about them. From there, things started to go okay for me. On the contrary, some people would come up with any kind of advice to give others, just to get by and not care about the person in need. Sometimes even people that are always cheerful or enthusiastic can start to feel down about some things. While at the same time no one cares, to help a person when they are feeling down. Knowing this, I also began to see that some people like that can get confused about their feelings as well as the feelings of those around them. Whenever I do see a person like that, I do try to help a person as much as I can. The verdict of it all is just, trying to give others to right motivation to keep going and to stay strong. At least that is how it is supposed to be in life. Back in the past, people usually do this or when a new neighbor moves into a new housing complex, most people would make the new neighbors feel welcome. After so many years, when it all comes down to it, you began to wonder what ever happen to days like that. As we began to live on this earth, as centuries and years go by, we can see that this world is not going to get any better. To say the least is that most stuff is starting to get more sophisticated and the people on the face of this earth, are starting to change gradually. Many things as we know them today are starting to become computerized, even cell phones now are taking away healthy commutation with other people. People watch a lot of movies or TV shows on Television, which is kind of not very healthy when you look at the actions and bad behavior people show today in modern society. So, people, you tell this too, they think you either just knows picked up on it or you are too slow to pick up on things. For the most part, a lot of individuals would start to the hype on really obvious things as well as the complicated big things. Well when you look at it, I think that is a reason why you have to be careful not to get yourself, caught up in things. Such as being careful about what you watch and choosing your friends wisely to avoid, getting mixed up with the wrong kind of people. The most important thing of all is watching what you look at on Television and the music you listen to always has an impact on, the way people act towards others verbally. This can also affect good relationships and possibly, it can affect a person in so many ways by their way of doing things. In addition, the most common thing I can see is that attitudes and lack of verbal communication are very likely at risk. It is always the root of why barely most liberty relationships and marriages never work out, due to the fact of not being able to communicate with your significant other. Most things that people see on TV or music that they listen to can trigger one's well-being and how they will react to others. It also affects the communication in a person’s relationships with others and also in personal committed personal relationships with two significant others. Most people do not realize it because it has become very common among society citizens today. The root of the issue is technology is eating away at the way people react verbally, and how they verbally treat and talk to others. Knowing this, we also can clearly understand that communication is very important in any kind of giving relationship, etc. The rate of liberty relationships for years has gone very high off the charts. Things are getting even more badly, considering that most citizens do not want to keep up with important facts, which could help them to understand what is happening and prevent these causes from spreading. Because of Technology, many individuals have gone astray in verbal communication and it has made a bad influence on the way people react to others. For this cause, these common actions are also caused by the video games that some kids play in their homes. When it all comes down to it, I guess you can see how bad things are getting in society today. What people see on TV and the music and games they play, are most likely geared to violent-related things. Knowing this, it can cause a negative influence not just only on themselves, but on others as well. 


For all, we know things will not get any better. Knowing about these changes that have already occurred, it has and will continue to poison the minds of innocent kids as they group up, living unhealthy lives. Of course, not everything is bad, if you only choose to look at things that are more, positive and uplifting, rather than choosing things that only express a bad influence on your life. I have known this for a long time, and I also know that things are getting worse. Technology as we know is being used for bad influential things, and it is becoming a threat to healthy communications and attitudes, leading people to have negative vibes about others in the way they look or based on their physical differences.


Chapter 64: Behind the scenes of deception

For all that is worth, I never thought I would ever be able to get back to writing again. So much has happened this year 2014. Pretty much you know how it is, there is always an episode in your life that can make you or break you. Most likely I can say is learning from the episodes in the previous life and to be wiser in the current life, which is the life we are living today. For the most part, listening to your elders is a common thing in not only becoming wiser but also gaining wisdom and understanding before coming against the situations at hand in life. 

Over the past few days, I had been going through family issues. Most of it was to my knowledge because of me, which I highly doubt. Starting last year, I was currently over at my grandmother’s house, for the holidays of Christmas break. After staying at my grandmother’s house for long periods, I started to get a sudden feeling that something bad has happened. I did not know when or where it was coming from. At first, I concluded that it was probably my mother upset with the fact of, how she found out I was sharing things with my grandmother, about the things that were going on at home. The reason I talked to my grandmother about so many things, is because I was also upset about the things, which was going on at home. So starting this year, my mother has been gone away from home for weeks on end or possibly a month which seems like she has been gone for, like a year because she has not been home so long. Joe was calling my mother telling her things, which we were going on around the house. Nothing was going on; the problem was he wanted to get me out of the picture so that he can get things the way he wanted. So he did things to try to turn me and my mother against each other. As things started to progress, my mother finally got back home from a two-hour trip from school, she came home and realizes there was no food in the house. The money that my mother had sent him, I am guessing was to be used to get some of the things we were running low on in the house. Before this, I called my mother and asked if she could bring some junk food back home with her. I also asked her about putting some money into my bank account, considering it has been a while since I deposited any money in the bank. My mother and I were relaxing then suddenly, I began to quickly fall asleep. After a while, she refused not to and claim that, I eat up everything in the house and how that, I stay in my room so much. I was trying to reason with her, at the same time, but it was no use in trying.

After months later, I found out that, my ex-girlfriend was not who she said she was and she lied to me about a lot of things. So I moved on and was finally free from the drama that, she put me through. She ported to me and my friend on a game we used to play together, and I am guesses she was just only there to hang out with my friend.

Shortly after that, things started to get hard on me. My mother got on to me several nights ago, about me staying up so late on the computer. I got tired of my mother, getting on to me about the same things so I told her that I met a friend that works for Sony and is a game designer. I told my mother that he was going to give me a job, so I can make enough money to be about to take care of myself. My mother came into my room several times, asking me the same questions. When I tried to get her to talk to my friend who lives in another state, she refused to even talk to him. She told her that if she wanted to know anything, which I have, his house number and she can contact him anytime and ask questions about anything. She kept refusing to want to talk with him and told me to hold it off until Wednesday in October. Things were starting to get annoying, she told me that she was not comfortable with the decisions I was making in my life. I told her once before that, this was a good opportunity for me and that, I was not going to turn it down for anything else. I mean it is not every day that you, meet someone that works for a company in high places. 

Another thing that happen recently this year is the fact that sometimes you find yourself feeling foolish by the decisions you make in life. Meanwhile, at other times, people make everything seem too good to be true. While at the same time, one does not knows the strings that could be behind things that are; way too easy in every opportunity a person gives you. One particular night, I went on my play station three console, to see any new updates and more. It has been so long since I started playing on my play station three. I went on this certain feature called the play station home. For those of you that do not know what that is, the play station home is similar to IMVU. The only difference is the play station home, which gives out free giveaways and game codes, and more. On this particular day, I was bored and still in the process of looking for a job. Suddenly, I received an email from a friend whom I met a few weeks ago named Donald Robertson. He and I met on the play station home, through another friend of his. His friend was I guess sending invites for everyone to join her clan. I choose to join in hopes of meeting new people and being able to collaborate and share common things. Because it is hard to find people to talk with these days. In short, it has been really difficult for me, ever since my friend Jay got married. Even though I am happy about the things which are happening in his life, I still can reflect on all the good times we once had together. I can honestly say that I miss all of the good times and the random things we always did together. So I joined the clan and that is how I met Donald. After he and I met, things lead from one thing to another. Donald’s friend invited me to her place, where most of her friends hang out as a clan. During the time I was there, I started to find it hard to text message using my play station three controller, so I tried to ask both Donald and his friend rather or not they had Skype. The reason is so that, It would be nice and much easier to communicate. However, Donald’s friend and I exchanged Skype information, and she and I only Skype messaged each other. Donald’s friend's name is, she was very interesting to talk with. She was so busy working on her clan groups and stuff on the PShome (Play Station Home). After speaking with her for the first time, I never had the chance to speak to her again….Well not as much anyway. On the other hand, I and Donald spoke on the video chat on the play station's three console systems. He told me he had Skype, but he needed to get his internet router fixed. Oh, and by the way, I will just stick with saying, that I met Donald offline, just to make things simple. So anyway, we talked for while on video chat he was telling me stories about how he lost some of the girls that he used to date a while back in the past. He also showed me pictures of every girl he had dated, over the past maybe I would, six months ago or possibly years ago before I net him. He told me other things about how that, he had joined the military and after he had finished he went to college and graduated. When he first told me that, he was the C.E.O and that he works for the SONY Company, I was not too thrilled but I was happy to hear that he was living a good life. So during that time, we video chatted online and I spoke with him about Japan and about my dream goal of moving there and starting a new life. He had told me that, ever since his wife got killed during the time he was in Japan with her, he did not want to go back. The story began to sound odd when he had told me that before he had started college he got himself mixed in a gang. So afterward one thing had led to another, and he told me that the gang members the way things had turned out and so they had killed his wife. It was the red light district that he had gone to in Japan. I guess from my understanding of his story is that; he was having a night out with his wife before she was killed by the gang in Japan. So after he had shown me all of the girls that he had dated in the past, about two weeks ago during that time, he wanted me to send a message to someone that whom he is friends. So he sent me a message telling me to get on Facebook and send a message, warning a girl that was this guy’s about a threat that was going to harm his sister. I am not so sure what the guy’s name was, but Donald was in love with this girl. So he asked me for the favor of sending a friend a message on Facebook, warning them about the girl that he cares for that is a friend of his sister. I asked why he could not just talk with them himself, Donald had told me that he was blocked from Facebook apparently, and he was not able to message him. So I sent a message for him and then he made sounded like I have saved him from falling off of a cliff or something. Well, that was how he reacted on video chat anyway. I told him in the messages on Facebook that, it was no big deal and I was glad to be able to help him out in some way. Well, Donald was saying stuff about if there was any way of him repaying me, to let him know. I told him there was no need for that. Unfortunately for him, it was a big issue, so I was glad that he was relieved from whatever was going on? Of course, I did not know the whole story, about what was going on, but it meant something dear to him. So Then I bragged about getting a few new games that were going to come out soon. He told me he was going to purchase a play station four for me and the two games, which I spoke with him about getting. He seemed like he wanted to do things for me so, I decided to find out if he is who he says he is, then I told him to purchase me the items I wanted. He was telling how much he made in what he does. He also told that he was a game designer as well. So since then, I waited to see if he was going to buy a play station with four consoles and the two games I asked for. Well about three months later, I received a message from someone saying that Donald was shot and killed. Before I found out about all of this, I told him about how I was striving to look for a job. He volunteered to offer me a job working under him. Well at first it sounded too good to be true, however, we both talked about the other factors of reality. Those factors were just the fact that I am currently living with family. As stupid as it sounds, I told my mother about moving out with a friend whom I recently met a few days ago during that period. I started freaking out after she and I got into this argument about me not taking a bath and staying up half of the night. I tried my best to hold back my decision of wanting to move out, but I guess you can say I let her have it. After I told my mother about a friend I met, and about the opportunity he gave me by allowing me to work under him and offering me a job. She called my sister, step dad whom we call the nickname “The bald b*****d” and she also got on the phone and told other people too. Well, I and a friend on Skype know about it. About three months later, I got a message from someone saying that Donald was shot and killed so at first, I was a bit confused about how this information. So I called to get more info on what happened. Based on the information I was given, I was told that he was on his way to meet me because I was planning on moving out of my parent's house and, along the way, a group of people from his car shot him. I felt really bad that this had happened because I felt it was a good opportunity to leave and experience life. On the other hand, after thinking about it, I could not help but wonder if it was all a lie or a fake. It goes to show you that, a lot of people are great liars. They can lie about anything and it would seem very convincing and very believable.

Chapter 65: Hidden messages 

 Have you ever entered a building and for some odd reason, you began to feel a certain way, but you do not know if it is the employees or just the guests, or simply both? On one particular day, I went to the Public Library to fill out important documents to get my information updated. This was after I have contacted my student counselor about the process of getting my information updated. I saw one of the librarians at the front desk. So I decided to go an speak to the librarian, and I asked her what did she get to do during the holidays? Suddenly, she began to respond saying “ Oh mine was non-existent.” So I tried to butter up the conversation, by saying “ Ha! I am pretty sure we all have had our “Non-Existent, time over the holidays.” I started to pick up that she was being socially awkward and did not seem to be either in the mood to chat or just wanting me to go away. I felt the impression that I was distracting her from working. She told me that she does not celebrate the holidays. However, she got the difference between me asking her what did she do for the holidays and did she do anything special for the holidays, which are two completely different things. 

Chapter 66: Return 

So new journeys are unfolding, new enemies and new triumphs in life. I have been through a lot since my last chapter as well as unlike most of the stories I have written about my journey’s so far in this world we live in. For a very long time, I have put off finishing this book for a while due to me being on a hiatus trying to cope and deal with other real-life circumstances. So now I am returning to finish this book for it has been too long. There are so many things I have gone through and so many experiences I have yet to share with those who are reading my books. For those who are still hoping for the next new series to come out, and are still supportive, my only say to that is, thank you for your loyalty and support. 

Now then, start, starting I will section off starting with the year and the events which have taken place, what I have been up to, and the new knowledge I have learned while being away for so long. So lets us begin with the stories shall we, after for those of you that are still supportive of me deserve that much. 

(2017): Previously: So in the previous chapter, even though it was a short one. I spoke about a librarian I spoke with, how she was being awkward when I asked her about her holidays, and how things were for her. I came to the terms of realizing, that she was having trauma experiences with either a significant other or a spouse in the past. In the United States, a lot of Americans are starting to get distant every day. Friendships never last long and are always short-term. Even if you are around a lot of people, you can still be alone with no friends. The word friendship has been tossed around so loosely so much that, it is becoming a social norm. A lot of women, girls, or teenagers use that word or words in a different way of rejecting another person. Then you have some people that, just speak to you after two decades and you barely know who that person is. Once you find out who the person is? You are suddenly happy but also amazed that this person still remembered you. After spending time talking with that person, after a certain event, you never hear from that person again. 

(2018)Then: A lot of times a lot of people you meet just show up and leave. Or they will hang out with you after getting or finding something way better than you. Life does sucks, it always has when it comes to these kinds of issues. Most people use “going to Church” as a go-to word to look for friends to hang out with. As time changes so do the world. So for you, it is back to square one, American believe it or not is the number one lonely country in the world. Many foreigners move here for different drives and motives they will start hanging out with the kind of people that will brainwash them into doing things that are not right. True, no one can force you to do anything but because foreigners are moving out of what they are used to and into a country yet a different world, most of them allow themselves to be told a lot of crap by people who have no best interests at all. Suddenly a lot of foreigners are subject to think that, this is America and so if everyone else is doing it, then I can do it as well. So this year I worked for a company called Lear Corporation, which is a trillion-dollar supplier for another company called Mercedes Benz. Lear corporation only builds seats for Mercedes, and so on if you like to understand more I suggest doing a little research however, I assume most of you already understand either what one of the companies is or what they can do. So during that time I was working as a nursing assistant dealing with patience, after checking some of the emails on my phone, I came across Lear corporation company. Before that, I was told about this company by another co-worker. So when I got home I did a little research and I was told you could at the time, apply on their website. When I did that, I had no idea how to apply for the company that I was told about. So one day, I looked on my phone to check my emails, and what I discovered is Lear corporation sent me an email. They also directed me to a website AIDT.EDU, it is a website that one can go on to sign out an application for different plant jobs within the state or city in which you live in. So I went to this website and signed up and waited for a response. My current job as a nursing assistant was good pay but I got tired of waiting paid every two weeks and dealing with co-workers at work not wanting to pull their weight. When it comes to taking out the trash or usual stuff, even though I did not mind doing it, it seemed like every day of the week no one wanted to take out the trash, so they would ask me to do it. Also, you have to change clothes on patients, especially bed-bound or unsteady patients. So after receiving a confirmation response for my next new job, I called in for two days to add on to the extra off days. I did that because the orientation was at a certain time before my three off days so I had to take a risk. So I was late getting there due to me being tired from my other job, so gratefully an employee allowed me to come in. So I got lucky I guess and went in. After I went in, I was greeted by a member of Human resources, I was also asked how did I get inside the building. The way she spoke to me was kinda not pleasant yet very awkward, so I told her I was let in by staff. She allowed me to sit with the others as they continued with the orientation. My first time being there felt like a new beginning for me, and just all the money I can make or save up. During that time I was also in school, and after going through my physical and different other tests, I was soon hired. During that time my mother was trying to move to another country in the middle east. The middle east is not a safe place to go for a family getaway or to immigrate, but my mother was a religious bible literate kinda person. It was like she is trying to relive the B.C. bible ages all over again which is insane. It is like convincing yourself that dinosaur's still existed when they have already been extinct for billions of years. During that time I also had issues with my mother, she was working as a travel nurse in another state which was in California. She was working a lot of overtime and was working there for almost a full year. When my mother and I spoke over the phone, she was talking with me about moving to Africa or maybe to another state. This was also a similar conversation we had a couple of years ago but, at the time, it was only just talking about this and or that. Nothing was set in stone, along with other things like saving money and along with other plans, which were seemingly met halfway as I thought at the time. After working for my new job for the first time, I was so tired and my feet were hurting from standing too long. It has been a while since my last plant job in the past, so it took a while for my body to get adjusted to it. So I received a phone call from my mother, she told me that her brother was coming to town to visit family. So I was tired to think straight and wondered why, I almost concluded that he was also bringing his kids over as well like the last time. The kids were not taught the proper house training and when my mother invited them over to stay they were nasty and never cleaned up behind themselves. Even my mother's shower walls were very dirty but my mother was reluctant to see that no one else has tried to depend on me for things including things a husband and wife are supposed to do. So anyway when I got home, I noticed that the internet was cut off after speaking with an agent in the internet service. My mother never gave me a heads up about the internet gets turned off and during that time I was still in school. She was giving me a hard time and was only thinking about herself, while I was trying to or was in the process of finishing my degree so I can get a better job in what I love to do. So fast forward, my mother wanted to move to the middle east, a country called Ammon Jordan. Not sure if that is a country or parts of it anyway, but at least that is what I found out. So I refused to go because during research it was a dangerous place to go and live, my mother would say random things to make it seem like God was speaking to her to move to that country. When she allowed random people on YouTube to influence her to go there. My mother's brother and I spoke at home, he wanted to know why I did not want to go with her and who made me change my mind about going. I was tired from work and I had a lot of thoughts going through my mind, I did not know what to tell him. He talked and talked with me which was for some time. Most of the things he spoke with me about, were pretty much all of the secrets and private things I told my mother. My mother was always wanting me to open up to her, and I did thinking I can trust her with my secrets but I was wrong. She told my uncle a lot of the personal things that, I do not normally tell anyone or even her. So after my mother's brother talked, I packed my things. I only packed clothes I can still wear and gathered the things I can get and left. I also blocked my mother's number and everyone except my grandmother, but then things never worked out between me and her so I got rid of her too. My grandmother always likes to get information on things including when it comes to the private lives of others, to share with other people over the phone. She always bugs me about how much my real father has asked about me, but he would never contact me. My grandmother was expecting me to just reach out to him, which was not going to happen. So after quitting my old job and into my new job, I was suddenly homeless, living in my car. It was very cold out and my shoes were worn out with holes at the bottom. I went months without a shower or anything to eat, I was getting food and putting it into the bag trunk of my car. The only thing I could eat was sand witches, later on, I found out that at a gas station they offer showers at a cheaper price. So I took the liberty of getting a shower, I felt refreshed and continue to work to save up money for a hotel room. I recently asked my grandmother about coming back to stay with her again, but she was reluctant to do so because I left without telling her. I did leave a note to let her know I was leaving but, considering my mother was old-fashioned she prefer verbal contact instead of notes. So after getting a direct answer which was no. She suggested that I get a hotel room and not depend on anyone else, which makes no sense if you are only asking for a place to state until you can get on your own feet again. During that time I just started working my new job, so I was not able to get paid until the following week after that. Overall it only gets worse, from here. 

(2019) NOW AND GETTING WORSE: Remember when I told you it only gets worse from here? Well, here it is. So it has been two years since working with Lear corporation plant, during the weekend I had to work and during the time my body was so drained for working so much 12hr over time. I was asked by my boss if I wanted to stay over or not, I told her no, clocked out, and left. As I was driving home, I noticed that I was feeling sleepy. I tried to fight it by talking to myself, playing music, etc. However, nothing worked at all and after taking an exit into another city I was driving and crashed into an eighteen-wheeler truck which was parked on the side of the road and landed in the ditch, I almost died from the crash because it made a huge noise and a great impact which almost cost me my life. So after getting a new car and back on task with everything, I was told that there is three thousand dollars left over and they could send it, but they could not without my mother's descent. I was also told by my agent that, my mother is the owner of everything on the account and she also has complete full access. This makes no sense, why set my name on the insurance and then move to another country not seeing that you are still in control of the account? Even to this day it still makes zero sense. This is the part where women make choices based on their emotions, even big or irradiate decisions without considering the circumstances behind those decisions. So about three weeks later, I was told by my insurance agents that my mother has taken the three thousand dollars I needed for my savings. She never tried contacting me to see if I was okay or anything. So once again I was left with nothing and was getting money after pell grant but that money rand out so it was it. After returning to work, I told my boss I had a car accident which explained my absence from work. My boss asked if I wanted to go home for the day or stay. I choose to stay since I was already here, and I did not want to run the risk of getting another point.



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