SWICK: Thou Ode Of Realistance VOL 2

SWICK: Thou Ode Of Realistance VOL 2

A Poem by Nicaushio Yamaki

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1. Dawn of guidance



2. Gates of life

Silence of life once again

Have I not told you?

When you said it with a doubt

As you sway away like

Coward in your strife

Tell me thy life as it lays in your

Hands full of grief and pride

Never reveals thy self

As thy gliding light of the nightly

Moon shines upon the flowing meadows

As I lay thinking as though my words into


And when thy day’s falls like

A feather of a sparrow

Deaf in the ears has never been told as you see

When you lay in the depts. Of salvation

As I lay under thy wings of

Light as I plea unto you

Forever in you I stand

In this rowing chambers slowing in

Death I freeze turning my plea for hope

Yet turning into despair

Drinking ever so desperate

For life

Living my last breath withering light

Scorching to pain of silence

As the dorm closes me

Into the dark of shame


3. Dwell in greed

Turning your guilt into righteousness

Can never occur when you are already told

Everyday my life fades

As though a flower with

Falling pedals

Making the dwelling of my life as it goes away into

The eternal place while my vessel moves on with

My life behind as I died inside

Thought my words are not

Anywhere to be heard yea though

My spirit is true

As it shall be true to thy souls

Sleep in the living life

Of their days as it slips

Away for the sake of the one

Forever sees

As thy grace of the elder comes unto me thought my chest was

Pounding deeply from the light of thy elder

As he draws himself closer

Shall I will fall

Ever so deep to my knees

Wao unto thee that cast thy blasphemy on others

For they shall be put to death

Of punishment


4. A death of an inner soul



5. Graven souls

Do you remember…? Our time together

Do you remember…? The bond that we once


Thy glowing light crash’s down

In the sound of darkling pastors

When sinking creatures

Scurries away through the dark

In their sight

Not your own shall I be in existence

Control of thy voice of thou who speaks

Raise thy hearts conceal thy saying of the wise

Let not go of thy promise

As the tone mocks a sound never shall I be contempt

As the moon turns to blood the ashes scurries

In dismay my voice has never been known

For the more I try

Cure my will as I get trapped in a bird’s fowler

The water of the field reforces thou


When the time comes I shall remember you

As my own and taking hold under my wings

As I shelter the jewel life

My soul forever rejoices

I never forget thy memory of you

For ye shall always be under my wings

And never will ye be forsaken

Come my child under my wings

As I died in the ashes of peace in memory

May you always be in my vessel?


6. Skeleton Hell flames

In reality you know your cost

In your heart as it

Reveals your troubles yet you reframe

Your sorrow as the pain of silence hurts you more

Inside you is more anger

For to put another in pain of your troubles

Thou as control in thy spiritual flesh

To proceed thy pity life

Hurting souls that have never cost you

War as I watched you

In heart plots more silence even more evil as the scooping

Moon light shines into thy human

When it becomes worse than you can possibly


An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth

As more than you will ever reap in your punishing

Life with repentance

Selfless strive among ones vessel to his soul as I stand in the darkness

Feeling faded and pain

Thy choices to thy mind have I ever treat you

Such torment?

What have I done to make you feel like a withering?

As I saw your thoughts drowning in mercy

Of your own doing

What pressure as sins awakes in the door of your soul?

Such greed and arrogance

Let it be as you move on, to another life

Thou much more folds to your

Desires will come, may ye never be

Hungary again nor in sorrow

Thy sun of the elder shall deliver thy pains away

My inner being shall be shouting for joy

As thy vessel falls to ashes


7. Hymn of terror

My soul shall forever be known

All who deceives shall be put to stone

Among thy folly ways

For years my soul has wondered for protection

As I awake unto to thee

Graven everlasting light

Oh how great thou voice ever so holy

As many waters hears unto their

Needs as the voices weep for

Life of yours to be

Oh thou grateful sorrow has come unto thy

Tone of the voice of glory

Yet ye shall sacrifice for another to be

Whole again

To claim a new is to lose the old to

Lose a new and reclaim the new

Treasure in your will

Never will it go as the days tumbles down like the leaves

When you will your time will be to rest

As thy blue skies brighten

When the stroven tides bounds thy heavy

Life at the foot of thy soul

Cost more than his wealth

As thy weary vessel walks

When all has passed ye shall carry thy burdens to the

Place of strength

As all of the graven soul arise from thy song of glory

So the last voice they awaken

Arise out the weeping ashes of slumber when the light of the elders

Strike behold thy soul becomes new

And restored to purity

When the ghost of death shadows the light away from thy souls

To the lies

Shall it be true?

Or never will?

Thy lairs will keep thy souls holy for the cometh of struggle

As they will when terror strikes upon thee

Ye shall never give in to the

Neither weak nor thy wicked

Fowlers of nature


8. Tomb watcher



9. A fatal grail

Now you will see the years I suffered

Your hearts wonder as I will reveal to you

As you should never hear like deaf

Too stubborn to be


I keep asking myself

To you does it seem as though u fade so quickly?

As the whirlwind tumbles your grace shall be

Also in thee beyond

Seeking for blood that has no possession

In thy eyes

Warming crimson life flows to the ground

As the green pastors draws in purity

From blood

In a shelter feeling cold and all of the shivers

From my sins

As the wind blows may my sense be known

In plea for me own doing

As the leaves sweeps away like gust

Do my wrong in silence your

Heart pleas for purity

While sitting in the darkness feeling unholy

Punished by the darken voices around me

As something with me screams

For peace shaking like the trees in the wind

In your eyes I see your folly

As it remains yet nor the righteousness

Have I deserve this much though

Much to bear as my soul can take

My soul away to and fourth my

Own darken torment ways

When suffering comes as it comes and comes

Again will I be free from this darken curse?

Shall I die in wickedness or with honor?

Alone with my elder god in heaven

As peace be still with such light

Never seen in days time

Waken up with the light of my elder

As his Forgiven light flourishes over me

Never the same shall I be again


10. Silent Voices

Come to me my child

Let me make you whole again

With the gift I have for you

Never shall I be contempt into darkness with a fatal

Sound though a last song before my

Death as it has been spoken

My soul frozen trapped in ice as the voices keeps

Coming fourth with destruction

Crying out for mercy purity

Such dying words stumble as it strays away

Tones into darkling waves as the moon yet it glides like the light

More and more shadows comes with more

To say

While I wonder in the woods more to come

As I search for my light of hope

Though can never be found

Oh my son never be driven through thy weakness of your own ways

Defeat your flesh as you walk your way to your light

As he no more hears yet troubles in his heart

In dismay he becomes

In the darken shadows a tear never was found

Nor to be seen

Oh father remake me in to many

That I may not fall again for I have failed with my own darkness

Show me thy destination though I

Shall go

In this turn of tragedy shall I find my light?

For it has my hope

When all has gone never will I be hungry again


© 2010 Nicaushio Yamaki

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great and fantastic

Posted 10 Years Ago

Fantastic job! You are a great writer!

Posted 10 Years Ago

another truly amazing write fantastic job

Posted 10 Years Ago

Very good songs lyrics to it. Its epic.

Posted 10 Years Ago

I like your words. Almost like Dante's story. I would recommend using chapters. Hard to jump back and fore. The six chapters were a pleasure to read. Thank you for sharing the logic and wisdom of your words.

Posted 10 Years Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.

HAHAHA LOL. sorry i didnt know these were song lyrics?!?!? wow your a really good song writer. i sorta know now why there were sub-headings. i think that this volume was better than the last and that the things you talk about are really raw and honest.

Posted 10 Years Ago

Another amazing piece. I'm definitely not a song writer, but I can have enough sense to see that your really... amazing. Keep writing, your doing a great job :)

Posted 10 Years Ago

like i said, these songs are really nice. good that you've added instrumentals, i find they help to keep things interesting. you really like metal songs, do you? i can see the inspiration here, and that's great. overall this is awesome

Posted 10 Years Ago

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Nicaushio Yamaki


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