SWICK: Shadows Define VOL 3

SWICK: Shadows Define VOL 3

A Poem by Nicaushio Yamaki

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Shadows Define VOL 3


Top of Form

1) Fallen Faith

[Proclaiming such a loss of faith]


As you see thy prosing fate never seem to faded

Away as thy crust of fragile like a dust

 Crumbling away dawn of cast with stove a

Grasp of swarm to see thy

Loss of faith move forth for nothing to existence

 Thy power to wield as Rask tumbles down


How can it be love how?

 Thou not reveal thee?

As forever receives a

Tone for the fooliness to

 Remain moon light


Reveals the wind like a crust of

Darkness darkened to a

 Blurry of misty to a sky flourish


Blooms of light thou seek a faith of to be found once more

Foolishness can never remain as any hope for thou

 One they will fall lost in thou conceit of dawn


To cliff to the risk of define as thy forsaken faith forgotten

Belong thy darken world take hold my son

 And go fourth with every last power and faith

 Conquer thy last as brim dusk falls makes thee as a wicked


Folly remains turning all away thou glory that has falling

Together form of two as one shall never break

 Thy bond as threads but stronger than

Anything excitable voices of many waters


 Speaking of joy committing

 Sore of power to lie down of one’s many burdens

 Restores and as thou new rebirth forms once more


[Thou form of two of one flesh shall once more]


2) Reverent scroll



3) Unloving strive

When the time pass by to the lifespan of a soul

Grief comes in deliverance

As another soul reclaims his life

Taking all that he has

And tosses it into the skies of lost

Remembrance of nothing as thou


He pretends to forget

loss of something you never had

Can kill you though nothing has been forgotten


You still suffer

As time passes away every little moment

Brings your closer to my name

Bow to your knees


And say thy name as the skies of sorrow glides

Like a gloomy night in control of the waves

That moves alone though the streams of light

Come into my world and receive this gift


That I have in that awakes for you

Let me restore you for thy art of

Loving hands to rejoice your heart to the freedom

Of your choice


When thy soul comes fourth to his calling, shall he be able to

Receive has blessing among the stars and the

 Crimson moon that glides thou light to more to share

Hurry my son before thy moon fades ye must empty


Thou light and bring forth a new

Life of light to the stars in the

Darkling sky

Leave me


To what is left in my path

For I shall be left to die

As my words has been never spoken

For my mouth has been sealed to myself

As I fade away


Thou walls as they closer closing upon on

Me may I die in life as thy gliding moon

To the stars in the skies

Let me open my eyes to paradise filled

With glorious love and everlasting


Shall I see my heavenly elder as?


He waits for thy soul across the

Tumbling streams of death

As forever I shall be in peace with

Thy heavenly elder

As he holds my under his wings of

Love and warmth


4) Pure as snow


Gleaming Crown


How dare you define my works?

For you shall die of you


Foolishness you have been persuaded

Be your own flesh of darkness

Every soul is an enemy of his on face as he stares

At his sins deception with full of lies

Shall never be accepted in my glorious kingdom


For thou shall first repent

Or wao unto those that

Is stubborn


Inside you awake wickedness

So prepare yourself for a rule of

Punishment with many strikes on thy back

As I lay down my hand for deliverance


May ye never sin again?

Crumbles as he becomes for his sinful works

As he thinks he as god

Curse thou that becomes high

With power may shall he

 Be knocked down from his

Priding stand


As a question of why is terror is striking down on me

For he committed sin as I arise in the mist

To be blamed for his foolishness

As trouble accurse yet I have never

Deserve this wicked punishment

For I was pure

Storms of voices baring thy

 accruement of the sins of this man

I shall and do not deserve yet I suffer

To save us all

Lots of false belief so

many tormented strikes


Behind my soul

For all to see the force of sorrow

And pressure blamed for a wrong that never was

For a soul that should be in such as like

A bird that gets trapped in a net

As I awake in the darkness of

Blasphemy forever


5) Fading heart

When a light in a tunnel opens

I see a new beginning another grateful


Thanks to my elder

He sees of my guidance as he reaches a new door

Though fading as I thought I would be

He helped me through terror times


Though it gets harder

Behold of thy holy protection against the shadows

For thy shall never be forsaken

Like withering flowers in winter

Turning like ashes of ice

Curse thy foolish man


And his ways

Whenever the blocks of terror

Comes yet I shall be saved

As I stand before the crypt

Looking to the skies


Oh heavens with oh ye power

Cast your hope upon me

As I fade into the windy snow

Yet I still hope for thee

Yet I remain to dusk


6) Over flowing cup

As I lay within the green pastors

Arose cometh thy crushing

Mind every day I keep

Asking myself


Of how this could be

Flowing winds passes upon me

Like a deathly scrod

Casting in the meadows

Raise thy rod of hope before


The shallow closes in

When the resting souls raise their voices

Bless it be thy name

Who is willing when the time comes?


There should be no more

For the voices is the last to share

When I saw the moment it carry’s

Across my soul like the clouds in the heavens

Carrying me to as the wind



Close your eyes and receive

My crown of life

Come unto me with your


Hopeless heart

Fret not my child

For I shall never forsake



Open thy heart to your elder

Receive his strength

For he will guide you as you

Tumble thy words collapse into

The light to the wicked



Lifeless torture shall be begin to the

Wicked as they speak blasphemy

Unto their souls costing

Total damnation within



7) Brace of joy

A belief of what you hear can be

An ear of deceit


Once more and

Many to sell out

Comes back

 for vengeance


As crowding mist closes in

The shadows of your mind

Comes to an end of you deception

Curse it be of what you

 See and not by your own


Way for thy choice

Shall be your down fall

As though a cast in the fire

When all has lost in the pits of

Darkness ye not let be thy soul

Of those to forever more

To fall


Every time a repeated

 Voice with shivering cold of

The many waters speaks to me

Causing my flesh to my

 Heart as those processed


In me

Don’t let me fade away

Never let me go

Save me from thy inner self

For in you shall I rest?

Never shall I break your laws

As the seasons keeps its vows


Love and joy shall keep

 Through the darkling terrors

And curses ye that roams

As you see Let be stronger

Help me to be more than ever

Wash me ode for my soul is

Dirty, pick me up into your own

Way hold me, away from this


Dusky life

Raise me up to stand on waters as though the mountains

Form my soul is in need of thy


Purity to be wash yet

In dust cover like for a pig snout

In a crusty puddle

Waiting to be clean

As I wait in the dark

For thy hands to wash me hold as I stand

Pure forever

© 2010 Nicaushio Yamaki

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Awseome job (as always:)

This review was written for a previous version of this writing

Posted 9 Years Ago

great job and yet another amazing write

This review was written for a previous version of this writing

Posted 9 Years Ago

I love it no matter what. I wish I can listen to it as I read the lyrics.

This review was written for a previous version of this writing

Posted 9 Years Ago

Such strength and beauty to your words. I love reading the story. Each section strong and with purpose. A very good chapter.

This review was written for a previous version of this writing

Posted 9 Years Ago

woooww. ok yeahh i agree with someone below about it being too much to read and because its so much. it dawns on the reader and can be a bit boring.but very nice vocabulary.

This review was written for a previous version of this writing

Posted 9 Years Ago

0 of 1 people found this review constructive.

Another amazing piece. I never have ANYTHING bad to say about your work, because I absolutely love it. Once again, like undying glory said, its epic. Your a true artist, nice work :)

This review was written for a previous version of this writing

Posted 9 Years Ago

you've certainly done really well for this, i thought each and every single one of them was awesome. the only thing was that maybe some may find this a little too much to read, so maybe you could separate it out. just a suggestion. anyway everything here is freakin' epic

This review was written for a previous version of this writing

Posted 9 Years Ago

This is some really good stuff.

This review was written for a previous version of this writing

Posted 9 Years Ago

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