SWICK: The Fallen Halo VOL 7

SWICK: The Fallen Halo VOL 7

A Poem by Nicaushio Yamaki
























The Fallen Halo



1) For bitten Cogence



2) War of fate


Broken hymn

 My sons have you known

Yet stumbled?

How could you be so foolish?


Fallen away into the darken bowls of

Your wicked heart

As the stikes of shatter light strikes you

With nine strikes


Revengance of you actions

Shall be put to justice


So bitter like the darkling flames of

Torture as I fall away into my own

Dust of my folly ways


In vain your fathomless being fades away

As together it never was

I was once your guiding light


 I have given you what your heart

Desires and yet you fall into


Droven away from the spears of light

Into the dark


My light crown has faded

As I hope to be saved

I have lost my guidance

In a dark falling place


Turning for hope as it dies

as my soul weep in sorrow

For my sinning ways

Help me oh elders


Let thy soul be revived

As I am imprisoned in

Darkness tormented into

Ash of my

Wickedness as I reach your holy



3) The broken crown


As you fight for victory

Among the forefathers I have

Shattered myself to you


Like a broken halo into a snare

Of death many of those that falls

Many dose of evil

They shall never be awaken


Taking hold of the vessel heart

And follows you through

The path


How costly shall I give?

What brokenness I felt in



OH father in the spears of light take

Hold of your servant into the everlasting

Faith strengthen me as like the

Sun and the clouds

Though your strength is eternally



Many of the crowns have been slaughtered

One by one each has turned to ash

Like a withering flower in the snow


Gleaming in precious death

From a painless joy

Take ode my dove

As you lead me to thy elder


Yet I am broken in dismay

With burden heart to my



In my deep hearted struggles as I into everlasting

Fighting for the touch of the elder

Before my faith falls into the wind


Oh my elder please restore me into your own

Way for I have fallen into

A tragic failure


4) Untold Words


Today is the day, for the harvest

New beginning

As I lay fourth to my face

Thy blood in me cries out for mercy


Such a brutal punishment as much

To enough strikes

As the wind of sorrow roar

Like the trees in despair


To the elders I cry

As rich blood crawls through my flesh

A little close with fewer days to live

In this tomb hearted

Prison gleaming together

In my eyes


In my heart deception reigns as a

Fake present to my fooling eyes

Finding a way to live as though dying

More inside


And now unsaid words wonder through

The dead fading to a fatal death

As thy vessel speaks his words becomes



Dying slowly inside I cry for help

Yet not a presence show

Curse are those that

Are stubborn to a weeping



For their life will crumble like falling leaves

In the fall

Why thy ear turn away from a voice that cries

Yet selfish into their own greed


Times has faded away thy help has failed

As my own tomb awakes in the darkness

My tears of mercy crumbles like

The icy words


My Revengance will be repaid in thy dept

As you suffer a cause twice as I suffered

For vengeance will be mine


For thy sake of it shall

Be mines


I will get back for what’s mine

That has been lost

Of me


5) The weary angel



6) Tears of Mercy


Oh mercy may thy elders

Hear you

Oh mercy will I forever know your



Give me a sign as I shall walk were ye

Lead me

On a treacherous path

Through the misty

Clouds of foggy



Go to sleep my child on the elder’s hands

Of comfort let your

Rest be fully and blessed


No wondering unsecure

For they will guide you

When your eyes close


Sleep through the endless mist

And when you awake

Ye shall be guided

To your destiny as promised


Taking hold of the light through the tragic

Thick fog

Walking into the promise

Way out of the hunted



As it is time for you and step into the

Open door to light


Reality its self tries to pull you back

Never give to the darken sins of this path

For your light is stronger than many


7) Everlasting wings of joy



8) Swarm to fragile heart


When the storm is raging convinced

You might unto me

As your troubles

Straggles in your cries

Shouting into the wind


The trees crumble as the roaring winds

Conceives a roar on the earth

Fishes one holding a burden

 Scuffing in reeves


Oh heavens let your turn for its time

For thirst to be filled


The harvest has started its time for

The feast, feasting on your power

Of offering

To sacrifice another

During the desert in



Weeping as you walk into a deadly path

Searching for hope

For thy heart is heavy

With a heavy voice

As your cry


Take my heart and make it lighter

Take away my burdens for its time

To be restored


Sotemelty of you suffers lies in


Take my crown and lead to your



9) A song of sorrow



10) Fading soul


Now ode my sorrow, elegy

In many voices

My throne begins to crumble

As my icy words shutters  

Into tears looking

Back making thy heart hardens

Like a stone


As I plea no one listens

When fall to be held with love

They just walk away


With a touch of the unheard

Stenches into more pain

Dividing into a crushing



As the voice of silence pounds me with thy words

Of grieve echoes of agony

Reflections around me


Breathing in sorrow my soul is forever

Yet to suffer more

Into my pain comes to me

Tossing and beating into

My spirit

As my vessel falls

Into the dust of sorrow


Fading slowly like ash of stone

Will I ever be restored again?

Sleeping into eternal



Lost in my death thy darken days are numbered

As my life spend strike me

More sovereign pain

The dust of the world of sleep


11) The Hymn of joy


© 2010 Nicaushio Yamaki

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Thanks their is plenty where that came from^_&

Posted 9 Years Ago

Truly Amazing!

Posted 9 Years Ago

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