My Life Story Part 1

My Life Story Part 1

A Story by Nicaushio Yamaki

This is a copy of my life story enjoy and the story continues


My Life Story


Part 1

There were times in my life that I wanted to hope

However, there were times that I

Thought that I found the missing

A puzzle in with answers.

Although, so many things have happened to

Me when I was a child growing up. Later

As I grew into my teens, I begin to feel

Neglected, by others.


Although I tried to fit in and make friends, and also

To have good friends. But the more I tried the more

Things became of me.

Well… I am guessing you are wondering what this is about?

Perhaps, you are thinking who wrote this? 

And by now, since you have read this far. Yet,

The questions in your head are starting to wonder

The purpose of why, how and when

As more mysterious answers 

That you have yet unanswered.

So, by reading this lets me know now that you want to know

However, it becomes so interesting. That you begin to read more

As you continue to search for your answers

In this story.

This is a story about my life, and about tearful moments

Good times and the bad times in my life.

Chapter 1

A new beginning path

My name is Christopher Brown; I was born on September 9th, 1988, as I was born. I died twice of two

Seizures when I was little and lost a lot of brain oxygen.

When I was 9 years old I was a hand full when I was a child

Though. Then by the ages of 12, I went to many schools

In the state of Alabama. And I was kicked out of every school there was,

Even at daycare, I was full of trouble. Later when I was 14 I grew and

Became into getting accepted by others. My first middle school was, 

Westlawn middle school. As I first started there, my first day turned out

Great. Of course, you know in school especially middle school, only

a matter of time before things get a little rough. One day the bell ringed, and so I started walking down the hall heading down the stairs. As you know my school

Was an old school, and it looked as though it has been there for 

Centuries. Anyways as I was walking before I got to the stairs, two

Guy's came to me asking for my computer floppy discs, I told them

That I did not want to give them out, they tried to pressure me into giving it to

Them. And when I still refused them, they decided to bully me.

Their names were Anthony Williams and Kyrie's Thomas.

Soon they cornered me, and Anthony punches me in the eye and left.

The next day, when I was in class my teacher's name was Ms. King

She was normal descent teachers that are at times a where on things.

And most times aren't, one day I got pulverized by the same student, 

That bullied me on my first day of school. And boy did he sure pound me,

I had to defend myself away from his attacks. Soon it was time for my next class,

Was the art class. And things turned out good until there was a madman student in the classroom, when the teacher left the room, well let's just say I didn't quite

Draw the line, when the guy told me to stop. And I was running for my life and I saw as I assumed that he was really pissed at me, but to turn out he was faking it.

And finally, the teacher came back.

As my days went by just when I thought that my day just

Couldn't get any worse than this. It was time for P.E., and they are even worse

People then I had encountered. This one guy, I do not remember his name was asking me why I was scared of him and such. And within time, he punched me in the face so hard I thought I had seen stars with flashing lights.

And usually I used to get into my gym clothes in the gym locker room, but

After being bullied suddenly I just stopped dressing out. And as I have been there

That school was the worst day of my life; I tried to kill myself many

Times but couldn't and at school, I used to join band practice, and then one night

At home, I did not know how it happened. But my mother used to have a dark-like green car. And it was broken into and we traveled 20 miles to get a new window for our car after a while of cold air pressure suffering cold freeze.

One day next new school year of the second semester, I was put in with Ms. Prewitt

And Mr. Don and also Ms. Thompson, the science teacher, Mr. Don the history teacher, and Ms. Prewitt the math teacher, also last but not least Ms. Krunt, the language arts teacher. So to make the long story short, Ms. Prewitt I experienced for the first time hated me so much. She favored every other student over me, and one time in class, when you know that things get too far. That's when

 You have to draw the line even when it's wrong, to a certain degree it is.

I and another student were talking about a YU*GI*OH tournament at books a million that they were having. Although my mother was a very religious person,

When it came to me and YU*GI*OH cards. I used to love them which I still do, I just not as a big card collector as I used to. So as we were talking and oh yeah, every day when I come to Ms. Prewitt's class, she always has a math warm up on the board to do with random math problems. And the student beside me wanted to write down the schedule of the tournament, and the math teacher just crossed by and snatched it and threw it into the garbage. So I was searching in my white binder, for more paper to continue my work assignment on the board. Well she came by and tried to grab my folder away from me, and then afterward she grabbed me by the shirt and I snapped at her.

Then she kicked me out of her room, and the surprising thing was that she

Didn't even call for the counselor. And then she later opens the door and throws

My social studies book out the door. I went to go get it and kicked the door hard

As I could out of anger, and suddenly a counselor was walking down the hallway.

And I told him what happened and he leads me to the main office, and I waited for about half an hour during class time. And then the principal and Ms. Prewitt walked in soon after 20mins of waiting inside of the principal's office. We used to have a male principal but somehow we ended up with a female principal.

Mr. Prewitt told her side of the story, and teachers ARRGH they always try to contrast the story by the way they tell it. After she was done, the principal decided to put me in a self-contained class. It's pretty much a class where, students are monitored at all times and for those that, are not in class instead chooses to skip class and wonder in the hallways ETC.

Well, to find out, my whole schedule was changed, normally I used

To have a computer lab with a teacher named Ms. Hedrick, well my whole entire schedule was staying in self-contained class. Also, I was in the class along with some of the people there that, I didn't like. A fight got started with me and some other student not to mention one of the twin girls tried to fight me all I did was defend myself. And so I was taken again to the office and while on the way there, the staff counselor was by the looks of it, was literally trying to pull my arm off my shoulders. Afterward, my mother was telling me to hit the people that were bothering me back however, I was not a type that was a fighting type person.

Then such a day like any other you get a couple weeks off on in school suspension. And come back the next day or so, and now turns out I was making a lot of F's in school my grades were very low. My mother was assuming that I was doing well but later she found out that I wasn't and you know how that goes. Before that I bullied by that punched me in the face, tried to pick on me again and so I was pushed into the genitor's closet and was locked in.

Chapter 3


During my days throughout going to the worse

Of my life, one day I beginning to withdraw from school and then my mum,

Was driving for PRIME INC. I had the best time ever, didn't have to worry about school bullies. Also teachers, well at least I was having a good time learning

new things. I so distracted by going to new places and having a good time, that

I never did get started on my work unless I was instructed to do so anyway.

 And so things went well until my mother met a stranger on her

new job. His name is Steven; he has a lot of truck driving experience. One time my mum allowed me to go with him, I am guessing to see if I would like him

or not I guess. She did tell me about how nice and hardworking he was

on our way to meet him. And some and Steve had a good time, he also gave me

a Pringle can full of change money. I was like, woe.

And of course I used some to buy things at the store, and his truck was like a wasteland and however, I had no idea that eighteen wheeler trucks had two bump beds.

Well, I know now LOL.

Afterward our time of fun we went back, and my mother was still trying to get assigned to a truck to drive in. After that, I was riding along with my mother, and I had a good time been all over 50 states, every country was beautiful. I remember this one country, had snaky roads. It was fun, though and then I have been to the PRIME INC Company. And I saw that they were making clothes in the company and upstairs they had a cafeteria a gym, and also an auditory movie place although

Nobody goes in there. And a shower place, then I went the main upper stairs and saw other on the computers working and answering truck quircom calls.    


During the trucking days, my sister's dad was doing the work of, taking us to school. And such, Well actually I caught the bus to school and back. Meanwhile, my mum was driving trucks still. It was about 2 years or so. Then suddenly, 

 Things were not working out with her and Steven. So later she met another person, he was the best dad ever, one time I met him he asked me what I wanted for Christmas, and I told him I wanted a game boy advance. Soon he brought me exactly what I was asking for. And then around 6 or 7 in the morning, my mum came in and gave me a game boy color at the time. 

So I played away as a child I was, and later on, after that, I went to the 

YMCA again. And well as like before I didn't make any friends I was an outcast

And so I played by myself. And One day we went to snow hitten park, and as I was having fun with finding Easter eggs and stuff, I after that I was having fun at

The playground I was looking at the school that I used to go to. The name of the school was Northington Elementary School. I used to go there when I was 7,

And I remember when I used to get paddled by my principal Mr. Ackings.

And he was the first principal that I knew, that spanked kids for as I know. And Their I stood and remember this one girl that always used to hang around me

After school her name was Jenny. She and I met on the swings, and she held my hand and kissed me on the cheek. She wanted to introduce me to her teachers, though we were in class next across the hall from each other. And as during my flashback, I always wondered if she was ok and, where is she right now? I missed her a lot, the last time I saw her was in the month of May it was getting close that time for summer

To start. I was hanging on the swings bars and she was looking through the yearbook that I got from school.

The next day, I rushed outside when school was over to see her. I looked for her, and I didn't see her. So I went to her teacher and asked about her, and she told me that she was absent from school. I was sad with a tender brazen face, and begin to feel sad as I was weeping on the swing of where I and her first met.

Since then I never did see her again, however, I always remembered her, holding my hand and the kiss on my cheek. I even told my mum about her, she 

Really did seem to care and you know how mums are when it comes to

Relationships and stuff.

Every time I went to the park and to the playground it always gives me flashbacks of her. I missed her a lot, I didn't even get to say goodbye to her or to tell her how much felt about her. It was sad for me, as of right now I always wondered how she was doing and haven't she ever think about me. 

Chapter 4

Love in despair

Well as days go by, I was in the in the 8th grade going to Tuscaloosa Middle School. And I was so happy to leave Westlawn Middle school for sure; it was like a relief of no bullies and a fresh start for me. And there was this one guy in music class that always stood up for me, quite frankly I did not even know him but he seemed really nice. So I was on my best behavior, acting my age as what others expect. And later met so new people. Oh yeah I loved to play the piano still do now, just it has been a while since I have played the piano I used to have 

A keyboard at home, and so we played pianos, and watched movies

Fun stuff. And so at P.E., I dressed out without having to worry about anyone picking on me, and every day I dressed out, had a good time too. We played football and baseball and other things. After that I went home, of course, there were, 

People claiming that they know me from somewhere, however without a doubt I do not know them clearly at all. The next day I returned to school, I was one day in a hurry to head off to class. And a student named Brandon tripped me over; I almost hit my head on the door hinges. But I got up and resuming on running to class, and the principal I used to know that was from my current school, well I met him and told him about updates from my other school and headed off to class.

Later on, my way to the locker room to dress out I was out of curiosity pulled the fire alarm. And I denied the fact that I did it and everyone suddenly huddled around me pointing at me saying I did it. So the police took me to his office and made me write a statement and told me not to lie on that either he says. 

So after I finished my statement I waited in the office the whole day until it was time to go, and I and my mum went to the board of education to get the situation fixed however she didn't have to pay for the fire alarm accident.

Well I was put in one class only and was took out of all my other classes, including

Music class. And days went by I suddenly saw Ms. Lavells daughter, and she looks every image just like her too, although I couldn't stand Ms. Polian and the others, especially when they did that stupid baby talk think they do as if I was 2 years old or something.  Not to the mansion, I went to a school called Rock Corey, it was another school, however, I will discuss that when I get to the next chapter.

Anyways, soon afterward, I went to Northridge High School, when I was in the 9th grade. And my favorite teacher there was Mr. Noxwell, he was my art teacher at the time and the nice teacher ever was hmmm. Well, I forgot her name but she was my English teacher. She had no problems with me, and so my history teacher Mr. Basely, well I guess has was kinda of cool although I was getting called Mr. Giggles all the time and I hated that too.

Soon I was in learning lab getting picked on by some guy named celeb and this fat guy named Chris. My teacher, there was Mr. Cain, and he was like a seemly stressed teacher. Yet he was ok I guess, and then suddenly there was this fight between me and Brandon, and you know High as always is a bubble within its self.

Afterward they wanted me to playfully punch him in the face as I was pressured to do so and also tried to fit in as always, and suddenly he punched me out and jumped on me like a hotrod and he bashed my face into the bus mirror and I was trying to get away from him but he kept on beating me. And suddenly the bus driver stopped the fight. Of course, I didn't really do anything, and so I was sent home with a swollen eye.

After serving my time at the school, I was getting withdrawn from to school going to Homewood High School. And well that was at the time when my mum was engaged to a guy named Jeremiah Lugwisha, he was from Nigeria Africa. And

He was a man of faith and loved to pray a lot, more of a prayer warrior.

And he used to always help me out with math and things. And he always from time to time gives me math assignments to do. And I spent the rest of summer break at home doing school work I did not get to have fun like the other kids, occasionally Jeremiah takes us around town and things. And he always cooks something for us to eat, and later we all went to bed things were very strict then. And he was also a homebody. And it wasn't quite any enjoyment from it, and there were times when he allows us to watch TV. But not as much though, every night he came home I was to be in bed and if not I got lectured too. 

And one time I was so upset that I took a book and threw it at my bedroom mirror.

And my mum came in and slapped me and I turned angry and ran away from home, of course, this was the second time, that I had done this.

My first time was I got a beating over some things that the teachers at Westlawn School said that I did not even do. And I came up with a plan to say that I was on a field trip and the bus from central high school left me and I was trying to get a ride back home in Tuscaloosa. And the police found out that I was wearing house shoes. And of course, I lied to them too, and they ordered me to show them were, I lived. So I did so and we waited for them to come, Jeremiah was wanted to look for me. My mum didn't care at all about looking for me, which it's just like her to be careless anyway. Every time my sister goes to tell mum what I have done I get me but chewed out for it. It was so stupid, so when they arrived the police spoken to them and such and went on their way.

During my times at my new school, I got into trouble for a lot of things. And this one stupid thing I said the word ‘'S**T'' while coming down the stairways to class and the vice principal somehow caught me. And got into trouble about that, it was quite stupid actually though, and then I got into this vocational rehabilitation thing. I was they are taking a lot of tests, I did not understand why I was or the purpose of the test assignments that I had to do but after I finished I met a few others while hanging out there. They were really cool though, and so on I was doing job training at the kingdom comics place. And met some aspiring people there, of course, my instructor was like I guess jealous or just I don't know. And every time I go there I talked about comic books until the time I was there until the time I left. I was not really communicating as much though, and my instructor didn't understand what was so good about talking about comic books. 

And every time I left the manager they always gave me a free comic book. It was awesome, at the time it was me and Megan. But then it went from me and her to Craig Gravelee me and her. And we had assigned days to go and then I always come back around 1:43 pm to English class. Ms. Donaldson is like a lifesaver when it came to English she always helped out, unlike the other learning lab teachers. Well close to the time I did well on my government history exam, and I made it economy class. The teacher his name was Mr. Bagley, he teaches about money management and taxes and such to help us in the long run in life. His exam was harder than I ever encountered, one test before the exam I was thinking so hard and I didn't even prepare for the test. And there is a good thing I had MS. Canova to help me with the budget project cause when it came to projects I was overwhelmed and did not know where to start, and plus I never knew how to budget until after, I had a little experienced in doing it with my learning lab teacher.

Then came graduation, I was really nervous. And this time we had the graduation ceremony at Sanford University College. I wanted to go there but I didn't receive a high school diploma. I was sad about not being able to retake the graduation exam

Over, the counselors were saying how they didn't think that I will make it in life. Because of my seizures and my case teacher was saying that I will never make it to college and when he said that I was astonished at him. And I was thinking if it were his child in my situation would he say that to him?

And so he was mapping out of how I was or not able to take them 

Graduation exam. I told him that I believe that I can do it this time and that was final. Soon after the discussion, it was far too late to take it. However, it was the only way that I could receive a high school diploma.

So after I graduated, I looked around and as always I had no one to talk to

Well, there was this one girl she was nice she spoke to me and of course, my grandmother was at my graduation too.

And when I got home, ITT Tech School College called His name was Steve Levite

And I never told that I didn't receive a high school diploma

Until the last minute, and then he gave me advice but it didn't quite help much though. Soon we moved back to Tuscaloosa because my mother's mum was not feeling so good.

Chapter 5

First soul mate

After we moved into our new house, we got settled had a lot of others helping us out. We were very lucky to have my mum's brother help her out with her stuff, and boy did she have a lot of stuff to move in. Usually, it would take us all by nightfall to get everything off the truck and into the house. After we finished getting everything inside, we and my mum help unload all of the boxes and things in our rooms. About a week later my mum was talking to me about a guy she used to swing with since high school, and she told me not to tell my grandmother or anyone about him, his name is Stanly. Stanly is a really decent guy, he is well understanding, nice and patient. Although my sister doesn't like him all of a sudden I don't know why, however. But I sure can care less about her case, Stan he is really nice and fun to have around. And then somehow, my mum got back with my sister's dad.

It was astonishing that my mother of all people would fall into marrying

Him again. Of course, the marriage did quite last long though, and the disturbing thing was, he was smart with it somehow. Pretty much I already knew that it was not going to last much longer. After the crisis discussion, my mother was single once again. And it seemed to me that every time she fell for another person stuff always happens. 

A while back, after my mother and Jeremiah got a divorce, I and my mother and my sister were all homeless, and we went to a hotel and stayed there for a while. And then we moved in with a family member of hers. And we stayed there until we found an apartment, and we then moved in and got settled in. And afterward Darrel shows up, and we all went outside and played soccer. It was fun while it lasted though. He was a good father and I really liked him as a father, he was driving PRIME INC also. After a long time of having him around, we met him near a store in the west part of town. And he was talking to my mother trying to get her to give him another chance to change. To the point that he gave up smoking even though I knew it would be quite difficult for him. Over and over he asked for another chance, although I didn't' know the whole story about what happened. 


And after the conversation was over, we drove by as I saw him standing hopelessly. I felt sorry and I was also sad for him, and then after that, I never saw him again. I never forget when I first met him at the T.A truck station. He was generous and kind, also nice.

After a few years past, we moved into another house in Birmingham Homewood, after my mother mistakenly send me back to the school were some of the people,

That I used to know and joke with only to fit in, at that time I thought that I would never get out and withdrawn from central high school. The school was

Old and not very pleasant, during class other students would go and smoke in bathrooms and cut class. In my 7th period class, I hated being in there. These two girls were bothering me and asking me bizarre perverted questions. This school was filled with thugs and girls dressed like s***s and w****s.

Anyways after that, I was so glad we were going to move back to Homewood. Well also because the house we bought from an old lady named Mary Palma. We were living in an old house that she has not been supported. The house was very old, and it had no insulation. And she had a dog named Beethoven. Staying in our backyard, although it has been ages since she came to visit it. 

So back to Homewood we went, as we all went back it reminded me of Jeremiah. I missed him a lot, he was the reason why I felt like I had hope and also helped me with my school work. He also taught me how to tell time on a hand clock,  and the funny thing is I was about 15 years old still not know how to tell time until now. My mother was teaching me however, she was not making any sense at the time.

And that's when I had a hard time telling time at the time.

Soon during the times, we stayed there, I was so glad to go back to Homewood to me some of my schoolmates there. My sister at times always on the computer on a Bebo chatting site, she was trying to get me to get on and make an account. I told her no, until that day I started getting on every day. There was this girl I always talk to on Bebo she was a good friend from Australia. And then days past my first date was with a girl named Meghan Lauthai, we lasted for like a month in a half. And then she left me for another person, and she sort of had feelings for him. And then later she left me, I was so hurt for the first time; it was like my soul was tormented.

With an inner torture of blackness from the darken another world.

I had never felt this way before, and then my second person was with some girl named Jennifer, although it didn't last long. I have been out with about 9 people or more, I was told by my mother about online dating and such. But I refused to listen to them. Later back then when I was in the 5th grade I vowed to never get married nor date no one. I didn't like girls at all, and no I am not gay and not at the time either. I just did not want to go through what my mother went through and after all of seeing what all she went through, in relationships had a bad influence on me up to now. Anyways all of my dating soul mates were online, never in my life have I ever dated anyone in real life. 

Chapter 6

Feelings of guilt

Still again living in Northport, AL and well been there for about 2 yrs now moved on the year of 2008. It was a neighborhood place called Meadowlake, and it was very decent and quite. Not much ruckus goes on there, a lot of decent people were friendly and you know for the first time we ever moved into a quiet neighborhood. The way experiencing the new area was like, tapping your penises

Together and stuff like that. One day I took a walk outside to view and see what the rest of the neighborhood was like, it was quite nice. This place had a nice walkway and every once in a while some cars travel through their trying to get to their house. And they also had a pond nearby, with swans and baby duckies. Although no one was allowed to feed them, and neither can he or she go anywhere near the pond. The rules stated that for what reason I don't know. Yet it was mysterious though,

Soon I discovered that my new address was Meadowlake Dr. W Northport, AL 35473. Later on, throughout the next 20 days living there with Marilyn and my sister Marilyn D. Hill ( my mum), I began to cut the grass and taking care of button, which is my mum's dog well a family dog. And from time to time wash the cars. The one thing that bothered me was that the first time when I started cutting the grass. Afterward, I was feeling sick and my nose started to get congested and I began to have allergies. Then by that time, I started to hate cutting the grass, and summertime it began to be so hot it was like being in a heated furnace, over 380F. And also I found out that since we have ponds and water where we live, that it begins to be even hotter than usual because of that. Spring was the worse season ever because of the pollen especially in the area where I lived. 

Well, days past, soon I was on my way to check the mailbox and it was very cold outside. A stray dog came to me and usually dogs would stay away, but this puppy was about 5 to 7 inches long and about approximately, 6 inches tall. He had poke dots on his fur. He came up to me weeping, I was looking left and right yell out to see was anyone missing a dog. But no one answered, of course, he may have come a long way, and so I was trying to make it back into the house knowing I had things cooking on the stove. And as I went in I felt sorry for the lost dog, so I went into the storage room and got some of buttons dog food to feed to the

Stray dog. It was a paper plate full of dog food. It was the baneful mixed with carrots, beans, meat, stream beans, corn, and much more flavored vegetables.

The dog ate like no tomorrow as if he never eaten in years. So far it was like he was going to eat the plate. I was peeking through the window and saw him eat I was glad that I could at least feed him at least there was nothing else I could do it.

I got on the phone and told my mum about it and she suggested to I should have let him stayed in the backyard. But, never would I think that she would ever say anything like that. After that, I started eating what I cooked and went to lay down a bit. During those times I noticed that I have been single for a while, and I was having a good time never have to worry. 

Then again, or did I one day after my sister's dad got back together knowing it was not going to last anyways. They found out about Job Corps, and I was like….. Job Corps? In my head, and my sister's dad his name was Charles Owens. He and my mum once in the past got into a fist to fist fight, and I was 11 yrs old when this happened. So he was explaining to me about working a trade, and how that they

Specializes in getting your driver's license, and getting your G.E.D or High school

Diploma and ETC. I was happy to hear that, and then I was thinking well, if only if 

Only if I heard about this sooner. Oh well late is better than nothing I guess, as we

All know that things happen for a reason. So my mum signed me up and then got me registered. I needed to write an essay on why I would I want to come to job corps and yadda-yadda like and again tapping your penises together and such.

So I started on my essay, and then after that, I was waiting and waiting, for my time to go. While my mum was talking on the phone to a guy named Mr. Robertson

He was working there at the time. And well, my mum thought it was going to be like my own room and such, I was thinking that also. So after that, I was waiting until one day it was time for me to go to the public library. I had to sing out on a lot of forms and stuff to get in, and after that my OA counselor, her name is Ms. Tonya Collins. She wanted to get to know everyone and to see how everyone's attitude was. And it seemed that everybody was well to get along with, so after the meeting, I went back home and waited to leave. And finally, after a long wait, it finally came time for me to leave. Of course, I was nerves, and my mum was weeping and I was calming her down. I did not like to see my mum cry, so the bus came and I left. Other then when I used to live in Homewood AL I used to get on the bus to go to my grandmother's house, after that that was it. But this time it was about 5 hours away from home, and so on I made it to Nashville TN bus station.

And then got back on the bus again heading to Bowling Green bus station. And as I was arriving there, I happened to meet some others that were heading to where I was headed. And at last I made to Great Onyx Job Corps, it was like a disserted just like the guy I spoke to on the phone said, In the middle of nowhere. And when we all arrived there, we had to get our bags checked and assigned to a bay advisor.

Well at least that's how it was done when I first arrived there, a lady name Ms. Paula took me into her bay. The bay was C bay, it was pronounced as commented Bay and as I entered there was others there also. So I got settled and was put into the room with others too they all seemed quite friendly, and well I guess they were ok.

And well it took me about 3 days to get used to the place and the showers. Although again it has been exactly 3 days since I had a shower, so during the meeting with Chad Jaggers, we were left in the building alone and the others were acting crazy and sneaking into his office and it was crazy. The most things that surprise me was they all looked up to me for some reason, and then, later on, I discovered that they are my G.O. brothers I assume. At the time I did not understand what G.O. means, I guess you live and learn. 

Days and times went by I was working hard, and had to work in KP I couple of times. During the times I was their G.O. brothers left after we got back from winter break, and I noticed that some of them didn't come back. I begin to wonder where

Or why haven't they come back? I guess they didn't really have a reason to be there in the first place. After that we had to go to education and take a tape test, we had to do trade visits. And I had chosen Business Technology, although I had to wait a while to get in. And one of my G.O. brothers they nicknamed him Smokey; I did not know what his real name was or couldn't remember. He was really pissed about not getting accepting I heard that he didn't get accepted was because the instructor was accusing him of something about a song, which was really stupid.

Chapter 7

Behind closed doors

During the times I stayed it was like any other I was hungry and we always had about three meals a day. There were times when we had a cookout, and went on movie trips and did big events in the gym. The next day at the assembly, C bay won the bay of the month trophy. And everyone was excited, I didn't understand the importance of it, but I guess I had a lot to know about stuff. So after the assembly in the gym, we went out to eat at Ryan's. As a big celebration for the bay of the month awards and we all had a good time. I sat somewhere by myself, I felt that I do not fit in with others. After we ate and had a good time, we headed back on center. And suddenly, a fuss commotion had got started over someone that broke into their locker. While we were out, and I have never seen or heard such anger emotions. 

Later everyone was dressing up in black clothing, and going after the one who 

Broke into the bay lockers. And there I was talking big as if I was really going to do something about it when I was not going to. So everybody had to keep a low profile because the staff kept coming in every 20 minutes, and so he or she all snuck out to another bay of where he or she assumes the culprit would be. Afterward, I heard some of the students talking about it; they were saying that none of them wouldn't tell them where he was. I heard of someone by the nickname of "Tear Drop,'' and on center, a lot of students give out such bizarre names like the sh*** bag, catfish, baby face, and even yellow boy. And many more strange ones I will not say, but hypothetically at times, I wonder where or how they come up with these names. No wonder why they never insult others by their names no more. 

About that time I got used to the place, however, I met some nice people there. They nicknamed him Tito Vido. LOL, and many other people as well, and one night well all got settled in bed and I was listening to how everybody lost their virginity and such. They were very good yet interesting stories, Gerald the way he told his made it interesting well him and Larry. In the morning I was helping out with others, and getting what they called positives and also leadership positives. However, I thought what is the difference between the two? I guess somewhat the same, they even had me doing a bay leaders job and I was not even a room leader yet.

It was awesome though, even morning before I leave I always ask Koko and the others was there anything else they wanted me to do before I left and I was good to go. And days passed, T.C left he completed I missed him, Aram and Benny.

Tinton became the bay leader, and soon after we moved to E bay he left and completed. All that was left was Koko, Aram, and William Green. Then after me and Derek Amos which we were the only two G.O. brothers on center, of course, we had a sister in the group also. 

During the weekends I went for the first time to the waterfall, it was neat and it was me, Josh Vetzel, and Alex. Well all took pictures and stuff and then by dawn we all left. And I and Tito and the others were playing Mario party 8 LOL, it was fun. And then later I had realized that I had an opportunity while I was in Job Corps Great Onyx. And I took care of my responsibilities too, I was a really hard worker and I dedicated myself and applied myself to my work and why I came on center to do. And of course, have a little fun while doing so, it's just for some others they lose control and not know what they are there for. So anyway, I was put into room 4 and Aram was the room leader there, and well at the time I had a problem with Josh Vetzel and well, of course, Cameron they nicknamed him F.B.I. I guess because he was like a police or something. Anyways Josh was like a wild guy back then, and one time him well his girlfriend or friend whatever. Said something smart to me, and well I was furious so I replied back rashly. And well Josh liked to horseplay at the time, he put me on the ground and had his knee on my chest rib. It almost cracked a little, however, he may be or not notice and suddenly I blacked out and after that, I didn't know what happens after they I remember just standing there with my head caught in the arm lock by josh.

All I was really trying to do in the beginning was to leave the room, and I went to talk to Tito about it. And after that John became room leader in room 4. Everyone nicknamed him Jesus because he had really long hair and he looked like Jesus, I thought it was a bit too far on as far as nicknames concern. However afterward I guess it wasn't so bad I guess. Soon every since he became room leader, him and Josh seemed to get along quite well. And of course, I had a problem with Josh begging me for food and going into my locker and things. I spoke to Ms. 

Paula about it. And after that, I was asking her about me moving to room 3 with Tito and the others, cause I didn't like being in there with Josh. So I did so and later new people moved in, Kelsey and Tyler Tool.

I met Tyler in Shirley; I was listening to some of the best bands on my iPod. And he came over and asked if he could listen to it, so I did and he seemed to like at first when the routine in the music but then afterward he asked me, have I ever heard of a band called insomnia. And I told him no and has he heard any of the bands that I liked and he told me no. And then he wanted me to come into H bay, and I was really apprehensive about it because there was a rule saying that other students are not allowed to be in any other bay accept their own bay. And so he told me to not worry, and we started listening to insomnia. For the first time in my mind, I was saying this is the metal that I am looking for and I really liked it even more when he started talking about it. And soon we spent another 30 mins, listening to more songs and then he began to tell me about himself, Tyler was a type that liked European metal, and not American metal. He also not only that loves the sophistication of it and hearing other varieties of metal. So then after that, I met a guy named Will which he is also known as Wild Will or Wilbert White.

Wilbert White was his real name, it's just as is often known to be known as Wild Will. Me, Will and Tyler were listening to music and gave our opinions on it. Then later on Tyler stopped hanging out with me and Will and we both used to hang out all the time in Shirley dorm. Then about a year later things changed and me and will stop hanging out like we normally do, and then, later on, he was hanging out with other people, and I was always left alone sitting at tables by myself away from others. I never liked being around other people, and I was known as a gothic person which I am still, and of course I was giving retard nicknames such as Chris Brizzey, well fusion was all right though. Anyways I was going to see Mr. Turner; we talk about my problems of being accepted and how to cope with different personalities of others. Then soon after that, he was laid off, and I really enjoyed talking to him. And after we moved to Shirley dorm to E bay, and I was the room leader there. And every single day on Tuesdays we always get new students there, Tyler resigned and Trevor? I don't know where he went, so after that, I met Dante and Dustin Robertson and Mark Northington Chris Witt and Allen also Excalibur. And also Corey Kester. And well Mark was a big problem, and he smelled bad. And soon he was moved out of E bay because he would not follow directions.

So every day we had new students, and Dwaine which everyone calls him virgin Islands gave up being a room leader, and so did mike and Zack. Well me I stayed there thick and thin, there were fights and fusses going on and other issues.

And then I met a guy named Justin Adams, he was a decent guy. Gave good advice, and was very unique. However, it was something strange about him, though I couldn't quite put my finger around it. And then I was standing around outside and I saw this new girl that he was talking to. And I was like Ah; I guess she is a new student here. I didn't really know or met the girl until like about the time Justin dumped her which he wanted to prefer being called L'' from an anime series called death note.

Others call him CD because he told me he had OCD. 

Well later I saw her in the game room wrestling with other students, everyone seemed to enjoy her, and then later I heard that she was dating Justin. Before then I heard that she asked him out, and I was a type that I didn't really care what others do. I just wanted hurry up and leave this place and plus I have been there for

About 7 to 9 months now. Then only time we could leave was on winter and summer break. So I went into the game room to play a bit, and I saw her holding on to Justin's arm I take that they are dating now. So afterward it didn't last but about a week and I saw Justin and it seemed that he did not care about her at all. I felt sorry for her, and then she was crying and left the game room and then I left the game room and went to see her and that was the time that I met her, I hugged her although knowing me I do not do handshakes nor hugs, I made troops this time. And I told her if she needed anything that I will be there to help her, soon after that even after he dumped her she was still clinging to him as like he was just a puppy to her. I and Blankman saw it but I guess she was too blind to see it until afterward. So one morning I was heading out the door and the bay leaders were Dustin Allen, Koko Adusalem, Josh, and also Kaffy. 

Dustin came up to me asking me about a girl named Samantha, now knowing me I do not really keep up with everybody on center and he was telling me that

He feels that I and she would make a good couple, cause our compatibility.

And interests. And I told them that I have a girlfriend, and her name is Sara Harris. She and I dated for 9 months and lately the relationship has been a burden to me because of the things that we happening in our relationship. She had this Chris wheeler guy came over and had sex with her; it was a terrifying relationship that I was in pain and I tossed and turned all night. And then later she cheated on me with someone on the messenger, and her brother Patrick told me about it. And I was hurt after the hard work I have been doing to remain on center to make a way to see her. However, later I was with Samantha to the game room and she was in a Super Mario Smash Bro's Brawl Tournament. And while she was waiting for her turn I was holding her lightly and then she sat down on the table and I was standing in front of her and held her hand. And then she played, and then we went after that to raider over to grannies and then before we walked in, out of nowhere she was telling me about her past. About her ex and how close they were, and how someone was asking of her close friends out. However, she told me about Jenna and Danielle. Her two close friends, and then we went to the exit room and sat there about 20 minutes listening to her about her past and things, I wanted to say something to help her in a way I could. And I was thinking afterward that I assume that she wants me to sit and listen to her. As what I learned seeing all of the people my mum dated, and so I just sat there and listened to her. And then days went by and I was on a day normal routine

Chapter 8

Sneak and hide

One day, I was heading to the waterfall and as I went down there, I heard Shannon and Brandon's voice. They were talking about random stuff about how they hate their past lives and stuff. I heard on center that Shannon had sex with approximately 31 guys on center; of course, I did now that most individuals knew about it. And I also knew that it was only a matter of time before she gets caught eventually. Though other students on center know also that she goes to the waterfall, although the surprising thing was no one cared about it too much.

So me and Dustin Robertson was planning to go, spy, however, he was a good spy he just always seems to have a habit of hitting me too much and goofing around.

So we snuck down there and we didn't see her, so on I went down there myself and

Turned back heading back on center, and the thing is that no one was allowed to be back there at the waterfall, because of safety wise but people kept going back there. And on my way out I ran into Samantha Josiah and Dante. They were acting suspicious and things, so I told them about Shannon and Brandon were at the waterfall. And so we all headed back and I was left with Sam at the entrance of the waterfall path. Then about 15 minutes later we headed carefully to the waterfall, and then they came back suddenly. And they told me all about it, and my purpose of it was I was hearing so many times about Shannon having sex with different guys at the waterfall, and it goes to show you that you cannot know rather if it is true or not if you do not see it for yourself. So I was going to head back on center, but I decided to go with Sam and the others to the new waterfall that they were talking about going to. And so they took pictures and things, and then later we had back to on center and Saturday morning, Sam and Josiah were heading back to the waterfall so I headed down there with them, and Josiah and Sam went down the waterfall and took pictures and I was going to the other waterfall, to see if I saw anything there and headed back. So after that, I and Sam and Josiah headed back on center. And later afterward Josiah was telling me of how Blankman liked Sam and he was telling me about it since he saw me and her, well me holding her. And so after that, I told Blankman about it and stayed away from Blankman and Sam because I didn't want to get in the way of a person that he liked though she only liked him like a brother and later I found that out. And soon one night I was having a good time with Josh and his girlfriend though I noticed that Josh changed a lot since John left, so anyways we were just playing around when wanted to tell me something. So I went to her and she told me about the good news, and I told her well that is good for you and then I went back and continued to have fun with Josh and Gillian. And then I went to the gym and played Mortal Combat Shaolin Monks

With Tito, and she came tapping me and just I guess wanted to say hi and I said hi to her back and went back playing with Tito. And then it was about time and so I left the gym usually recreation aides stay afterward but not anymore, so I was walking with Sam and she and I were talking and she asked me did I wanted to hang out with her and I was like hmm sure. So we went to the exit room in Shirley but, a new staff kicked us out of that one so we went to the exit room in the raider. Next to D bay, and she and I were playing around and I told her how my day was and things. And then Blankman came in and Sam was laying her back against me between my legs and then we sat there and I was holding her and then we had to sign in which was a pain anyways. So after that, we left back and I noticed that she had a smiling smirk on her faces as we headed to sign in and back. And then we went to the exit room where we once was at,  but that one was full so we went into the one next to C bay. And the lights were off, and then I was holding her. And after that she wanted to speak to me alone so then she rose up and laid in my lap and then she got up and fixed herself up, and before I left she pulled me and grabbed a hold of me and hugged me for a while and then she kissed me. And for the first time, I was kissed by a girl in real life because I was dating a lot of people online a lot. And well I felt her love flow within me it was so strong, so relaxing.

And then I woke up around 7 am, and asked for Sam and she came and we went to breakfast.  Then I was talking to Blankman and she was rubbing on my leg with her hand, and I that's when I found out that she did have a crush on me and loved me as I did her. So we went to the back middle door, of the lunchroom and made a story to tell Blankman to encase. And so we started dating and I was happy, and though she was still dating Jenna. She at first loved me and her but then it came to a point that she had to choose between me and her.

Chapter 9

The hidden truth

Blankman massively got over with me and Sam dating. The day came for everyone

To go home for winter break, and finally, I got home. It has been a while since I been home. Well then again if you can say, or either call it home. Stay for a while before winter break started, Ms. Paula wanted to give me more days even after winter break to stay at home. I didn't want to cause I wanted to be with Sam, and on top of that again I did everything I could to stay along beside her. But I was already set to leave for good. So during the winter break, I called on her friend's phone, it took a while for me to notice. Not the fact that I was slow, it was because well I wanted to talk to her for a while. Soon I had this pounding pressuring feeling, it was like she broke up with my kind of feeling or the fact that somehow she would choose her over me.

And during the time just as I thought that I was supposed, to be at home to have a break. Well, my mum kept getting onto me and lecturing me as always. Nothing ever changes about that. Even so, besides of feeling who was Sam going to choose. I noticed that something didn't quite feel right at home, though I could not put my finger around it. It was quite strange, and then finally we went to church and I finally got to meet my spiritual father and my mum, well sometimes I get to talk to her. Other times she was busy and I was not able to see her, then finally it was time for me to go back G.O. its Great Onyx however among many students it was popular to call it G.O. for short. Soon while waiting for the bus at the station I saw James Prewitt and Hitler, well his real name was Lee. Though others call him Hitler just because he looks like Hitler kind of like John that was nicknamed as Jesus and pretty much you get the idea from there. Afterward, we stopped at the Nashville bus station, we waiting for like 2 hrs and 45minutes for the buses to arrive. Then after the bus arrived, everyone got on the bus except me. Because there was no more room on the bus for me as I was waiting to get on, and I thought I was going to be stuck at the bus station, I was a bit nervous and I spoke with one of the workers of the bus station, and the other bus was not scheduled to be going to Bowling Green bus station. However, it was a blessing that I made to the bus station. And then I finally arrived at the bus station, and it was starting to snow. Lucky only this time, we did not have a snowstorm like last year. 

After I arrived there I was happy that I go in on time well we waited on the bus for about 6 hrs. Because the bus driver from Birmingham bus station ran over I bag cart. And then we waited for another bus to arrive, and that's why we came on center late. And I was so glad to see Sam again and all the pondering feelings had left me. And I felt safe seeing her again and my heart was at peace, and I had to go get my bags to check and went to E bay just as I thought I was still the remaining room leader their it turned out that I was not. And so I waited and Ms. Paula moved me to B bay. I felt as though she kicked me out of E bay, and also she had this grudge with me and Sam. Which she just had to get over it or just jealous maybe I don't know. Soon because of this, she gave me a 54 on my panel and normally I get 60's every time. And she kept bringing up the deal with me and Sam issue.  Anyways days went by and it was time for me to leave before then I and Blankman were sitting around talking meanwhile Sam was asleep. And Mr. Jaggers told me that I was going to be leaving; tomorrow in about 1 pm although I miss heard him for 1 am. And I and Blankman were shocked, and it was kinda hard to explain but we waited until she ate dinner first to tell her. And then we headed to Raider dorm in the exit room next to D bay. And there I told her while Blankman stood there listening, and then I hold her in my arms. I was hurt and even though it was going to be hard for her mostly it was going to be even harder on me than it was going to be for her. Encase you haven't notice is because I never told you until now. I never had a father figure in my life, and I only have the cares of a mother's touch. And also I am kind and soft-hearted and I hurt easily, I am very considerate of others and love to help other people. Also, love to meet other people, so afterward I left the next day and one last hug from my little girl Sammy. And then I left heading back home for good. When I got home I was glad to see my mum and be home.

And, of course, I had to clean my room up again and take the trash out and ETC. Days and days of being at home, I was having this insecure feeling of Sam and thought that maybe something happened to her. The plan that I left for her and Blankman to be together and keep an eye on her that plan suddenly faded. And this feeling was so strong on me; I couldn't even concentrate on anything it was like the feeling of a break up only even worse. The feelings I had been pounding me as though I was going to have a heart attack. And so on the communication was good until suddenly it changed; every time I got to talk to her she was always in a hurry to go. And she was never telling me things. I call a bay and asked Blankman of what was wrong with her and things. And we started talking and came to the conclusion that she was hiding something. And then when I got to spoke to Sam again, she asked me of why I was telling Blankman that she was hiding something, and I told her that because I wanted to make sure that everything was ok. Although I knew everything about her except when it came to long distant relationships, and then on my calendar, I saw that when she calls it goes in patterns and then the next week it fluctuates. 

I looked and I found it bizarre, and there were times that she told me to call at Pacific times and when I called she was never there and then we planned to just call occasionally because her roommate Christina, her cell phone was about to get turned off, for what reason I guess because of  money complications or other. And she told me that she can't call me every day so we made the idea of calling from time to time. And then she started hanging out with a guy nicknamed medium red, on the other hand, known as Jonny Applesauce LOL.

The name because popular among me Sam and Shannon, good times.

And so later she began to hang out with Diana and medium read more, and then she told me that she was watching porn. I got to her about that and told her not to do that anymore only when she is around me. She did tell me that she thought of me during that time however that did not feel right at least she can read yaoi in the bay. And then her first-weekend pass was with Diana to big reds house, and they had a good time went out to eat and went to the movies and the mall the next day. After that, I was calling to make sure she made it back safely. And she did, afterward way back G bay was such a major hand full, I heard that they set the trash cans on fire and smoking weed in the bathrooms, also Sam was in the middle of it though she had nothing to do with it. And at the time I got onto her about doing her work in trade and no video games in class only after school she could play games. And she was crying on through the phone and I was worried, wondering what happened and she told me. And soon I noticed that, since I left, things were getting, even more, worse then it was when I was there. And even also, G bay called the police. Things were getting crazy down there, and I was worried about Sam and hoping that she was ok. I heard also that another student was rapped on center. 

And meanwhile, I was trying to get into college had my financial aid has done and things. The thing was I was sick of staying at home 24/7, all I could do was to stay and do housework. And then I noticed that things changed at home and things were not the way they used to. My sister had strangers over and also my mum had people over also. It was crazy, and then my mum and you know how mums are and those corny rules. I was not allowed to no longer play games in the living room, or either sleeps on the couch or the floor. And things were getting much difficult for me, I was waiting for my mum to get the tag for the care and she began to get a quiz about it, and the other time we got back from Shelton because I had to take the compass test. And for some reason every time I ride with her she always lectures to me about me doing this and that and then talks about other random stuff, however, I had no idea what she is talking about. Though she was comparing me with other kids out there saying that I do not know right now of what she is talking about and such. And the thing is what she is talking about confuses me and she gets to the point when at first she makes sense and then later she doesn't. It was getting on my nerves anyway, and then I also found out that I and my mum do not have the closeness that we used to have; the only time she will ever speak to me is when she wants something done around the house. And every day I wish to myself that I never have left G.O. Things were getting so frustrating at home, even when it came asking mum something simple she gets the point where she doesn't even want to help me. And there were times where I felt like I did not even exist in the house anymore, she always spent time with my sister. And then later I began to feel as though, I was living with someone else and still at Job Corps at the same time. Will I ever get a college degree? Will I even succeed in getting my license?

The questions I asked will be a mystery and this story continues.

To Be Continued…..

























































© 2018 Nicaushio Yamaki

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Great story telling. This did justice in the realm of getting the message across. Great message. There's lot of times where a story can have a great message to aim for, and have a lot of under lining things but then no one gets it, and if no one gets it, then the point has failed. But in my opinion this did well to get the message across. You made it clear, which is why I think it's good. Keep up the good work. What was also great was that I could imagine the story as I read it, and that is also a strong point of stories. The ability to have the reader imagine it because after all we're reading not watching it, but it was as if I was there as I read this, and that is great. Great visuals and great story telling. It had plot and substance. When you add substance to writing it gets that much better. It gets the reader hooked on it and make them feel as if they are part of it. As long as their is that emotional connection between the reader and the story then it's good. The connection you were able to established in the writing gives the reader a sense of comfortably that they are in tune with the writing. So that way when the writing is over, the reader wants more, and wishes it didn't end. I feel the same way when I watched a movie or tv series that I get so attached to, I never want it to end. And for this writing, I didn't want it to end. You had me hooked, and I am sure everyone else who read it was hooked as well. That is good, that is what you want for people to keep wanting more. The way you put the story together makes me feel like my life is different for that moment in which I read your story. I love it, and it was beautiful. Just keep posting stories like this, and you'll have a good following.

Posted 3 Years Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.

Nicaushio Yamaki

3 Years Ago

i am glad to hear that, you love my stories. I have more parts to he stories and part 8 will be avai.. read more


Great story telling. This did justice in the realm of getting the message across. Great message. There's lot of times where a story can have a great message to aim for, and have a lot of under lining things but then no one gets it, and if no one gets it, then the point has failed. But in my opinion this did well to get the message across. You made it clear, which is why I think it's good. Keep up the good work. What was also great was that I could imagine the story as I read it, and that is also a strong point of stories. The ability to have the reader imagine it because after all we're reading not watching it, but it was as if I was there as I read this, and that is great. Great visuals and great story telling. It had plot and substance. When you add substance to writing it gets that much better. It gets the reader hooked on it and make them feel as if they are part of it. As long as their is that emotional connection between the reader and the story then it's good. The connection you were able to established in the writing gives the reader a sense of comfortably that they are in tune with the writing. So that way when the writing is over, the reader wants more, and wishes it didn't end. I feel the same way when I watched a movie or tv series that I get so attached to, I never want it to end. And for this writing, I didn't want it to end. You had me hooked, and I am sure everyone else who read it was hooked as well. That is good, that is what you want for people to keep wanting more. The way you put the story together makes me feel like my life is different for that moment in which I read your story. I love it, and it was beautiful. Just keep posting stories like this, and you'll have a good following.

Posted 3 Years Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.

Nicaushio Yamaki

3 Years Ago

i am glad to hear that, you love my stories. I have more parts to he stories and part 8 will be avai.. read more
Wow... I love this so much. You should make this a book.

This review was written for a previous version of this writing

Posted 9 Years Ago

very powerful writing. I enjoy it.

This review was written for a previous version of this writing

Posted 9 Years Ago

man, this is a hell of a life story, kudos on that. you've done a really nice job with this one. epic

This review was written for a previous version of this writing

Posted 9 Years Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.

You know, you are a clever writer love, nothing is set in stone is it? Life holds so many mysteries that it gets tiresome at times! lol
Powerful writing!

This review was written for a previous version of this writing

Posted 9 Years Ago

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