My Life Story Part 4 Limited Edition

My Life Story Part 4 Limited Edition

A Story by Nicaushio Yamaki

This series is all chapter's in one i hope that you enjoy


My Life Story


Part 1


There were times in my life that I wanted to hope

However there was times that I

Thought that I found the missing

Puzzle in with answers.


Although, so many things has happened to

Me when I was a child growing up. Later

As I grew into my teens, I begin to feel

Neglected, by others.


Although I tried to fit in and make friends, and also

To have good friends. But the more I tried the more

Things became of me.


Well… I am guessing you are wondering what this is about?

Perhaps, you are thinking who wrote this?

And by now, since you have read this far. Yet,

The questions in your head, is starting to wonder

The purpose of why, how and when

As more mysterious answers

That you have yet unanswered.

So, by reading this lets me know now that you want to know

However, it becomes so interesting. That you begin to read more

As you continue to search about your answers

In this story.


This is a story about my life, and about tearful moments

Good times and the bad times in my life.


Chapter 1


A new beginning path


I was born in September 9th 1988, as I was born. I died twice of two

Seizures when I was little, and lost a lot of brain oxygen.

When I was 9 years old I was a hand full when I was a child

Though. Then by the ages of 12, I went to many schools

In the state of Alabama. And I was kicked out of every school there was,

Even at day care I was full of trouble. Later when I was 14 I grew and

Became into getting accepted by others. My first middle school was,
Westlawn middle school. As I first started there, my first day turned out

Great. Of course you know in school especially middle school, only

a matter of time before things gets a little rough. One day the bell ringed, and so I started walking down the hall heading down the stairs. As you know my school

Was a old school, and it looked as though it has been there for

Centuries. Anyways as I was walking before I got to the stairs, two

Guy’s came to me asking for my computer floppy discs, I told them

That I did not want to give them out, they tried to pressure me into giving it to

Them. And when I still refused them, they decided to bully me.

Their names were Anthony Williams and Kyrie’s Thomas.

So on they cornered me, and Anthony punches me in the eye and left.

The next day, when I was in class my teacher’s name was Ms. King

She was normal descent teachers that are at times a where on things.

And most times aren’t, one day I got pulverized by the same student,

That bullied me on my first day of school. And boy did he sure pound me,

I had to defend myself away from his attacks. Soon it was time for my next class,

Was art class. And things turned out good until there was a mad man student in the classroom, when the teacher left the room, well let’s just says I didn’t quite

Draw the line, when the guy told me to stop. And I was running for my life and I saw as I assumed that he was really pissed at me, but to turn out he was faking it.

And finally the teacher came back.


As my days went by just when I thought that my day just

Couldn’t get any worse than this. It was time for P.E., and their even worse

People then I had encountered. This one guy, I do not remember his name was asking me of why I was scared of him and such. And within time, he punched me in the face so hard I thought I had saw stars with flashing lights.

And usually I used to get into my gym clothes in the gym locker room, but

After being bullied suddenly I just stopped dressing out. And as I have been their

That school was the worst day of my life; I tried to kill myself many

Times but couldn’t and at school I used to join band practice, and then one night

At home I did not know how it happened. But my mother used to have a dark-like green car. And it was broken into and we traveled 20 miles to get a new window for our car after a while of cold air pressure suffering cold freeze.


One day next new school year of second semester, I was put in with Ms. Prewitt

And Mr. Don and also Ms. Thompson, the science teacher, Mr. Don the history teacher, and Ms. Prewitt the math teacher, also last but not least Ms. Krunt, the language arts teacher. So on to make the long story short, Ms. Prewitt I experienced for the first time hated me so much. She favored every other student over me, and one time in class, when you know that things get too far. That’s when

 You have to draw the line even when it’s wrong, to a certain degree it is.

Me and another student where talking about a YU*GI*OH tournament at books a million that they was having. Although my mother was a very religious person,

When it came to me and YU*GI*OH cards. I used to love them which I still do, I just not as a big card collector as I used to. So as we were talking and oh yeah, every day when I come to Ms. Prewitt’s class, I she always have a math warm up on the board to do with random math problems. And the student beside me wanted to write down the schedule of the tournament, and the math teacher just crossed by and snatched it and threw it into the garbage. So I was searching in my white binder, for more paper to continue my work assignment on the board. Well she came by and tried to grab my folder away from me, and then afterwards she grabbed me by the shirt and I snapped at her.


Then she kicked me out of her room, and the surprising thing was that she

Didn’t even call for the counselor. And then she later opens the door and throws

My social studies book out the door. I went to go get it and kicked the door hard

As I could out of anger, and suddenly a counselor was walking down the hallway.

And I told him what happened and he lead me to the main office, and I waited for about half an hour during class time. And then the principal and Ms. Prewitt, walked in soon after 20mins of waiting inside of the principal’s office. We used to have a male principal but somehow we ended up with a female principal.


Mr. Prewitt told her side of the story, and teachers ARRGH they always try to contrast the story by the way they tell it. After she was done, the principal decided to put me in a self contained class. It’s pretty much a class where, students are monitored at all times and for those that, are not in class instead chooses to skip class and wonder in the hallways ETC.


Well, to find out, my whole schedule was changed, normally I used

To have computer lap with a teacher named Ms. Hedrick, well my whole entire schedule was staying in self contained class. Also I was in the class alone with some of the people there that, I didn’t like. A fight got started with me and some other student not to mention one of the twin girls tried to fight me all I did was defend myself. And so I was taken again to the office and while on the way there, the staff counselor was by the looks of it, was literally trying to pull my arm off my shoulders. Afterwards, my mother was telling me to hit the people that were bothering me back however, I was not a type that was a fighting type person.

Then such a day like any other you get a couple a weeks off on in school suspension. And come back the next day or so, and now turns out I was making a lot of F’s in school my grades were very low. My mother was assuming that I was doing well but later she found out that I wasn’t and you know how that goes. Before that I bullied by that punched me in the face, tried to pick on me again and so I was pushed into the genitor’s closet and was locked in.


Chapter 3



During my days throughout of going to the worse

Of my life, one day I beginning to withdraw from school and then my mum,

Was driving for PRIME INC. I had the best time ever, didn’t have to worry about school bullies. Also teachers, well at lease I was having a good time learning

new things. I so distracted with going to new places and having a good time, that

I never did get started on my work unless I was instructed to do so anyways.

 And so things went good until my mother met a stranger on her

new job. His name is Steven; he has a lot of truck driving experience. One time my mum allowed me to go with him, I am guessing to see if I would like him

or not I guess. She did tell me about how nice and hardworking he was

on our way to meet him. And so me and Steve had a good time, he also gave me

a Pringle can full of change money. I was like, woe.

And of course I used some to buy things at the store, and his truck was like a waste land and however, I had no idea that eighteen wheeler trucks had two bump beds.

Well I know now LOL.

Afterward our time of fun we went back, and my mother was still trying to get assigned to a truck to drive in. After that I was riding along with my mother, and I had a good time been all over 50 states, every country was beautiful. I remember this one country, had snaky roads. It was fun, though and then I have been to the PRIME INC Company. And I saw that they were making clothes of the company and up stairs they had a cafeteria a gym, and also an auditory movie place although

Nobody goes in there. And a shower place, then I went the main upper stairs and saw other on the computers working and answering truck quircom calls.   


During the trucking days my sister’s dad was doing the work of, taking us to school. And such, Well actually I caught the bus to school and back. Meanwhile, my mum was driving trucks still. It was about 2 years or so. Then suddenly,

 Things were not working out with her and Steven. So later she met another person, he was the best dad ever, one time I met him he asked me what I wanted for Christmas, and I told him I wanted a game boy advance. Soon he brought me exactly what I was asking for. And then around 6 or 7 in the morning, my mum came in and gave me a game boy color at the time.


So I played away as a child I was, and later on after that I went to the

YMCA again. And well as like before I didn’t make any friends I was an outcast

And so I played by myself. And One day we went to snow hitten park, and as I was having fun with finding Easter eggs and stuff, I after that I was having fun at

The playground I was looking at the school that I used to go to. The name of the school was Northington Elementary School. I used to go their when I was 7,

And I remember when I used to get paddled by my principal Mr. Ackings.

And he was the first principal that I knew, that spanked kids for as I know. And Their I stood and remember this one girl that always used to hang around me

After school her name was Jenny. She and I met on the swings, and she held my hand and kissed me on the cheek. She wanted to introduce me to her teachers, though we were in class next across the hall from each other. And as during my flash back I always wondered if she was ok and, where is she right now? I missed her a lot, the last time I saw her was on the month of May it was getting close that time for summer

To start. I was hanging on the swings bars and she was looking through my yearbook that I got from school.


The next day, I rushed outside when school was over to see her. I looked for her, and I didn’t see her. So I went to her teacher and asked about her, and she told me that she was absent from school. I was sad with a tender brazen face, and begin to feel said as I was weeping on the swing of where me and her first met.

Since then I never did see her again however I always remembered her, holding my hand and the kiss on my cheek. I even told my mum about her, she

Really did seem to care and you know how mums are when it comes to

Relationships and stuff.

Every time I went to the park and to the play ground it always gives me flash backs of her. I missed her a lot, I didn’t even get to say goodbye to her or to tell her how much felt about her. It was sad for me, as of right now I always wondered how she was doing and haven’t she ever think about me.


Chapter 4

Love in despair


Well as days go by, I was in the in the 8th grade going to Tuscaloosa Middle School. And I was so happy to leave Westlawn Middle school for sure; it was like a relief of no bullies and a fresh start for me. And there was this one guy in music class that always stood up for me, quite frankly I did not even know him but he seemed really nice. So I was on my best behavior, acting my age as what others expect. And later met so new people. Oh yeah I loved to play the piano still do now, just it has been a while since I have played the piano I used to have

A keyboard at home, and so we played pianos, and watched movies

Fun stuff. And so at P.E., I dressed out without having to worry about anyone picking on me, and every day I dressed out, had a good time too. We played football and baseball and other things. After that I went home of course there were,

People claiming that they know me from somewhere, however without a doubt I do not know them clearly at all. The next day I returned to school, I was one day in a hurry to head off to class. And a student named Brandon tripped me over; I almost hit my head on the door hinges. But I got up and resuming on running to class, and the principal I used to know that was from my current school, well I met him and told him about updates from my other school and headed off to class.

Later on my way to the locker room to dress out I was out of curiosity pulled the fire alarm. And I denied the fact that I did it and everyone suddenly huddled around me pointing at me saying I did it. So the police took me to his office and made me write a statement and told me not to lie on that either he says.

So after I finished my statement I waited in the office the whole day, until it was time to go, and me and my mum went to the board of education to get the situation fixed however she didn’t have to pay for the fire alarm accident.


Well I was put in one class only and was took out of all my other classes, including

Music class. And days went by I suddenly saw Ms. Lavells daughter, and she looks every image just like her too, although I couldn’t stand Ms. Polian and the others, especially when they did that stupid baby talk think they do, as if I was 2 year old or something.  Not to mansion I went to a school called Rock Corey, it was another school however I will discuss that when I get to the next chapter.


Anyways, soon afterwards, I went to Northridge High School, when I was in the 9th grade. And my favorite teacher there was Mr. Noxwell, his was my art teacher at the time and the nice teacher ever was hmmmm. Well I forgot her name but she was my English teacher. She had no problems of me, and so my history teacher Mr. Basely, well I guess has was kinda of cool although I was getting called Mr. Giggles all the time and I hated that too.


Soon I was in learning lab getting picked on by some guy named celeb and this fat guy named Chris. My teacher there was Mr. Cain, and he was like a seemly stressed teacher. Yet he was ok I guess, and then suddenly there was this fight between me and Brandon, and you know High as always is a bubble within its self.

Afterwards they wanted me to playfully punch him in the face as I was pressured to do so and also tried to fit in as always, and suddenly he punched me out and jumped on me like a hotrod and he bashed my face into the bus mirror and I was trying to get away from him but he kept on beating me. And suddenly the bus driver stopped the fight. Of course I didn’t really do anything, and so I was sent home with a swollen eye.


After serving my time at the school, I was getting withdrawn from to school going to Homewood High School. And well that was at the time when my mum was engaged to a guy named Jeremiah Lugwisha, he was from Nigeria Africa. And

He was a man of faith and loved to pray a lot, more of a prayer warrior.

And he used to always help me out with math and things. And he always from time to time gives me math assignments to do. And I spent the rest of summer break at home doing school work I did not get to have fun like the other kids, occasionally Jeremiah takes us around town and things. And he always cooks something for us to eat, and later we all went to bed things were very strict than. And he was also a home body. And it wasn’t quite any enjoyment from it, and there were times when he allows us to watch TV. But not as much though, every night he came home I was to be in bed and if not I got lectured too.


And one time I was so upset that I took a book and threw it at my bedroom mirror.

And my mum came in and slapped me and I turned angry, and ran away from home of course this was the second time, that I had done this.

My first time was I got a beating over some things that the teachers at Westlawn School said that I did not even do. And I came up with a plan to say that I was on a field trip and the bus from central high school left me and I was trying to get a ride back home in Tuscaloosa. And the police found out that I was wearing house shoes. And of course I lied to them too, and they ordered me to show them were, I lived. So I did so and we waited for them to come, Jeremiah was wanted to look for me. My mum didn’t care at all of looking for me, which it’s just like her to be careless anyway. Every time my sister goes to tell mum what I have done I get my but chewed out for it. It was so stupid, so when they arrived the police spoken to them and such and went on their way.


During my times at my new school I got into trouble for a lot of things. And this one stupid thing I said the word ‘’S**T’’ while coming down the stair ways to class and the vice principal somehow caught me. And got into trouble about that, it was quite stupid actually though, and then I got into this vocational rehabilitation thing. I was their taking a lot of tests, I did not understand why I was or the purpose of the test assignments that I had to do but after I finished I met a few others while hanging out there. They were really cool though, and so on I was doing job training at the kingdom comics place. And met some aspiring people there of course my instructor was like I guess jealous or just I don’t know. And every time I go there I talked about comic books until the time I was their until the time I left. I was not really communicating as much though, and my instructor didn’t understand what was so good about talking about comic books.

And every time I left the manager their always gave me a free comic book. It was awesome, at the time it was me and Megan. But then it went from me and her to Craig Gravelee me and her. And we had assigned days to go and then I always come back around 1:43pm to English class. Ms. Donaldson is like a life savoir when it came to English she always helped out unlike the other learning lab teachers. Well close about the time I did well on my government history exam, and I made it economy class. The teacher his name was Mr. Bagley, he teaches about money management and taxes and such to help us in the long run in life. His exam was harder than I ever encountered, one test before the exam I was thinking so hard and I didn’t even prepare for the test. And there is a good thing I had MS. Canova to help me with the budget project cause when it came to projects I was overwhelmed and did not know where to start, and plus I never knew how to budget until after, I had a little experienced in doing it with my learning lab teacher.


Then came graduation, I was really nervous. And this time we had the graduation ceremony at Sanford University College. I wanted to go their but I didn’t receive a high school diploma. I was sad about not being able to retake the graduation exam

Over, the counselors were saying how they didn’t think that I will make it in life. Because of my seizures and my case teacher was saying that I will never make it to college and when he said that I was astonished at him. And I was thinking if it were his child in my situation would he say that to him?


And so he was mapping out of how I was or not able to take the

Graduation exam. I told him that I believe that I can do it this time and that was final. Soon after the discussion it was far too late to take it. However it was the only way that I could receive a high school diploma.

So after I graduated, I looked around and as always I had no one to talk to

Well there was this one girl she was nice she spoke to me and of course my grandmother was at my graduation too.


And when I got home, ITT Tech School College called His name was Steve Levite

And I never told that I didn’t received a high school diploma

Until the last minute, and then he gave me advice but it didn’t quite help much though. Soon we moved back to Tuscaloosa because my mother’s mum was not feeling so good.


Chapter 5

First soul mate


After we moved into our new house, we got settled had a lot of others helping us out. We were very lucky to have my mum’s brother help her out with her stuff, and boy did she have a lot of stuff to move in. Usually, it would take us all by night fall to get everything off the truck and into the house. After we finished getting everything inside, we and my mum help unload all of the boxes and things in our rooms. About a week later my mum was talking to me about a guy she used to swing with since high school, and she told me not to tell my grandmother or anyone about him, his name is Stanly. Stanly is a really descent guy, he is well understanding, nice and patient. Although my sister doesn’t like him all of a sudden, why I dunno. But I sure can care less on her case, Stan he is really nice and fun to have around. And then somehow, my mum got back with my sister’s dad.

It was astonishing that my mother of all people would fall into marrying

Him again. Of course the marriage did quite last long though, and the disturbing thing was, he was smart with it somehow. Pretty much I already knew that it was not going to last much longer. After the crisis discussion, my mother was single once again. And it seemed to me that every time she fell for another person stuff always happens.


A while back, after my mother and Jeremiah got a divorce, I and my mother and my sister were all homeless, and we went to a hotel and stayed there for a while. And then we moved in with a family member of hers. And we stayed there until we found an apartment, and we then moved in and got settled in. And afterwards Darrel shows up, and we all went outside and played soccer. It was fun while it lasted though. He was a good father and I really liked him as a father, he was driving PRIME INC also. After the long time of having him around we met him near a store on the west part of town. And he was talking to my mother trying to get her to give him another chance to change. To the point that he gave up smoking even though I knew it would be quite difficult for him. Over and over he asked for another chance, although I didn’t’ know the whole story about what happened.


And after the conversation was over, we drove by as I saw him standing hopeless. I felt sorry and I was also sad for him, and then after that I never saw him again. I never forget when I first met him at the T.A truck station. He was generous and kind, also nice.


After a few years past, we moved into another house in Birmingham Homewood, after my mother mistakenly send me back to the school were some of the people,

That I used to know and joke with only to fit in, at that time I thought that I would never get out and withdrawn from central high school. The school was

Old and not very pleasant, during class other students would go and smoke in bathrooms and cut class. In my 7th period class I hated being in there. These two girls were bothering me and asking me bizarre perverted questions. This school was filled with thugs and girls dressed like s***s and w****s.


Anyways after that I was so glad we were going to move back to Homewood. Well also because the house we brought form an old lady named Mary Palma. We were living in an old house that she has not been supported. The house was very old, and it had no insulation. And she had a dog named betoven. Staying at our back yard, although it has been ages since she came to visit it.


So back to Homewood we went, as we all went back it reminded me of Jeremiah. I missed him a lot, he was the reason why I felt like I had hope, and also helped me with my school work. He also taught me how to tell time on a hand clock,  and the funny thing is I was about 15 years old still not know how to tell time until now. My mother was teaching me however, she was not making any sense at the time.

And that’s when I had a hard time telling time at the time.


So on during the times we stayed there, I was so glad to go back to Homewood to me some of my school mates there. My sister at times always on the computer on a bebo chatting site, she was trying to get me to get on and make an account. I told her no, until that day I stated getting on every day. There was this girl I always talk to on bebo she was a good friends from Australia. And then days past my first date was with a girl named Meghan Lauthai, we lasted for like a month in a half. And then she left me for another person, and she sort of had feelings for him. And then later she left me, I was so hurt for the first time; it was like my soul was tormented.

With an inner torture of blackness from the darken other world.

I had never felt this way before, and then my second person was with some girl named Jennopher, although it didn’t last long. I have been out with about 9 people or more, I was told by my mother about online dating and such. But I refused to listen to them. Later back then when I was in the 5th grade I vowed to never get married nor date no one. I didn’t like girls at all, and no I am not gay and not at the time either. I just did not want to go through what my mother went through, and after all of seeing what all she went through, in relationships had a bad influence on me up to now. Anyways all of my dating soul mates were online, never in my life have I ever dated anyone in real life.


Chapter 6

Feelings of guilt


Still again living in Northport, AL and well been there for about 2 yrs now moved on the year of 2008. It was a neighborhood place called Meadowlake, and it was very descent and quite. Not much ruckus goes on there, a lot of descent people were friendly and you know for the first time we ever moved into a quiet neighborhood. The way experiencing the new area was like, tapping your penises

Together and stuff like that. One day I took a walk outside to view and see what the rest of the neighborhood was like, it was quite nice. This place had a nice walk way and every once in a while some cars travels through their trying to get to their house. And they also had a pond nearby, with swans and baby duckies. Although no one was allowed to feed them, and neither can they go anywhere near the pond. The rules stated that, for what reason I don’t know. Yet it was mysterious though,

Soon I discovered that my new address was Meadowlake Dr. W Northport, AL 35473. Later on throughout the next 20 days living there with Marilyn and my sister Marilyn D. Hill ( my mum), I began to cut the grass and taking care of button, which is my mum’s dog well a family dog. And from time to time wash the cars. The one thing that bothered me was that the first time when I started cutting the grass. Afterwards I was feeling sick and my nose started to get congested and I began to have allergies. Then by that time I started to hate cutting the grass, and summer time it began to be so hot it was like being in a heated furnace, over 380F. And also I found out that since we have ponds and water where we live, that it begins to be even hotter than usually because of that. Spring was the worse season ever because of the pollen especially in the area where I lived.


Well days past, so on I was on my way to check the mailbox and it was very cold outside. A stray dog came to me and usually dogs would stay away, but this puppy was about 5 to 7 inches long and about approximately, 6 inches tall. He had poke dots on his fur. He came up to me weeping, I was looking left and right yell out to see was anyone missing a dog. But no one answered of course he may have came a long way, and so I was trying to make it back into the house knowing I had things cooking on the stove. And as I went in I felt sorry for the lost dog, so I went into the storage room and got some of buttons dog food to feed to the

Stray dog. It was a paper plate full of dog food. It was the baneful mixed with carrots, beans, meat, stream beans, corn, and much more flavored vegetables.

The dog ate like no tomorrow, as if he never eaten in years. So far it was like he was going to eat the plate. I was peeking through the window, and saw him eat I was glad that I could at lease feed him at lease there was nothing else I could do for it.


I got on the phone and told my mum about it and she suggested to I should have let him stayed in the back yard. But, never would I think that she would ever say anything like that. After that, I started eating what I cooked and went to lay down a bit. During those times I noticed that I have been single for a while, and I was having a good time never have to worry.


Then again, or did I one day after my sister’s dad got back together knowing it was not going to last anyways. They found out about Job corps, and I was like….. Job corps? In my head, and my sister’s dad his name was Charles Owens. Him and my mum once in the past got into a fist to fist fight, and I was 11 yrs old when this happened. So he was explaining to me about working a trade, and how that they

Specializes in getting your driver’s license, and getting your G.E.D or High school

Diploma and ETC. I was happy to hear that, and then I was thinking well, if only if

Only if I heard about this sooner. Oh well late is better than nothing I guess, as we

All know that things happen for a reason. So my mum signed me up and then got me registered. I needed to write an essay on why I would I want to come to job corps and yada-yada like and again tapping your penises together and such.

So I started on my essay, and then after that I was waiting and waiting, for my time to go. While my mum was talking on the phone to a guy named Mr. Robertson

He was working there at the time. And well, my mum thought it was going to be like my own room and such, I was thinking that also. So after that I was waiting until one day it was time for me to go to the public library. I had to sing out on a lot of forms and stuff to get in, and after that my OA counselor her name is Ms. Tonya Collins. She wanted to get to know everyone and to see how everyone’s attitude was. And it seemed that everybody was well to get along with, so after the meeting I went back home and waited to leave. And finally after a long wait it finally came time for me to leave. Of course I was nerves, and my mum was weeping and I was calming her down. I did not like to see my mum cry, so the bus came and I left. Other then when I used to live in Homewood AL I used to get on the bus to go to my grandmother’s house, after that that was it. But this time it was about 5 hours away from home, and so on I made it to Nashville TN bus station.

And then got back on the bus again heading to Bowling Green bus station. And as I was arriving there, I happened to meet some others that were heading to where I was headed. And at last I made to Great Onyx Job Corps, it was like a disserted just like the guy I spoke to on the phone said, In the middle of nowhere. And when we all arrived there, we had to get our bags checked and assigned to a bay advisor.

Well at least that’s how it was done when I first arrived there, a lady name Ms. Paula took me into her bay. The bay was C bay, it was pronounced as commented Bay and as I entered their was others their also. So I got settled and was put into the room with others too they all seemed quite friendly, and well I guess they were ok.


And well it took me about 3 days to get used to the place and the showers. Although again it has been exactly 3 days since I had a shower, so during the meeting with Chad Jaggers, we were left in the building alone and the others were acting crazy and sneaking into his office and it was crazy. The most things that surprise me was they all looked up to me for some reason, and then later on I discovered that they are my G.O. brothers I assume. At the time I did not understand what G.O. means, I guess you live and learn.


Days and times went by I was working hard, and had to work in KP I couple of times. During the times I was their G.O. brothers left after we got back from winter break, and I noticed that some of them didn’t come back. I begin to wonder where

Or why haven’t they come back? I guess they didn’t really have a reason to be there in the first place. After that we had to go to education and take a tabe test, we had to do trade visits. And I had chosen Business Technology, although I had to wait a while to get in. And one of my G.O. brothers they nick named him Smokey; I did not know what his real name was or couldn’t remember. He was really pissed about not getting accepting I heard that he didn’t get accepted was because the instructor was accusing him of something about a song, which was really stupid.


Chapter 7

Behind closed doors


During the times I stayed it was like any other I was hungry and we always had about three meals a day. There were times when we had a cook out, and went on movie trips and did big events in the gym. The next day at the assembly, C bay won the bay of the month trophy. And everyone was excited, I didn’t understand the important of it, but I guess I had a lot to know about stuff. So after the assembly in the gym, we went out to eat at Ryan’s. As a big celebration for the bay of the month awards and we all had a good time. I sat somewhere by myself, I felt that I do not fit in with others. After we ate and had a good time, we headed back on center. And suddenly, a fuss commotion had got started over someone that broke into their locker. While we were out, and I have never seen or heard such anger emotions.


Later everyone were dressing up in black clothing, and going after the one who

Broke into the bay lockers. And there I was talking big as if I was really going to do something about it when I was not going to. So everybody had to keep a low profile because the staff kept coming in every 20 minutes, and so they all snuck out to another bay of where they assume the culprit would be. Afterward, I heard some of the students talking about it; they were saying that none of them wouldn’t tell them where the he was. I heard of someone by the nickname of “Tear Drop,’’ and on center a lot of students give out such bizarre names like s**t bag, catfish, baby face, and even yellow boy. And many more strange ones I will not say, but hypothetically at times I wonder where or how they come up with these names. No wonder why they never insult others by their names no more.


About that time I got used to the place, however I met some nice people there. They nick named him Tito Vido. LOL, and many other people as well, and one night well all got settled in bed and I was listening about how everybody lost their virginity and such. They were very good yet interesting stories, Gerald the way he told his made it interesting well him and Larry. In the morning I was helping out with others, and getting what they called positives and also leadership positives. However I thought what is the difference in the two? I guess somewhat the same, they even had me doing a bay leaders job and I was not even a room leader yet.

It was awesome though, even morning before I leave I always ask Koko and the others was their anything else they wanted me to do before I left and I was good to go. And days passed, T.C left he completed I missed him, Aram and Benny.

Tinton became bay leader, and soon after we moved to E bay he left and completed. All that was left was Koko, Aram and William Green. Then after me and Derek Amos which we were the only two G.O. brothers on center of course, we had a sister in the group also.


During the weekends I went for the first time to the waterfall, it was neat and it was me, Josh Vetzel, and Alex. Well all took pictures and stuff and then by dawn we all left. And me and Tito and the others were playing Mario party 8 LOL, it was fun. And then later I had realized that I had an opportunity while I was in Job Corps Great Onyx. And I took care of my responsibilities too, I was a really hard worker and I dedicated myself, and applied myself into my work and why I came on center to do. And of course have a little fun while doing so, it’s just for some others they lose control and not know what they are there for. So anyways, I was put into room 4 and Aram was the room leader there, and well at the time I had a problem with Josh Vetzel and well of course, Camerion they nick named him F.B.I. I guess because he was like a police or something. Anyways josh was like a wild guy back then, and one time him well his girlfriend or friend whatever. Said something smart to me, and well I was furious so I replied back rashly. And well Josh liked to horse play at the time, he put me on the ground and had his knee on my chest rib. It almost cracked a little, however he maybe or not notice and suddenly I blacked out and after that I didn’t know what happen after they I remember just standing there with my head caught in arm lock by josh.

All I was really trying to do in the beginning was to leave the room, and I went to talked to Tito about it. And after that John became room leader in room 4. Everyone nicknamed him Jesus because he had really long hair and he looked like Jesus, I thought it was a bit too far on as far as nicknames concern. However afterwards I guess it wasn’t so bad I guess. So on every since he became room leader, him and josh seemed to get along quiet well. And of course I had a problem with josh begging me for food and going into my locker and things. I spoke to Ms.

Paula about it. And after that I was asking her about me moving to room 3 with tito and the others, cause I didn’t like being in there with josh. So I did so and later new people moved in, Kelsey and Tyler Tool.


I met Tyler in Shirley; I was listening to some of my best bands on my iPod. And he came over and asked if he could listen to it, so I did and he seemed to like at first when the routine in the music but then afterwards he asked me, have I ever heard of a band called insomnium. And I told him no and has he heard any of the bands that I liked and he told me no. And then he wanted me to come into H bay, and I was really apprehensive about it because there was a rule saying that other students are not allowed to be in any other bay accept their own bay. And so he told me to not worry, and we started listening to insomnium. For the first time in my mind I was saying this is the metal that I am looking for and I really liked it even more when he started talking about it. And so on we spent another 30 mins, listening to more songs and then he began to tell me about himself, Tyler was a type that liked European metal, and not American metal. He also not only that loves the sophistication of it and hearing other varieties of metal. So then after that I met a guy named Will which he is also known as Wild Will, or Wilbert White.

Wilbert White was his real name, it’s just has is often known to be known as Wild Will. Me, Will and Tyler were listening to music and gave our opinions on it. Then later on Tyler stopped hanging out with me and Will and we both used to hang out all the time in Shirley dorm. Then about a year later things changed and me and will stopped hanging out like we normally do, and then later on he was hanging out with other people, and I was always left alone sitting at tables by myself away from others. I never liked being around other people, and I was known as a gothic person which I am still, and of course I was giving retard nicknames such as Chris Brizzey, well fusion was alright though. Anyways I was going to see Mr. Turner; we talk about my problems of being accepted and how to cope with different personalities of others. Then soon after that he was laid off, and I really enjoyed talking to him. And after we moved to Shirley dorm to E bay, and I was the room leader there. And every single day on Tuesdays we always get new students there, Tyler resigned and Trevor? I don’t know where he went, so after that I met Dante and Dustin Robertson and Mark Northington Chris Witt and Allen also Excalibur. And also Corey Kester. And well Mark was a big problem, and he smelled badly. And soon he was moved out of E bay because he would not follow directions.


So every day we had new students, and Dwaine which everyone calls him virgin Islands gave up being a room leader, and so did mike and Zack. Well me I stayed there thick and thin, there were fights and fusses going on and other issues.

And then I met a guy named Justin Adams, he was a descent guy. Gave good advices, and was very unique. However it was something strange about him, though I couldn’t quite put my finger around it. And then I was standing around outside and I saw this new girl that he was talking to. And I was like Ah; I guess she is a new student here. I didn’t really know or met the girl until like about the time Justin dumped her which he wanted to prefer being called L’’ from an anime series called death note.

Others call him CD because he told me he had OCD’s.


Well later I saw her in the game room wrestling with other students, everyone seemed to enjoy her, and then later I heard that she was dating Justin. Before then I heard that she asked him out, and I was a type that I didn’t really care what others do. I just wanted hurry up and leave this place and plus I have been there for

About 7 to 9 months now. Then only time we could leave was on winter and summer break. So I went into the game room to play a bit, and I saw her holding on to Justin’s arm I take that they are dating now. So afterwards it didn’t last but about a week and I saw Justin and it seemed that he did not care about her at all. I felt sorry for her, and then she was crying and left the game room and then I left the game room and went to see her and that was the time that I met her, I hugged her although knowing me I do not do handshakes nor hugs, but I made troops this time. And I told her if she needed anything that I will be there to help her, soon after that even after he dumped her she was still clinging to him as like he was just a puppy to her. I and Blankman saw it but I guess she was too blind to see it until afterwards. So one morning I was heading out the door and the bay leaders were Dustin Allen, Koko Adusalem, Josh, and also Kaffy.


Dustin came up to me asking me about a girl named Samantha, now knowing me I do not really keep up with everybody on center and he was telling me that

He feels that me and her would make a good couple, cause our compatibility.

And interests. And I told them that I have a girlfriend, and her name is Sara Harris. She and I dated for 9 months and lately the relationship has been a burden to me because of the things that we happening in our relationship. She had this Chris wheeler guy came over and had sex with her; it was a terrifying relationship that I was in pain and I tossed and turned all night. And then later she cheated on me with someone on the messenger, and her brother Patrick told me about it. And I was hurt after the hard work I have been doing to remain on center to make a way to see her. However later I was with Samantha to the game room and she was in a Super Mario smash Bro’s Brawl Tournament. And while she was waiting for her turn I was holding her lightly and then she sat down on the table and I was standing in front of her, and held her hand. And then she played, and then we went after that to raider over to grannies and then before we walked in, out of nowhere she was telling me about her past. About her ex and how close they were, and how someone was asking of her close friends out. However she told me about Jenna and Danielle. Her two close friends, and then we went to the exit room and sat there about 20 minutes listening to her about her past and things, I wanted to say something to help her in a way I could. And I was thinking afterwards that I assume that she wants me to sit and listen to her. As what I learned seeing all of the people my mum dated, and so I just sat there and listened to her. And then days went by and I was on a day normal routine


Chapter 8

Sneak and hide


One day, I was heading to the waterfall and as I went down there, I heard Shannon and Brandon’s voice. They were talking about random stuff about how they hate their past lives and stuff. I heard on center that Shannon had sex with approximately 31 guys on center; of course I did now that most individuals knew about it. And I also knew that it was only a matter of time before she gets caught eventually. Though other students on center knows also that she goes to the waterfall, although the surprising thing was no one cared about it too much.

So me and Dustin Robertson was planning to go spy, however he was a good spy he just always seems to have a habit of hitting me too much and goofing around.

So we snuck down there and we didn’t see her, so on I went down there myself and

Turned back heading back on center, and the thing is that no one was allowed to be back there at the waterfall, because of safety wise but people kept going back there. And on my way out I ran into Samantha Josiah and Dante. They were acting suspicious and things, so I told them about Shannon and Brandon were at the waterfall. And so we all headed back and I was left with Sam at the entrance of the waterfall path. Then about 15 minutes later we headed carefully to the waterfall, and then they came back suddenly. And they told me all about it, and my purpose of it was I was hearing so many times about Shannon having sex with different guys at the waterfall, and it goes to show you that you cannot know rather if it is true or not if you do not see it for yourself. So I was going to head back on center, but I decided to go with Sam and the others to the new waterfall that they were talking about going to. And so they took pictures and things, and then later we had back to on center and Saturday morning, Sam and Josiah were heading back to the waterfall so I headed down there with them, and Josiah and Sam went down the waterfall and took pictures and I was going to the other water fall, to see if I saw anything there and headed back. So after that I and Sam and Josiah headed back on center. And later afterwards Josiah was telling me of how Blankman liked Sam and he was telling me about it since he saw me and her , well me holding her. And so after that I told Blankman about it and stayed away from Blankman and Sam because I didn’t want to get in the way of a person that he liked though she only liked him like a brother and later I found that out. And soon one night I was having a good time with Josh and his girlfriend though I noticed that josh changed a lot since John left, so anyways we were just playing around when wanted to tell me something. So I went to her and she told me about the good news, and I told her well that is good for you and then I went back and continued to have fun with josh and Gillian. And then I went to the gym and played Mortal Combat Shoalin Monks

With Tito, and she came tapping me and just I guess wanted to say hi and I said hi to her back and went back playing with Tito. And then it was about time and so I left the gym usually recreation aides stay afterwards but not anymore, so I was walking with Sam and she and I was talking and she asked me did I wanted to hang out with her and I was like hmmm sure. So we went to the exit room in Shirley but, a new staff kicked us out of that one so we went to the exit room in raider. Next to D bay, and she and I was playing around and I told her how my day was and things. And then Blankman came in and Sam was laying her back against me between my legs and then we sat there and I was holding her and then we had to sign in which was a pain anyways. So after that we left back and I noticed that she had a smiling smirk on her faces as we headed to sign in and back. And then we went to the exit room where we once was at,  but that one was full so we went into the one next to C bay. And the lights were off, and then I was holding her. And after that she wanted to speak to me alone so then she rose up and laid in my lap and then she got up and fixed herself up, and before I left she pulled me and grabbed a hold of me and hugged me for a while and then she kissed me. And for the first time I was kissed by a girl in real life because I was dating a lot of people online a lot. And well I felt her love flow within me it was so strong, so relaxing.

And then I woke up around 7am, and asked for Sam and she came and we went to breakfast.  Then I was talking to Blankman and she was rubbing on my leg with her hand, and I that’s when I found out that she did had a crush on me and loved me as I did her. So we went to the back middle door, of the lunchroom and made a story to tell Blankman encase. And so we started dating and I was happy, and though she was still dating Jenna. She at first loved me and her but then it came to a point that she had to choose between me and her.


Chapter 9

The hidden truth



Blankman massively got over with me and Sam dating. The day came for everyone

To go home for winter break, and finally I got home. It has been a while, since I been home. Well then again if you can say, or either call it home. Stay for a while before winter break started, Ms. Paula wanted to give me more days even after winter break to stay at home. I didn’t want to cause I wanted to be with Sam, and on top of that again I did everything I could to stay along beside her. But I was already set to leave for good. So during the winter break I called on her friend’s phone, it took a while for me to notice. Not the fact that I was slow, it was because well I wanted to talk to her for a while. Soon I had this pounding pressuring feeling, it was like she broke up with me kind of feeling, or the fact that somehow she would choose her over me.


And during the time just as I thought that I was supposed, to be at home to have a break. Well my mum kept getting onto me, and lecturing me as always. Nothing ever changes about that. Even so, besides of feeling who was Sam going to choose. I noticed that something didn’t quiet feel right at home, though I could not put my finger around it. It was quiet strange, and then finally we went to church and I finally got to meet my spiritual father and my mum, well sometimes I get to talk to her. Other times she was busy and I was not able to see her, then finally it was time for me to go back G.O. its Great Onyx however among many students it was popular to call it G.O. for short. So on while waiting for the bus at the station I saw James Prewitt and Hitler, well his real name was Lee. Though others call him Hitler just because he looks like Hitler kind of like John that was nicknamed as Jesus, and pretty much you get the idea from there. Afterwards we stopped at the Nashville bus station, we waiting for like 2 hrs and 45minutes for the buses to arrive. Then after the bus arrived, everyone got on the bus except me. Because there was no more room on the bus for me as I was waiting to get on, and I thought I was going to be stuck at the bus station, I was a bit nervous and I spoke with the one of the workers of the bus station, and the other bus was not scheduled to be going to Bowling Green bus station. However it was a blessing that I made to the bus station. And then I finally arrived at the bus station, and it was starting to snow. Lucky only this time, we did not have a snowstorm like last year.


After I arrived there I was happy that I go in on time well we waited on the bus for about 6 hrs. Because the bus driver from Birmingham bus station ran over I bag cart. And then we waited for another bus to arrive, and that’s why we came on center late. And I was so glad to see Sam again and all the pondering feelings had left me. And I felt safe seeing her again and my heart was at peace, and I had to go get my bags check and went to E bay just as I thought I was still the remaining room leader their it turned out that I was not. And so I waited and Ms. Paula moved me to B bay. I felt as though she kicked me out of E bay, and also she had this grudge with me and Sam. Which she just had to get over it or just jealous maybe I don’t know. So on because of it she gave me a 54 on my panel and normally I get 60’s every time. And she kept bringing up the deal with me and Sam issue.  Anyways days went by and it was time for me to leave, before then me and Blankman were sitting around talking meanwhile Sam was asleep. And Mr. Jaggers told me that I was going to be leaving; tomorrow in about 1pm although I miss heard him for 1am. And I and Blankman were shocked, and it was kinda hard to explain but we waited until she ate dinner first to tell her. And then we headed to Raider dorm in the exit room next to D bay. And there I told her while Blankman stood there listening, and then I hold her in my arms. I was hurt and even though it was going to be hard for her mostly it was going to be even harder on me than it was going to be for her. Encase you haven’t notice is because I never told you until now. I never had a father figure in my life, and I only have the cares of a mother’s touch. And also I am kind and soft hearted and I hurt easily, I am very considerate of others and love to help other people. Also love to meet other people, so afterwards I left the next day and one last hug from my little girl Sammy. And then I left heading back home for good. When I got home I was glad to see my mum and be home.


And afterwards of course I had to clean my room up again and take the trash out and ETC. Days and days since being at home, I was having this unsecure feelings of Sam and though that maybe something happened to her. The plan that I left for her and Blankman to be together and keep an eye on her that plan suddenly faded. And this feeling was so strong on me; I couldn’t even concentrate on anything it was like the feelings of a brake up only even worse. The feelings I had been pounding me as though I was going to have a heart attack. And so on the communication was good until suddenly it changed; every time I got to talk to her she was always in a hurry to go. And she was never telling me things. I call a bay and asked Blankman of what was wrong with her and things. And we started talking and came to a conclusion that she was hiding something. And then when I got to spoke to Sam again, she asked me of why I was telling Blankman that she was hiding something, and I told her that because I wanted to make sure that everything was ok. Although I knew everything about her except when it came to long distant relationships, and then on my calendar I saw that when she calls it goes in patterns and then the next week it fluctuates.


I looked and I found it bizarre, and there were times that she told me to call at pacific times and when I called she was never their and then we planned to just call occasionally because her roommate Christina, her cell phone was about to get turned off, for what reason I guess because of  money complications or other. And she told me that she can’t call me every day so we made the idea of calling from time to time. And then she started hanging out with a guy nicknamed medium red, on the other hand known as Jonny Applesauce LOL.

The name because popular among me Sam and Shannon hahahaaah, good times.

And so later she began to hang out with Diana and medium red more, and then she told me that she was watching porn. I got onto her about that, and told her not to do that anymore only when she is around me. She did tell me that she thought of me during that time however that did not feel right at least she can read yoai in the bay. And then her first weekend pass was with Diana to big reds house, and they had a good time went out to eat and went to the movies and the mall the next day. After that I was calling to make sure she made it back safely. And she did, afterwards way back G bay were such a major hand full, I heard that they set the trash cans on fire and smoking weed in the bathrooms, also Sam was in the middle of it though she had nothing to do with it. And at the time I got onto her about doing her work in trade and no video games in class only after school she could play games. And she was crying on through the phone and I was worried, wondering what happened and she told me. And so on I noticed that, since I left, things were getting even more worser then it was when I was there. And even also, G bay called the police. Things were getting crazy down there, and I was worrying about Sam and hoping that she was ok. I heard also that another student was rapped on center.


And meanwhile I was trying to get into college had my financial aid done and things. The thing was I was sick of staying at home 24/7, all I could do was to stay and do house work. And then I noticed that things changed at home and things were not the way they used to. My sister had strangers over and also my mum had people over also. It was crazy, and then my mum and you know how mums are and those corny rules. I was not allowed to no longer play games in the living room, or either sleeps on the couch or the floor. And things were getting much difficult for me, I was waiting for my mum to get the tag for the care and she began to get quizzetive about it, and the other time we got back from Shelton because I had to take the compass test. And  for some reason every time I ride with her she always lectures to me about me doing this and that and then talks about other random stuff, however I had no idea what she is talking about. Though she was comparing me with other kids out their saying that I do not know right now of what she is talking about and such. And the thing is what she is talking about confuses me and she gets to the point when at first she makes since and then later she doesn’t. It was getting on my nerves any way, and then I also found out that I and my mum do not have the closeness that we used to have; the only time she will ever speak to me is when she wants something done around the house. And every day I wish to myself that I never have left G.O. Things were getting so frustrating at home, even when it came asking mum something simple she gets the point where she doesn’t even want to help me. And there were times where I felt like I did not even exist in the house anymore, she always spent time with my sister. And then later I began to feel as though, I was living with someone else and still at Job corps at the same time. Will I ever get a college degree? Will I even succeed in getting my license?

The questions I asked will be a mystery and this story continues.


To Be Continued…..








My life story

Part 2


Things in my life began to seem hard and harder down the road. Although it is quite thrilling to know somehow survive, in this story is second part is left over from the first one.

Sometimes it seems harder and harder down the road, at times I wonder. Will I ever

Get a life on my own and how will I get to see my girlfriend again. I really need Gods help through this

So I can travel and help others as I always wanted and reach my goals on the

Right path.


I guess the longer I live the more phases in life you go through, which is part of life.

Now of understanding a bad influence of life.

Will I ever make it in college? Or even become a successful artist

That I always dreamed of and also seeing my fiancé?

Read on to find out.


Chapter 10

The suffering


After being at home for so long, I was looking forward to getting out for a while. I am a type of person to a certain degree; staying at home 24/7 is not my style. Also being a homebody is crucial, so I called my grandmother to see if she was busy but she wasn’t, so I was getting my stuff ready to go by Friday. Before then me and my mum got into an argument, things were getting stressful and it was to the point I couldn’t take it anymore. Of course it was getting bad enough between me and her, that I could hardly talk to her about nothing. Every time I did she started lecturing me about how I am doing things to hurt her feelings and how she reasently notice thing yet she says nothing about it. Me, well I stay in my room on my laptop a lot but I do work around the house well sometimes when she tells me any ways.


After the argument was over, I was still pissed off. I was looking on my computer and saw that Blankman sent me a message saying that Samantha was feeling moody today, so she didn’t feel like talking.

I was even more pissed to the fact that she started acting that way; however it was new to me.

I never encounter her having mood swings since the first time I saw her before we dated. She seemed daily, to be energetic. And always full of energy, like nothing can stand in her way I knew all about her because she told me more.  Yet never I knew she would be this way, I guess it’s just a one time for that point. While I was encouraging her, she seemed likely to give up. I assume in my mind that she was giving up on our relationship at the time, on the other hand I was thinking two things at the same time.

Either she was giving up on me and leaves me cause of the tragic of G.O. (Great Onyx Job Corps). Even for long then I got over it and considered it as just because of the, students and other things.


Of course I understood that she was trying to finish up so she can leave and be prepared to live in with me. So of now I was still stuck at home doing house work and other things, I always check the mail for my mum, and make her bed up. Often times, I even vacuum the floors.  Every time I make a mess I always clean up behind myself, I have potential. I am not dump or retarded, nor am I lazy I love to work and have no problems with it. The only thing I wanted to do was to get out of the house for a while and see the sites or something. I told my mum however she never listens to me yet she claims she does, and things aren’t so great at home, every time I am at home I get to feeling depressed and anxiety. So anyways I was having a good day until my mum ruined it with her loudly lectures, and things got complicated for me.  So I needed a time out, and that’s all I needed.


So after the argument, I was talking with James on the phone, and I heard Shannon in the background. I wanted to talk to her to congratulate her for finishing education. And so I got to talk to her, and I asked about how things were going with her, and well she randomly told me that Samantha was wearing someone elses clothes. Only medium’s coat, I was upset then and I told her to talk to me whenever she got into the dorm. I got onto her about it and got it settled, only two things she did was watching porn with red and also wearing his coat. Without knowing that was wrong to do, and anyways, James and Shannon on the phone were stressing to me about the new rule about no walking on the grass.

At first I started to think it was a dumb rule to make, but it becomes clear wants you think about it. Also James told me about the new color phase card ‘’ Platinum’’ and it was getting crazy. And I was upset about him already about the blue card issue, after that things were going ok. And well right now it has been days since I got registered for college; however I rarely studied any tried to anyways. However it was hard to focus at home sometimes.


Chapter 11

The final line


After the tragic argument was over, I checked my email on, and Blankman sent me a message saying that Sam was very moody and she did not feel like talking. At the time he told me that it was something that has to do with what happened at school. After that I was concerned and hoping that she was ok, after that time I called A bay to reach Blankman and he was not there. So I called F Bay, and I didn’t want to bother others in the bay asking about her, so I found a back up friend LOL.  And I asked how Sam was doing and they assume that I wanted to know if she was there. I told them that Blankman sent me an email about that she was not in the mood to talk, and she told me about other students on the phone. Were being really loud, and I told her that I really needed her even though we both promised each other. And so on we talked for about 15 minutes, and then about 2 hours later, she emailed me to call her. And Sam was saying over and over that she really need me right now and I really want to be there with her too, we ran out of plans to getting her on the personal leave, so the only thing we could go by was for her to finish school. And just go from there, and the next day James Prewitt called.


As I thought it was him, sure he did call a few times. Just very often though, and I picked up and it was Shannon. I did what Sam told me to do and got off the phone with her quick, however she told me about the coat issue from about the day before. And after that I was talking to James and then my phone battery was low, so I have to hang up and recharge my battery. Then during the night, I was on yahoo and I added my girlfriends’ best friend Jenna to my messenger list. And I spoke to her for a while, and got to know her a little bit based of what mostly what my girlfriend said about her two friends.

After that it was time for me to go to my grandmother’s house, and I didn’t have the key to the house. My mum was supposed to remake another one because she gave the current house key to her friend named Joe. And for some reason, no offense at times she sure does pick some odd individuals. Anyways I got my stuff ready and left home; all I really needed was a break from the house, Cause of the fact I barely go anywhere except the only time I get out is to church and that’s it.


Although it was boring and specially doing house work and ETC stuff, the only thing that I could do was be ready for college other than that. As I arrived to my grandmother’s house, my cousin was still on punishment. Again for the same reason, because his grades were dropping. It was stupid the fact that he is still doing well in school, I have two cousins that I love to goof off with. My two cousin’s names are Jared and Xavier; they are really cool to hangout and laugh with at some crazy stuff. And during the time I was there, my aunty her name is Rena, she was always acting weird every time I came over. It didn’t make any since, the only thing was is I found out by my two cousins that every time I leave to go back home, she questions them about anything I said or did. I didn’t understand why however, it was strange and I also noticed that every since she made that threatening statement, not once she came too apologized. I guess it doesn’t bother her, she always at times treat me like a stranger or an enemy, And so we all agreed that they will not say anything to her about nothing that has been talked about among us. Plus it was not like it was something serious or anything.


When she arrived over to grandmother’s house, Xavier asked in front of Reena that can he use my computer to type on it. And I told him that if it was ok with your mum if he could, and Reena quickly said why can’t he? You play with his games at the house.’’ And I told her that when she said that he couldn’t play no games I didn’t want her thinking that he was playing games on my computer when, he wanted to although he wanted to draw on it. And after that, she left and for the rest of the time being we had a good time.


Chapter 12

A bizarre moment


Days have went by,  this month I was getting ready to register for college of course my mum was trying to get me to take online classes to reduce the effort of gas. So afterwards, we both decided to leave in about half an hour. We arrived at school for me to register, and knowing me I am not quite good at the registration part. And my mum was expecting me to know what I was doing, the whole purpose was for her to make sure that I am doing things right. Registration though was getting to be a pain, I mean financial Aid, (Pell grant). And etc other things, so I had to wait in school for what they called it ‘’THE S.T.A.R.T. UP DAY’’ I guess its registration and giving a big warm welcome to the college all combined. After that was over I registered for my classes and left with my class schedule, and I went to the cashier.

To cash my Pell Grant for my classes however the lady at the counter, told me to speak with someone named Ms. Loretta. And I and my mum spoke to her and all she asked was my birth certificate, to show prove that I am a residence here in Alabama. The main reason behind it was I was told at the cashier department that I was a non-residence.


A while back as far as I can remember, I usually not talk about it. Well at the lease I never did have any expectations to one day explain it to my girlfriend Sam. When I was 11 years old, my sister I am guessing approximately around somewhat close to my little cousin’s age, let’s just say one time we discovering things. We used to back then play a game of mixing everything up in a bowl to see what happened; well I guess you can say we were bored at the time or just likely being nosey. So anyways one time we were

I and my sister in the room one night and my heart was pounding and pretty much you get the idea. However we didn’t know anything about intercourse except of what we know little of. This was a very personal and it gets even worse well in my case since I am the person writing this book. And then once that stopped between me and her, I was doing that with another person. Now again it was the same thing like as if it were me and my sister were doing. On the contrary of this of what I am telling you is all you get from me, like I said before it is very personal even I do not wanna have and thoughts about this.

So after the registration in school, I went to the store to see how much in total that my books were going to cost me. I only asked the employer there, to only add up there on the used books because I did not have enough for the new books. And basically to have some money left over afterwards, after I finished my mum left the school. On the way their I told her about something’s that were going on, over my grandmother’s house. I told her about me asking my real dad about driving, but you see the thing is, I can drive really well, it was just I needed a warm up. That’s all; however it’s taken me longer than I expected to on trying to get my license I hope that I can get my license soon.


I didn’t have to go back until 6/7/2010 in June, and then my classes end in august. I was asking my mum about the class issue since I want be able to take the same classes again. She seemed aggravated as if she was repeating herself over and over. She at times starts to talk about something, and then never finish want she says. I hated when she does that HA, and when I ask her something she never responds at times she does that often though. So I rested and did a little spring cleaning yesterday, and then I spoke to one of my school mates from school. And well we talked for about 15 minutes, and then he was going to have my girlfriend call me when she and her friend got to his house, well I spoke to her finally last night. The only thing is about Sam is due to her A.D.D is understandable; on the other hand she doesn’t seem to be mindful nor responsible about stuff especially simple stuff half of the time or often.

She and her friends were joking about her not or is a virgin, and I told her that she better not have not of cheated on me. In that case pretty much I had some suspicions about Sam. Since I have been gone, however I didn’t go that far with it. And as for the joke I found that a bit not of a joke, I was pissed at her anyway and also the fact that every time I and Sam have the chance to talk it is always a 5 to 10 second talk.

I got pissed and sick of it I truly thought about giving up on her, plus me dating her this whole time I didn’t even get a chance to get over my ex Sara and what she did to me. At that point I began to assume that it was meaningless for me and Sam to even communicate, since we hardly talk about anything. And since the fact that we always spin a second on the phone with each other.


However I told her about me going to start my classes this summer, she didn’t seem enthused about it.

Anyways this relationship is really killing me right now, and then I began to think. Did she have any clue that since I have been here longer than her that I am complete with my classes already? I guess not until the last minute. She is a kind hearted sweet person it’s just, with her on G.O it’s getting to be ridiculous. Although I love her so much. And I am not saying that I will give up on her, it was just the fact of how I was feeling. The distance with her on G.O. and the hurt feeling from what my ex did to me, and with my mum always yelling and lecturing me. It was driving me crazy, and it was feeling of a burden on me. Plus I had no other way to go see my girlfriend Sam; it was getting to be overwhelming.


Chapter 13

Left untold


There were times where I really wanted to sit with her and have like a 24 hours fun talk however I can never talk to her about anything, because she is always wanting to get off the phone so much. I guess that is telling me to save it until hopefully we see each other, every night I always pray for her. And for Blankman to help her finish her work, so she can leave that place. She was supposed to speak with a counselor about her issue however; she has not been able to speak with her. Except once about summer break. During on that time I have been working on getting my license, and getting the hang of college as far as the classes and knowing how to switch classes from different seasons.

Other than that, I will be starting school soon and also my counselor from Job Corps called suddenly. Wanted some update information on me and how things are going. After that she told me to call her back the next day and I did and couldn’t get her, so I didn’t worry about it.

While being at home, things were getting dull and boring, no one online to chat with and no one to talk to. Meanwhile my mum has her friend or boyfriend or whatever you call it keeping her company, and my sister is always out with her friends a lot. And then I am at home sitting like a dunce on the log with nothing, although I did fine someone to chat with on the yahoo messenger. Her name was Ciarra D I added her on yahoo and chatting with her, and gees what is with this girl. She keeps calling me baby a lot. It was getting annoying, and then as I was chatting with her all she was doing is wanted me to get on a webcam site. And well at first I went along with it because I figured that she wanted to me to rate her or something like that. And so she was directing me on it and I came to realize that, it was a setup, so afterwards I canceled my account on their and then my card was declined. What a load of crap, and I made sure that it was first and last thing this was going to happened to me.


A while back, I used to stay on sky land Blvd in Woodlawn Manner apartments. While living there for some time now, I met some play mates to have a good time and hang out with. The first person I met was Mike and Brandon, me and those two had a good time together. We used to wrestle in front of the office were the outside pool was, and then we always used to go at the back of the houses and into the woods. In the woods there was this big tree that we always used to hangout and climb. It was fun, the good times sure does brings me back a bit though. And then I used to go to their house and play video games and just hangout as well. And then one day they moved out, and after that I met another person named Cliff he was about less a year older more like 10 or 7 years old. I was 12 back then, and I and he used to play bey blades a lot. One time, I brought a bey blade stadium. And then a remote control bay blade top, dragoon has always been my favorite bay blade ever.  And slightly Trunzor the phoenix bird, anyhow it was fun we played all day until it was time for us to go back home. And then later I met Chris Jones Which we used to call him CJ for short, me and him and sometimes Cliff comes around. However it was always me and him, I got to know him a little bit better. At first I thought he was the only child however I found out that he had brothers and sisters, but they were not related to him. And my mum met his mum and things went on great. We visit their church, and made their church our church home, and then I and he were always goofy and loved to laugh a lot. And he got to spend a night over my house and I spend the night over his. And his mum was really nice, and well I got to know her a little bit as far as like a short version of her life and stuff. And then later on we came across and met Chris Jones well the same name as CJ he was a mystery quite person yet nice and sometimes in his own way. And then I and CJ and Chris Jones were making plans to go to Kmart to buy some new bey blades. We were trying to go to exchange for another bay blade, so we did and went back home. And well he was going to a dueling tournament at BOOK’s A Million store. And after that we went to his house and sat down and we hung out for a bit. And then we saw his little dog, I think it was like a cocuspanial and a toy puddle put together well I’d say a toy puddle for my guess of choice.


And so CJ was playing with him for a bit and we saw it doing something inappropriate, it was very hilarious though. So we left out the house laughing about it and knowing me and CJ he and his dog was funny combined together. Although at times Chris Jones never or not realizes it, and then days went by. And I met some neighborhood kids, and they were fun to play with me and they played wrestling at the back between apartments and then after that we were playing tag, and I hide myself in between the two drink machines LOL.  I saw them while they walked by, and then I ran to another place where I could not be seen. And then I showed up to them and they saw me and then, we went to their house to help out with the Easter eggs right after we were finished playing outside. So while we were in the house me and the other kids were just joking around, and they were the same age as my little cousin Xavier.

So while we were joking after we finished with the eggs, we went outside and their dad was directing them to clean up their belongings up and put them in the house. And I was giggling so hard and I was holding in my laugh so hard that I was so close to bursting out laughing. And then when I came back to ask if they could come out to play outside, there mother accused me of being a bad influence on them by saying perverted things. And I know it was not true because I would never do anything like that and then she told me that she was going to tell my mum about it. However I knew my mum would kill me for it, and knowing my mum she always believes grownups. So on days went pass and I found out that she never did tell my mum about it.



Later one evening my mum’s brother Zack came over, and we played video games together it was fun. Although any how I was always getting my butt kicked every time, so after a short time of playing. I have Mortal Combat 4 and Killer Instinct. I played killer instinct for a while to get the hang of the moves because at the time I discovered without discovering moves that were awesome.

Anyway after me and my uncle Zack finished playing, suddenly a conversation got started about me having school bullies at West lawn middle school. And Zack wanted me to come to him so I did so and he punched me out so hard I almost puked and then I went outside and he came out and I was running away from him to keep from getting beat up by him. Well he was trying to teach me how to fight and I am not a type to fighting others. After that he told me that I needed to start learning to fight back, and pretty much stop acting like a p***y and grow some balls. Well I am not really on type of a language such as this however it’s pretty much a shorter version of what he was saying. And then after that things got settled and then the next day me and my mum and my sister went over to my mum’s brothers house (Zack) and I met his son named whanye. He was the age around again like my cousin Xavier, and I saw him play Super Mario 64, it was a fun game not to mansion CJ had it too also I had Super Mario golf. At the time it was the only game I had, it was fun sometimes and sometimes it wasn’t. So, after that I started to play and sooner or later I got the hang of it. After that I was talking to my uncle’s older daughter, and she was talking about some of the students that I used to go to school with and so on after that I was browsing outside and this guy I don’t know what his name was but he and I were walking around. Then after that I headed back before my uncle kills me if you get what I’m saying, allow me to describe him for you so that you will understand in such simple words. He was about 7,2ft tall and he is a drinker and a smoker, the environment of him was like type that would get pissed easily and pound you until your no more. Not saying he is like that just it is the way he seemed like at times. Anyway, after we had a good time I met some of his friends their names were…… Well, Vick was the only name I knew. Their others I forgot LOL, so they all hung out at my house and then his house and smoked and drank beers. And sometimes they played spade cards, and play football, while either I stood there and watched or either played with whanye. And well whanyes older sister her name was Shell.


Chapter 14

Trash and rules


Do you wish that during the times when you were a little kid, that you wish you grew up faster or either wished you were at a certain age so that way you wouldn’t have to be dealing with mum and her bossy rules. Just like wanting to go to wonderland, such a place of no rules now one is bulling you and more going to bed at neither a certain time nor getting up at a certain time well yeah, I know it sucks. Back at the time as far as I can remember, I was 7 years old going to headstart elementary school. And well, I was a bad student people couldn’t wait to get me off their hands. Which I can pretty much tell that they had no means of patients with children. So I was like any normal child would be a pain in the a*s, although I wouldn’t go that far with that, the teacher took me to the classroom to another teacher, and she had a paint brush. And man she took the wooden part of it and it me on the knuckles with it, and then when I got home my mum was like a monster when she was disciplines me. Although later I will explain that, anyways on and off I was good and I was bad in school. As growing up through life, I realized that I only wanted to be accepted. And needed some attention, my mum thought that something was wrong with me in which case it was. Though for some time now recently I knew that it was the cost of why I was a trouble maker.


By that time when I was again 15 years old I was staying beside some neighbors I knew, and every since we stayed in Olympia Village. And well it was nice just a lot of drama going on that’s all, and well one night there was a terrible storm passing by. And the wind was so strong that I thought, a tornado was going to come towards my area.  Every morning I used to catch the school bus to school in Birmingham Homewood, and Homewood high school do not have any bus transportation. So my mum had to make reservations. Yup, and one time I never forget we all had an assembly at the auditorium and they had at school that is called a pep rally. Although at the time I didn’t know what a pep rally was, but later on I found about it. And so the pep rally lasted about 20 30 or pretty much the half of class time. Usually we have it on Fridays occasionally. Whenever we won a game or something, at the time I was hanging out with Jason Shubert me and him laugh and goofed a bit. And every time I laugh he starts to look at me for a minute and start to laugh and then I always say, ‘’OK LADIES AND GENTLEMAN LETS HAVE A MOMENT OF SILENCE.’’ And then he starts laughing and I did too it was fun, and I met some of his friends and always tell jokes random jokes. Pretty much to fit in the group because I got tired of always not having any friends, so there I was talking during the whole time in lunch. And I didn’t have the time to eat my lunch and at the time we had good lunch too.


Well *signs* I noticed that every time on the menu we always had French fries it was awesome. I never came across a school that has French fries every single day and then when the new principal go elected there goes the kicker; instead we stopped having French fries because of health issues in school and then we ended up not having a party celebration in the math section no more it was terrible. Though he seems nice, it would be cooler if he was not taking all of the good rules out.

 The worse thing about it was, afterwards everything changed after that it was like a total

new experience for me. After that later on he came to speak to me during classes change, I guess he was trying to get to know me.


As pretty much as I asked myself what else could happen? Who know?



Chapter 15

What else could happen?


Surely it has been months now since I have left Great Onyx job corps. During all of my times staying here at home I begin to feel that being a home body is not going good for me. And I felt as though out of everything I have learned is slipping away. I was never happy since I have been home, and the feeling of being back didn’t seem pleasant to me at all. Things have changed just as I thought even what I have imagined; I didn’t like the looks of it either. My mum suddenly met this guy named Joe, and he seemed to be a pleasant guy very nice. And hardworking, though I had some suspensions about him though. Even though I didn’t go that far with it however, he comes over numerous of times and stayed. One night I found out that he was sleeping with my mum, and they were not even married yet. I couldn’t understand why, and she claims that she do not believe in shaken and doing sexual things. And when I asked if my girlfriend about coming over to visit to meet my mum and my sister an also my grandmother, she refused to allow her to come over I was upset that day. Although she has friend Joe if you wanna call it that and I didn’t like the fact that she allows him to sleep with her knowing the fact that they are not married yet. I am pretty sure the Lord Jesus doesn’t approve of this either however mum is careless not to mansion. He is not a type that spends time with kids, at the moment I know he doesn’t anyway. I do not like anyone as a step father anymore so it matters little to me. Although I hope to get all the help from her I can get so that I can get my own apartment. Before things gets hectic even more around here, and to top it all off

I do not like the guy anyways. No hard feelings, he comes over here every single day and then he asks way to many questions on where things are and since he has been  coming over here a while, he should know where stuff is.


And one night I was talking to my fiancé on the phone and she just hung the phone up on me because of a pizza party that they were having, I called and called and I finally got her. She told me the good news that she is in full time G.E.D class and she tapped out of Mr. Bonners class which thank God, not to mansion she is going on a six mile road and then after that she is getting her driver’s license. I was so proud of her and I told her to keep up the good work. She went on to say that she is not only getting her G.E.D but her high school diploma also. Once you add 5 to 4 credits that’s 9 total. I asked her if she was sure she wanted to go on with this and she replied yes. So I told her to keep focusing on her work and when she gets out of their I can go the school in peace. Of course though she has been talking to me daily instead of occasionally. Which the whole time I have noticed it; she told me she didn’t like talking on telephones because she can’t see the person that she is talking too. That didn’t make any since however she has been talking to me on the bay phone for a while and didn’t seem to have any problems with it until now. Sometimes to be honest I can never understand her and these so called new moods that she has now. She was not like that since we started dating, it was strange I am begin to feel that she is not telling me all about herself more than what she is now. I noticed that she changed gradually since she been on G.O. and I didn’t like the looks of it somehow though. But I just hope she is when it comes to relations like she say she is so far the things I have been told and knowing at the times that she was always in a hurry to go somewhere, I was talking to believe in mind of what people on G.O. has been telling me. Though she is not mindful of telling me on certain things. Blankman feels that Shannon was trying to go back to James Tuner but they nicknamed him kira, and I called and told him not to quote on the comments and to talk to her about it whenever he gets the chance to talk to her.


I am starting college soon and I am quite nervous for my first time, I got a free college T �" shirt though. I guess it was pretty cool; I still had to go and put in for my school books though. Oh yeah one night my sister came over and invited some of her friends over. This one girl was claiming that do I remember her when I do not; she turned on the hallway light on and acted kind of weird though I left in time anyways.

So while I was sitting on my computer typing my mum asked me a random question and I asked afterwards of why and she claims that she was just asking, and not to mansion she asked me was I was sleeping with my girlfriend at school. So anyways it none of her business anyways and I said to myself, that’s a random question out of nowhere to be asking me what I was laughing at. The she is at times makes me feel like a limited child or something me, being a home body is really destroying me right now I wish I could get my license right now so I can go places although a stick shift I do not like it and a stick shift is not for everybody you know?


To be continued….






My life Story

Part 3




Well *signs* it sure has been a while, I never expect to come across making another series

About my life again. Oh well…I suppose it better than nothing. Anyway lately

so much has happen during the times that I have not been writing nor drawing. Supposing to doing so but

I have been busy lately with school work.

The deadlines are really killing me right now as we speak and I have been under a lot of pressure also;

For those who are reading this new copy series, before I even explain or go into any farther details"for some of you I have told and yet though there are some of you that I have not told.


However the most amazing news you shall hear them pretty soon and as far as

My speech goes, this will be my last book for now until I have plenty of leisure time to continue writing this book as like as I  would not only enjoy but to love doing it as I sit in my comfort zone

For the first time.


Well here goes I hope you enjoy the new series; the moment that you all have been waiting for

Is now here so let’s get started with the story shall we?




Chapter 16


The pressure and stress


Well as I have spoken from the previous book my first day for college has been going smooth

Until suddenly the days became a bit tight on me. During the times that I was going to school, this feeling on the inside of me kept pondering me....It was so strange to me. It seemed like no matter what I do to shake the feeling, the feeling just kept coming back again. Well not to mechion that I have not been doing so well in my classes especially in my reading class. I have been working on my math more than I did working in other subjects in school, afterwards during the time me and my ex girlfriend Sam were still dating. Soon when I got back home after school my mum came to pick me up as always, as I was getting into the car I saw that my mum had brought some luxuries and clothing for me to wear. So she told me, and I saw that she brought me some new vans, although once I open the box and the kind of vans I saw was the same ones I saw Justin Adams wore when I was in school (G.O.). Anyways my mum went to McDonalds, to pick up a friend of my sisters up because she was having a sleep over to our house. And I tell you my sister always have more people to come over then I do as far as the least person, that never have company anyway. So my mum came into the room and she wanted me to try on some clothes that I may or may not like. So after that she told me that she didn’t trust Sam, I asked why she does not trust her. And she wouldn’t tell me, the only thing she told me was something was not right about her.


I prayed and kept wondering what was going on. Well Sam sent me an email before she left off center to go home she left an email saying this:” I’m so sorry babe I have been busy packing when I get home I will call or email you because that is the day that I will be tired.” After that the next day I text her best friend Danielle and I was wondering if she made it home safely. And well later I text her wondering if she would like to read some of the books that I have made come to think of it, I have about two booking accounts one is…. And the other one is Of course I get on WC on regular basis though however a lot of individuals kept sending me book requests. Sometimes it really irritates me when other users are only thinking of themselves then to consider supporting other peoples work. But some people do not care anyways, so it matters little I guess.


Well so on, when I emailed some of my books to Danielle. Well the outcome of that was the fact that she didn’t like a lot screaming music, I was trying to distinguish the contrast between the two, but she compared every band to her knowledge as screaming bands to her (in her book). So afterwards I called Sam because she left an email saying she was going to contact me, and she never even called to let me know she made it back home safely or nothing. She was tired from the long trip back home though, so as I was talking to her on the phone we talked for about 10 seconds as usual and I heard her saying in the background that she was talking about going over to her friend’s house for about a week. So days went by and she went to her friend’s house, and I left a text often to check up on her on her friend Danielle’s cell phone to check up on Sam. One Sunday morning I was in the middle of closing service. I began to feel a vibrating and I noticed that my phone was ringing. So I ran straight to the

Bathroom and answered her call, every time she emailed or called me I was happy to hear her wonderful voice. Then we talked for about a second or two, and well her friend’s phone signal kept fading away at least a little bit. And then I saw that too many people were coming into the restroom, so I went outside at the front back side of the church. I asked her that can she wait until I got home and I will call her back, well she told me that she doesn’t know if her friend Danielle will allow her to use her phone again. So I told her to give me a call once she was done having a good time. So after that we both hung up, my mum me and my sister and my mum’s fiancé went to the general dollar store for a few supplies that we needed. My mum’s fiancé Joe was being silly as him as always and well after that we headed back home.


So after that I left a text asking how Sam was doing only once. And then after that I got no answer, so I called on a Tuesday of the next week, and I called around 12:54pm. I assume that they would be up right about now. So after I called asking about Sam and checking on her. I saw that she got on the messenger, and well I waited for her to messenger me (Sam) but she didn’t, so I messaged her. And she and I talked for about 2 or 3 second the same as always. She replied back about my laying off on calling Danielle’s phone, and I thought,” well that was strange I only called once”. So I replied back saying that I only called once and I also in a since told her to tell her friend my apologies. Soon she said she was showing her mum about her dream university, I was thinking hmmm what does she mean by her dream university? Well I was thinking well maybe a site (random) or something. So on, Thursday I had to go to class to do a test for my quiz and I finished it and let’s just say I didn’t do so well on it; though I tried my best at it.

So I got on yahoo to check to see if Sam sent me or was on the messenger, and so I messenger her and we talked.



During our conversation, I asked her that I wanted to talk to her about our plans. She replied, what about it? And I told her that we should come up with a “backup” plan so that way if the plan of our first choice doesn’t work then we can have another plan to fall back on. Well she I asked her about her coming to see her coming to see me, and she was saying that she did not know because of her mum was eerie about it. Oh and just for the record her mum is racist why? I don’t know, racist’s people do not get far in life however it’s bad when you have two close friends to deny you and already judge you and yet they have never met you yet. And so she was saying that unless I find a way to get to Florida then she can’t be allowed to date on the phone and internet. At any case, she has changed just as Shannon told me, I mean her two close friends, and I felt that they were accusing me of over doing it with the calling and texting. And you know how some people just because they do not like you, they say things out of proportion just to make a person think that I was a “Dickwaud” and well Sam took what they said and ran with it or shown her prove of something that was a “false truth” proof  is what I call it. It’s a term in my own way in which I call certain things. Anyways well she told me about a feeling on the messenger on yahoo about a feeling that she couldn’t shake away, I asked her what kind of feeling. And well she stressed the fact of her mum and her friends didn’t like me. Well of course her mum wouldn’t just because of a skin color of course, well she told me that she didn’t think that it will work out and usually at this point my heart would start pounding and so on. Well she said she wanted to keep the friendship in which she called it; “The Trio” Then I tries to make it work knowing me of a cause I do so anyways. And I told her this:” sometimes people don’t always see eye to eye on everything but just because your friend didn’t like me knowing that your mum is racists and all, and what happened to the Sam that I know at G.O.?” Well she shouted at me saying: GO AWAY AND LEAVE ME ALONE, AND DON’T GO TO MY FRIENDS ABOUT THIS EITHER!” And I was like what? No I would never and I afterwards I try to make it work, but she refused to talk it over and then she just got off the yahoo messenger and haven’t heard from her since then.


Well, after that it took me about 3 weeks to get over her. I told others about even her friends. People that I chatted with online were not helping, I mean have you ever been a break down situation, where you have to deal with people giving you passive stupid idiot advice telling you: “oh well I hope that everything works out” or I’m sorry to hear that or blah, blah, blah”. In this case I text Big Red and told him all that have happened (well a short version of it) and well he was going on about how Sam was annoying, and very irritating. And whenever she set her mind on something she doesn’t when she thinks it’s approachable for her. And well of course since he was busy, I didn’t get to talk to him longer than I would have liked to. And well I called him the next tomorrow night and well he cut me off after all I was calling is to say hello and things. And he seemed to have an unpleasant attitude; so on I deleted his number from my phone and never spoke to him again. Of course he tries to talk to me on the yahoo messenger but I never replied to him until when he mentioned about my bible that I gave her and I replied back but soon afterwards he never replied back. So I stopped calling texting him completely, and I called and talked to Shannon scheburock which is a former school mate of mine, I guess you can say me and her are friends. But not really close anyways, so I spoke to her on the phone after for so long since I last spoke to her. And well she is a type that when you talk about drama she has the intensity to cut people off, which was one thing I didn’t like about her at all. I spoke to her for about 2 to 3 hours; which should have been a time that I and Sam should have been spending time talking. But she is just like ancient history now, on the other hand later on; I soon got over the hurt of the breakdown. And I began to focus more then I never had before, I was having trouble with reading in college and I was not getting any support the teacher for my reading class her name was Ms. Filer. The next chapter I will explain to you my first college experience.


Chapter 17


My first experience


Well *laughs* when first arrived for college of my first day for class. And it took me about a week or two to get the hang of knowing where my classes are. So time has gone pass, and I met my first energetic nice math teacher her name was Ms. Shywanda. She was the first math teacher that was not grumpy or selfish like, out of all the math teachers she was the first coolest teacher that I have ever met. Well after that I kept going back and forth between class times to purchase order my books for my classes. And well then I met my first teacher and her name was Ms. Seay Lewis; I call her Ms. Lewis for short though. She tries to teach class there were other students that were goofing off geez, I mean in college man that’s rough. But neither do they show up for class anyways though.


Well as I began my class work out of all classes I was struggling in mostly just reading. Now in math it’s easy plus I love math it was just the only thing is that everyone seemed to get ahead of me before the teacher in class can even go over the lesson. Oh and by the way my classes were online and so the only thing was is I could do the work but I had problems meeting and finishing up assignments before the deadline. And well when I got to reading class it was overwhelming. And I was hungry and again I was a freshman so every bit of thing was new to me, and so on I was happy that I was in college, my teacher Ms. Filer was making us get pamphlets to read and write journals about what was the pamphlet is about. And later on, I saw my two cousins taking some partial classes to refresh their minds up a bit which are good. I also saw their cousin Brandon there too.


During the process of working on my assignments, every time I began to start on my reading, Ms. Filer always takes off the lab assignments that I was trying to finish. I even tried to talk with her about mainly student hours, and she kept going on about my leaving early. I told her that I had a doctor’s appointment, and she start to seem like she was making an argument about it and  then she constantly kept going on about me not turning in a single lab nor staying longer to do them. So to fix her I stayed once to do my lab and we finally went over a lab assignment. Well she helped the two girls that I go to class with and one that was sitting beside me, Ms. Filer helped her during the entire class time and when asked her for help on a word and the meaning of to a question she was being ironic about it and continued to help the other student. Well she never once offered any help or neither asked me if I needed help. And well a counselor named Ms. Channey Lowington suggested that I should talk to her outside of class. And so after that I left to find Ms. Filers office, and I spoke to her about anyways of passing her class well to avoid failing her class. And she was saying that there was nothing that she can do at this point and then she kept again began to talk about my leaving early cause I leave at 6:15pm for a doctor’s appointment and about how I didn’t turn in none of my labs. I knew that talking to her about avoiding me failing was not such a good idea.


So I went back to speak to Ms. Channey again and she was not in her office so I left her a sticky note, about meet her at a appropriate time again; to explain the result of talking to Ms. Filer about my situation

One night I waited and waited for my mum to come to pick me up, and well she was in class after that time she told me that she doesn’t leave until 9:30pm. So during the time that I was waiting for her; I was texting Kayla which me and her are dating I guess you can say we are anyway. And I told her all about the cause of the between me and my exgirlfriend Samantha shipman. And so on she told me stories about her problems. And pretty much you know how that goes when you date someone and then you began to tell them about your stories just to get them to feel sorry and have pity on you. Yeah it really bites sometimes; especially when you know it’s quite stupid anyways once you think back on it. So after that I called Ms. Linda, my former teacher from G.O. And we talked for about 25 minutes and she was telling me about how she was going back to school for her a masters degree. And I told her how a wonderful teacher she was. After that I had to leave because my mum was waiting for me outside.


Chapter 18


Fading emotions


Have you ever tried so hard in working on something and then when the test came you didn’t know what how it was possible that you failed? Well at times like this at times you may or may not; but at any case such as this you ask yourself doubtful questions like: Am I really going to make it in college? By what I have been told about how I do not have the ability to go to college could this be it? Or is going to college really right for me?  Such questions get you thinking rather or not if you are going to make it or not. Well

 For one thing, the one thing I hate about college is registering, and other random people that you try to be social with seem mature stuck up like people. As a result, I mostly hate people such as random or varies people come up or say randomly do I remember him or her. And at times you began to get that expression like excuse me? I am sorry but I don’t know you. And then they mansion your mum’s name or anyone else in your family. See the thing about my mum is she has a lot of certain friends that I do not know about, and they come up to me asking about as to rather I know them or not. It was really bizarre too. It seem as though other expect other individuals to actually keep up with what, when, where or who they are. My goal is to finish school not wasting time trying to get to know everyone that’s crazy.


I am not trying to sound mean or anything it’s just very hectic and most of all very irritating. Especially when you have your classes to deal with for the first time in college. The college was very nice my first college was Shelton State Community College. It was very descent and the only time I get to get out more often is when I have school or go to church on Sundays usually we go on Wednesdays but we still do anyways. When I got home I was worn out, college really took a lot out of me so much energy in learning new things can really cost you a lot out of your body and energy. Well of course I met and finally got a chance to talk with this lady that was supposed to be related to my grandmother. I was talking to her about Reena made a threatening statement and never came to apologize about it. And to top it all off I heard some other disturbing news about my older cousin Jared that my grandmother had custody of Jared and Reena had custody of my little cousin Xavier. It was a little surprising to me as all a long I thought that Reena had custody of both of them.  And to think that her husband was a bit pleasant; heard rumors from my mum that he never speaks at all. Well I rarely see him at home anyways. Surprisingly he speaks to me whenever I am play on my cousin ps3 (Play station 3). All he would ask often is what I was playing, and oh yeah during the time when they were asking me random personal questions I think that was the only time he spoke to me. But still it’s quite odd that he does not speak at all to anyone.


Well so much work so little time, I used to talk to another person her name is Kayla Lay. Well me and her…. Well I guess you can say that we are dating, but ever since we have been talking and things her ex boyfriend kept coming around to cause her to be so stressed out every time I try to calm her down and to make her laugh and relaxed. I spoke with her on the text to tell her that it’s just pointless for me to come up there to see her when her ex is around. And the fact that he takes her to a lot of places, and I am not able to help her when he comes and pushes me away, every time I try to be there for her. Well sad to say she was 15 years old I think, and I really felt bad about her situation and I really wanted to help her. Her mum was awesome I like her mum and her sisters are really nice too. And plus her mum was ok about me living with them and so on. Well after that she called to let me know her cell phone was going to get cut off, and by the next upcoming month that is when her cell phone was going to get cut back on.


To be blunt she claims that she has a house phone and hasn’t called in ages, it kinda feels as though we are not really dating at all though but I just moved on and plus life is way too short for dealing with foolish snooty individuals. And well it seems that people are not who they say they are and the most important thing that I had to learn was to guard my heart and to not allow people to deceive you of how they act and what not and people would do so much things to use others as an advantage to get over in life, it is starting to get out of control the way marriages are and relationships are now you know?


And that’s why now days you can’t trust anybody because people will appear to change or smile in your face but that doesn’t mean that the person is changed or not. So people can do things and at the same time be smart with it. Soon after wards I withdraw from my reading class because I couldn’t pass it. The teacher was not very supportive to my helping needs. She was more of a “Chair-headed” person that just sits all day on the computer. One day I tried to talk to her about some student hours and she kept going on about how I always leaving too early,  I told her that I had a doctor’s appointment and she still refuses to understand my situation and kept on talking about me leaving early and how I never turned in my assignments. My reading teacher’s name is Ms. Filer; they say that she was the only one who can teach all reading classes. Well that really sucks not to mechion I may be having her again… Most of all the previous reading course that I head and that sucks too but then again maybe they are all the same thing either way.




Chapter 19


Past VS Future




 Last time about a week ago I went finally in so long go to a concert with my church mates.

It was very exciting that I had a chance to go and have a good time. I met some awesome singers at the concert there was this awesome chick and she had tattoo angel wings on her back and she was wearing goth/emo like makeup, and she was wearing a gothic white dress with a black vase top. She was awesome on stage… And as soon as the band disciple came up, I was jamming and for the first time I got into what it’s called the “Mosh pit” it’s like a group of people that go wild and began to bump into each other and so on. Well the best part about the last band that played and for the rest of my life was I head banged until I couldn’t it was awesome. And I along with the rest of the people fell on stage during the mosh pit it was awesome however I head banged so hard I was beginning to think that well although it’s very obvious that I over did it with the head banging after I was finished head banging I could barely keep my head up and I was so dizzy. My best bud Jay had to help me on the way to the car, and during the concert I brought me something to eat because my head was killing me and I hardly had anything to eat that day. Well there inside they had a lounge area and it was quite around a pretty good size descent room actually. And so anyways this random girl came up to me and I forgot her name however she looked as though she was around about between 14 and 17 years old. She came to me and said hi to me and asking me what was my name and took off and left. It was kinda bizarre though, meanwhile I was minding my own business during that time and I went to tell Jay about it too. Well after the concert, I and the others went back on the road, and I was soaked and wet and the next day I was very soar. My upper spinal bone was soar the sides of my neck were soar and even my legs were soar. So by Saturday within the same week after the concert I went over to my grandmother’s house and me and her had a good time except my little cousin at the least dint care or bother spending time with me or hang out yet my grandmother claims that he has been asking about me *humph* I guess when you get older as you do so does the moments.


Well after that I thought to call Blankman to see how everyone is doing and how the center is looking like even though I can care less about it anyways. So I called Danny (Blankman) and well us starting talking and then we got into the whole Sam issue about the reason that she broke up with me. And pretty much the way he told me seemed just as I figured that she would tell Blankman in ways to make her look innocent about what she did to me. So I told Blankman about it and then he was stressing the fact me being friends with her and well she was making herself look innocent and make it seemed like I was a low " class jerk and a jackass pretty much. And we’ll soon afterwards I told him that I will try and that I cannot make any guarantees that I will talk to her or what not. And well I thought about it over night, and called Blankman again and told him that it would be best if  she moves on and so did I and that it was meaningless of me being friends with a person that mistreated me after all the good things that I have done for her. And after that he came back and told me all of what that he told her that he spoke to her and what I said to her. And the main thing he kept stressing about is he wanted me to be friends with her, and he also told me of how she cried about her mum having surgery and that how she was down in the dumps. I told him that I wish her well and for her mum and that I will continue to pray for her and so on. And within moments time he kept ministering to me about being friends with her and I told him no and he kept pressuring me about it. Man and he took certain things I said the wrong way. And the problem with Blankman is he allows her to put things in his head and cause him to be so one tract minded unto the fact that she changed…. And you know I am going to say this, it is good that she changed for the right purpose of getting serious with her work and focusing on what she needs to do. However Sam has to do that for her own benefit for herself and for to help her mum and relatives and friends, not to get me to be friends with her it’s like almost like going back to a deer hunters trap and getting killed without realizing it. And the fact of the matter is why I should be friends with a person that has mistreated me and used me and cared less about and the person you have dated that’s backwards. And I tried to get Blankman to understand but he refuses to understand my point of view and then he begins to take up for her for what she has done wrong oh well I guess some people are too naïve to understand.


Well after I went for the exam I didn’t do so well on the exam and I was disappointed afterwards. But I knew what I needed to focus on more and to pay close attention too. At any case no more holding back from school this time, when I start over in the fall I can’t allow anything to bother me nor distract me while am in school focusing which is why I told Blankman that I don’t want to be friends with Sam because it would only get in the way of my goals of finishing school and reaching my goals but it’s too bad that he couldn’t see that form the beginning so oh well the only best thing is that I tried and at all ends, ends well.


Chapter 20

A New Beginning


Well today while writing this book I learned my lesson about relationships. And for my I am not cut out for it, and prefer to stay single. Being single for the rest of your life is not such a bad thing, I mean just look at all of the good benefits of being singled. You get to do whatever you want without worring about if rather or not anyone is cheating on you or not calling to talk to you or spending time with you. And I also learned my lesson on giving my heart out to people too, and I also know that people who have been together for about 31 years suddenly gets a divorce. And the chart of divorcing is very high right now, and the best thing for me and being single is I learned that even though that as nice and good of a person that I am they can’t even tell even if it slaps them in the face.


One other thing I realized is the facts that if the more other people mistreat others that really loves and care for them and rejects them that they will forever lose someone that will forever love them for the rest of their lives. Although, I hate to do that but me talking to her will do her no good and nether will it be for me. The purpose on my end is to concentrate on my school work and other things; Sam is not a bad person she just has some bad habits about her that needs to change. However about Blankman was assuming that she still loves me on the inside. Though there are a few and may be a possibility rather or not if she does or not. But I would count on it, I mean she may have changed but the fact of the way she is on the inside towards others in relationships still lurks inside her.


Either way it doesn’t matter, and the way I see it is if she really changed just as Blankman says then I would believe that when I see it otherwise to be blunt, she would have either emailed me or called me. But in terms she didn’t so the way I see it is that she changed but not really much important to things that matters. On the contrary relationships are always complicated and certain amount of people’s minds aren’t really settle for what they have and then blow up a change of a person that  love them to the day they die, without realizing what they say is there down fall in life to various of other people. Yet still most people talk the talk and cannot walk the walk that is the most important thing is do what a person says that will do. What I learned from all of this is that people later at the end regret for what they truly lost and the best person that really cared for them out of others that didn’t treat her right afterwards is she is downfall that everyone falls into every time. Mostly the cost of pain is priceless to suffer, most people are used to dating others that never treats them right and when they find someone that really cares about them

They reject them and push them into a pit loss to a bottomless pit, and never returning.


Most people commit suicide because of others hurting them and breaking their hearts. And some people feel that there is no point in living and that the person that they loved that rejected them was all that they lived for, and well relationships now days are began to get out of hand. And marriages are going out of control. My opinion about is it’s a bit too late for love and relationships and my input on others that are wanting settle down I feel that thou the other that are floating around hurting others shouldn’t be allow to date until they have shown themselves that they are serious about it. As much as I would like to make a change in a time crisis as this, I know that it can’t be helped. There are only a few that are serious and yet millions out of 1.45 million or should  I say billion at that will cause more hurt and paint to others that are really looking forward to settling down.


The key to avoiding this and think what you want but either way the key to this is to stick with the people that you truly know that care about you then to be dating others out in the streets looking for them to care. People especially girls cheat and they are very “Connie” and very sneaky and slick. And most guys do it to but not as much as the guys though. Over 1.6 billion guys do it and out of 2.7 billion girls that do it.

The rate is like a possibility and a probability that the rate may or may not change. Either way as far as that goes it is a fact that the girls have it bad then the guys do. In most cases now in this 21st century, some of the various people are growing tired about the whole masquerade problem. I guess as you read this chapter you are wondering: how do I know about all of this? Could this be really true? Or how is that a possibility? Well... I guess you can say that I did a little researching or just naturally know how the world is and so on. So many guesses so little time, although a rush before the horse is not always the key to knowing information though.


Chapter 21


The one remains


My life starts here and now a new leaf and a new refresh mind set towards my goals. Anyways for some time now I have been chatting online and you know I am beginning to not like talking to minor kids or teenager’s period. They nothing is the suckups they are, man this is one story on thing that happened to me it was weird. Anyways I was on Facebook and I get on just to see what has been going on and you know, just browsing on the internet looking for updates on what s going on. Anyways well there was this one girl I met off of (WC), and well me and her started talking and well she seems really nice and very random at time but I guess she was a good friend to chat with though. So I asked for her email address because I talk to people that I know from sites to chat with so she gave me a strange email address and by the way some of you may or may not know her or may sound familiar by the name but somewhat may not be the person. Her name is Cecilia Hoffman. She was the first person I met on WC; and so on she was getting an account setup and everything. And then so we talked and I got to see her on webcam at first she didn’t want to be seen, but later I take it that she was just….I don’t know shy or something. Afterwards I and she have been talking to each other often, and so suddenly I have not heard from her since then.


Well time went by and I was talking to someone that was a friend to her and oh Cecilia is more like a ballet dancer she shown me a couple of demos of what she can do and I got to know her a little bit and went on from there. Anyways I spoke to her other friend on WC and she goes by the name of “sky pillar” I think but she and I spoke and then I figured to chat with her on yahoo. Well she was I guess a good friend to talk to until the dump kitty incident. Well the thing is she was offering me to see her on webcam doing I guess poses or something, I guess you can say that I took up on that offer and well the thing is I was talking to her about some “random” things that made her feel to want even more and well afterwards we started talk and she was really mean and a careless person which is I don’t understand of why would some people be friends with snooty pathetic people that are jerks. Well she was saying about I needed to put some head on my shoulders and blah blah.  And well since then I have not heard from her, she was not a good friend I can tell you that and it’s just as my best friend Jennifer on WC says: “some people are better off to not be friends with” Well so much for that and from that point I have been bored of not having anyone to chat with and it really sucks I guess I need to find something constructive to do. In all cases on my behalf it’s kinda true.


At times I kick back and think about why do people act foolish and do some of the things that they do. It’s really not worth it though to go through and suffer and afterwards having to put up with what they should have avoided all alone. Some people will do anything to get what they want, it sucks to say but some people are pathetic you know LOL I mean one outburst one taste turns a tragic world upside down and the drugs and the meth people what are you thinking?! You sometimes I always wonder what goes on in other people’s minds behind the folly that they put out half of the time. It’s almost like the series of cat ‘n the hat movie, like thing 1 and thing 2 however even by far? At any case it is so unnecessary to see how and know why and how are they doing things that are just uncost for. Well for those of you that are reading this book thank you and I appreciate your support. Well the thing is I have nothing much to say or perhaps need to wait for a couple of days before writing another book either way I apologize if this series was not very interesting. The most important thing is I always try to do is to tell things like it is and to be real because nobody likes a faker, procrastinator or more others to come. Which those of you pretty much know how the list or traitors goes from there.



Well I as much as I hate to do this as I said earlier I wish I had more time to sit in my comfort zone and talk about more things that are happening in my life but this is the end for now and this story continues forever until I die. This is a new fresh start opportunity for me, will I really focus on my work and really succeed in college, and I hope that I do. I just hope that I do not fail like the last time, and I really want to be successful so I really need to focus hard now will I ever past college and make it to a university

Can I really do this?






To be continued....







My Life Story

Part 4


As the hard times and good times comes to pass, will I ever reach my goals in life? It seems though each day, I find myself feeling weaker day after day. Hopefully, my learning experience of learning along with my new learning experience---would pay off, for the sake of my life.

The main problem is things feels to be much hard then before, or it could have been, just the fact on me and the way I have sought. Either way, no matter how hard I try, things always seems to get worse. True, to the fact I understand that life has a mind of its own some days. But it seems though as if it goes on all the time, or even for the rest of my life or for other lives.

For my sake, I want to make out in life. To be a successful artist that I have always dreamed of becoming in life. Although, I still have a long way to go to reach my destiny.

For such a long road that I have to travel, it seems as if I have to go alone. As I travel on my road to success---at this point, I realized that all of the puzzle pieces are yet to be found. Well, I sure hope that everything comes to an end for 5 years of my life; I have been fighting my way through challenges.

The question is, will this be the end of me?  Do I really have what it takes to move on? Or will I fail? I already have my whole life mapped out so what am I waiting for? Well to be honest, even I do not have answer.

To some questions at the least. Wanna find out the answers? Read on to find out.


Chapter 23

A common demise


Hello everyone, it has been a while since I started another series. Lately due to so much school work, I have never had the time to write like I wanted too. So anyway it’s good to be back, now then. Before I start you on for the next new stories that I have in store for you. I would like to start off with an announcement about this series; this is a story about my life. Also the things that I went through since I was a kid up to now. So those of you that assume to consider this a book about talking about my personal life then, I recommend that you either be respectful or don’t read at all. At this case, you can choose to read on or stop the choice is up to you to decide.

This book is design to tell others about what situations that the person his or she has been through. And what all of the steps and phases that he or she went through to get out of them. Other times you can say that it is more of a conversational storytelling, /and or whichever you choose make of it.

Ok so are we all clear on this little discussion? For those of you, who consider as to what I have explained to you earlier hectic or what I like to call “Mind swifter’s.”  Those are the ones that see things and consider others that do not make any since or for people that get easily confused on things such as very simple stuff. And yet most individuals have this role of saying how their mind works up to 25% or 75% and so on. Most Role players confine this as well as somewhat nerdy types. Ultimately, there are different types of Nerds, Christians, social people and so on. Consequently, I will explain that later on during the story. The point of this overall announcement is to inform readers (fans maybe) that in this book it’s all about me and my life as a kid growing up. And as a result, for those who have respectively taken the time to read my new novel series, would like to honor those for his or her support. Now then let’s begin the story shall we?


My first class was better than the last time. My teacher Ms. Filer has the whole class assigned partners, to work out a project. She assigned me with two other students�"that I did not find pleasant as far as working in as a group/ and or did like also. I guess in life, you don’t get always get what you want, it’s either that or fail in class or on a job (fired). Life really sucks sometimes or you always end up with teachers or with a teacher, which is not well supportive to other students in class that really wants to learn than those that do not. Who knows maybe there could be half of the professors or teachers, that don’t like their jobs I guess. My reading teacher this mourning decided to assign a project for all of the students to do. And you know when it comes to projects since high school I was never good at projects at all. Well she assigned me with two chicks that I don’t really feel as team group working related people, to do an assignment with. And as for a presentation? Wow that’s a switch, I don’t like standing up to a crowd on a book / and or whichever we were doing to talk about it. Or a book that makes no since at all, that we had to do a project on. By the way the name of the book that our teacher had the whole class reading, is called “Tom Sawyer,” I read a fewer chapters of the book but, I didn’t quite like it so much at all.


The book was about Tom Sawyer, and about a boy that never takes responsibly for his own actions. Tom is the main character in the series, He is very bossy, creative, he has wild fantastic dreams, and he is a mind manipulating brat of course. He also had a half-brother named Sid Sawyer. Anyway it was retarded nevertheless, for those of you that has or has not heard of the book, may or may not know what I am talking about. But either way I do not like it at all, now as far as the group project�"I wanted to work with a classmate that sits next to me and her name was Mary I think. I wanted to work with her and some of the other groups as well. But she was assigned to two people that probably, may not know about the book /and or just never taken the time to even read the book like they were supposed to. Anyways I feel that, I will not be able to pass my reading class�"it seems though as if maybe, my time management is way off.

The next day�"or should I say about two weeks later, my fresh start of the fall semester is going better. All except yours truly my reading class or teacher to be sufficed; Ms. Filer about a week ago, she gave all the students in class a quiz. The quiz was based off of the book of Tom Sawyer. My assignment was to read chapters 1 to 7 by Wednesday, and finally during the time that I was trying to complete my reading assignments �"my reading teacher gave us all a project like I said to do. The project, what was it supposed to be about? Well to be honest I have no idea as to what to do, but just so you all know�"I am not so good at projects or presentations. Unless if it was something that I know about, or that is very interesting to me. As of now�"I do not like projects nor doing them, if I was on a job (which I enjoy doing). That would be a contrast  perspective and way more than just a silly project in class, so the teacher wanted to have all of us, to do our presentation�"so after everyone finished it, I was so shocked in fact�"I could have just dropped the class or either reported her to her division chair. About this situation, but instead I just decided that it’s not worth the effort. So after that the whole class were trying to recorrect her and then�"she made us do another project again *signs*--that really sucks doesn’t it? Well to precise on agreement terms, the answer “Yes” would be sufficed. This is based off of what I am telling you pretty much makes since I guess. Perhaps that many of you may know, however only fewer people just maybe do not learn as fast, overall once you think over about it begins to make since in a way.


Chapter 24

Fractured Pieces

During the weekends, I was working on my assignments from BSS (Basic study skills) class. And the only thing that we all had to do and I know that we were all feel guilty of this at some point. So on during the time that I was working�"I began to check my “BUCS” email. Now to all that may or may not notice about “BUCS’’ allow me to explain, SSCC (Shelton State Community College) has a college email which enable for student to send an email on what assignments that they needed help on or to know what he or she missed while being absent from school. So it is located on so anyways for those of you reading this book, now know the meaning of “BUCS” email. So the next time you do know whenever you come across the word again. Well I saw that my reading teacher Ms. Filer sent me an email back finally. As I began to open up the email I started reading the message that she sent me saying:


1. "The Project" - I am sorry you have had problems understanding what was required of you on the project. This is the first conversation we have had regarding your understanding of what you are required to do. I do recall having a conversation with you two weeks ago about giving you an alternate assignment because you "don't work well with others." As I explained to you at that time, an alternate assignment was not an option because the purpose of the assignment was to improve your ability to collaborate in a group or team setting. In addition to the assignment and handout that are both in Blackboard, the class has had in depth instruction on how to give effective presentations. In addition to instruction, we have even gone to the library as a class to research. Unfortunately, you have refused to work with the students that were assigned your group as well as participate in the discussions or the research process. As a result, you will receive an unhappy outcome for this assignment that is officially over.

My suggestion to you is to do more than just show up to class; you have to be present by participating and becoming a part of the discussions. You also need to do the readings so that you have something to bring to the discussions. Unless you take an active role. You cannot pass my class. Simply showing up and sending an email from time to time is not enough.

2. "Disability Form" - I have read all of the ADA plans that students (including you) have provided. Listed below are the accommodations that I have made on behalf of all of the students in my classes that require some ADA accommodations:

1. Myreadinglab - I leave each objective open 48 hours after the due date to allow extra time. For instance, while you were not paying attention today I informed students about the two objectives that are due on Monday -- Reading Rate and Vocabulary. While Monday is the due date, I also informed them that I would not close them until Wednesday so that students that needed the extra time (like you) would have the extra time.

2. Tests - I have given two tests this semester; one was an open book essay test that was given on Blackboard. The test closed 48 hours after it was assigned to allow extra time for those who needed it. The other was a one hour multiple choice test that I allowed an entire class period for those that needed extra time.

3. Students in my classes do not need note takers. I post all relevant notes in Course Documents in Blackboard. For instance, I lectured about presentations and I have posted the notes for that lecture in Course Documents.

Chris, the fact of the matter is your performance in my class represents the grade that you receive. I have made accommodations that you have not taken advantage of and unless you change your attitude and effort, you will not be satisfied with the outcome of this fall 2010 Reading 085 experience.

Ms. Filer


Now as I have began to start reading, the thing that came to my mind�"was that it was much unexpected. And the part when she mentioned that I have to do more than just show up and send an email every blue moon. Which is (I rarely send her emails) she often replies back, I do know that one time when I was in class, the students including me waited for her and she never showed up. So after my second class was over I went to my next class which was an orientation class. The class was designed for all the students to know as much as the needed to about Shelton State. After when class was over, I was talking to Ms. Jones about my problems in reading class, and she told me about the note on the wall. So I saw and she wrote: “class is canceled for today” Well it was quite odd that she left a note but didn’t leave an email to everyone letting us know that she was not going to show up. Oh well at lease we knew and I sent her an email afterwards to let her know that I was there. So after that I was heading to class which is English class, and there was this guy that I recently met his name is Bradley Edward. He was a classmate of mate of mines, so well everything went good from there until when the teacher went over a chapter from in our English books.


You know? For some reason I noticed that Bradley never has his books with him. It’s strange, not only that he seems a bit like someone I used to know while being in school for 2 years in Kentucky. Well even though I’ve noticed it, I paid no farther attention to him. So meanwhile, my English teacher Ms. O’Connell was lecture in our English books about�"incentive statement. And basically she was pointing the fact that when you use certain words in your statement it gives a person the wrong impression. So you have to use a better statement that is appropriate, and afterwards I and Bradley started laughing during class. Well knowing me normally, I do not act that way on the contrary I was acting up a little that day. After class was over, I and Bradley stayed after class. And plus my mum wanted me to talk to my grandmother about picking me up from school. And at first I assumed that she may or may not be able to, since she was busy waited on the plumber to fix her bathroom and all. During that time I called my grandmother and then my mum, she didn’t answer so I left her a message and called my grandmother back. I told her that she did not answer her phone, so she told me that she was going to come after the plumber finished with her bathroom.

I told her to take her time and that I was going to be in the library studying. Well�"as if I ever wanted to go into the library, however I also forgot about the meeting that I scheduled for to meet Ms. Channey in her office. Well what did I do that was self distracting? Well I was on Facebook chatting Kalssia which on Facebook�"she goes by the name Fuu Yuki. But what’s was so weird about this girl is she is not very social friend at all, I mean the only thing she does if no one talks to her is she looks for past-people to talk to that she hasn’t heard from, in a while. And then she starts putting up retarded pictures on Facebook with her looking retarded with�"I guess suppose to be a witch or  mixed up like from the dead or something. She was going goofy over some guy that asked her out and the fact now she is dated the same guy. Boy I tell you relationships are a relationshit 24/7, plus people aren’t really serious about it. Anyway so this random girl comes in her name I think is Kelsey Weaver, she was I guess still in high school taking only an orientation class. Well as I begin to talk to her, at that point I went over bored and Bradley stepped away when I was talking to her. While during that time, she started laugh at everything I said in the story that I was telling her. Well, I would call it a story but on average wise I guess you can say that it was a story-like thing.

Now for those of you who read this book, and what I am about to tell you? Some of you may agree that it is annoying, and to some�"well do really mind at all. Ok�"do you ever get tired of people calling something off of a historical actor /and or a well-known person that they claim that you remind them of? Well, it does annoy me to a point that I can just stab them. Kelsey was asking me about do I sing and that I sound like Michael Jackson!! I really hate that as of now currently I have to deal with a bunch people saying the same thing. It was really annoying, and she tried to find some song from off the computer, but the thing was she asked me about did I know some of the songs from as to what he sings. And then she started to give me an example of it. This girl was retarded, and I was giving her a signal that I didn’t like being told about it. She kinda kept going to the extreme with it, so it was annoy plus it explains why she is a high school student.  My guess is since she is in high school that she is planning on going to school here soon I guess. Anyway, yeah that really kinda explains that considering the fact that she is a high school student.


WARNING TO ALL!!! Ok, *signs* high school brats like Kelsey intends to take things to the extreme, not considering rather or not it annoys you. A lot of high school students do care about others and it’s all about them, and how when they have bad days that they can sit and push other people’s buttons. Because they have nothing to do except to make other people as miserable as they are. I left her an email on Facebook but I highly doubted that she even took out the time to read it. Most people log on and view pictures, tagged them and also leave a random comment on them. Most of them use the messenger on Facebook more than emailing, but we will talk about that later on in the story.


Before all of this happen with her asking me things about a song from a well-know actor and the whole you remind me of Michael Jackson phase�"I started to talk about the section from class today about not using insensitive statements, Bradley and Kelsey both looked at me as though something was either wrong with me or maybe the fact that they assumed that I was high off something. It was quite weird but stupid.


Chapter 25

A death of heart break


Well, well seems like college really turned around for once in my life. I found myself doing well in all of my classes except my reading class. I guess maybe I need to rest and then go back to it so that I will not be in such a rush mood to get it done. Reading is starting to become clear to me now. It took some patients to answer the questions.

And I realized that when working on my assignments at the time. Besides school work, as far as students wise weren’t very social, but they sure do dress decent well some of them anyways. I got a chance to speak with Ms Farah Williams these days; she is doing fine me and her were talking about a few things that, I needed to be sure on but that’s about it. She was the only person in the financial aid office that I go to talk to about stuff, and when I cannot get to see her I wait until the line and everything clears away. But during that time there are a lot of people in class that I did not like, for instance, in my orientation class there was this on student that I talked to, and she seems nice and active. The only few things that I saw about her that I saw I found out was quite bizarre. She is more of a nerdy type hyper active person. That you would get just an anime fan and etc.

As I was talking with her, I saw another girl staring at me and waving. And every time the teacher in class does roll call, she always seems to look at me and smile. At first it felt kinda weird, but it was I guess normal. Although since my breakdown with my Exgirlfriend Sam�"I never cared of loving someone else. So days went by and I finally had a chance to talk to her, usually she sits and varies places in front of the class. So we talked; she seemed to be very nice and caring as I am, not trying to compare or anything it just the fact of knowing that she is as I am. We both started talking about, how I always talk to adults and not to students, of course at lease she has friends and I don’t actually. And she had a rejoice reaction while I began to tell her more about it�"I am not so sure what her name was and plus I can’t remember�"but she was a nice person. And she didn’t seem to keen on certain things by far but she was really cool.

During the times that I was in school, I notice that certain people have their own abstracts on certain view points. But anyways most people weren’t really social at all however; I did not look forward in talking with anyone. I just wanted to finish enough to transfer to the UA (University of Alabama). Although, that was not the college of my choice but due to transportation�"I had no choice. On the other hand, my goal was to be a Manga artist and I have been perusing that dream since high school. I never gave up and I always moved forward. Sometimes I get off to myself and think, how can I succeed? And has this orientation class really helped me up to this point? To be specific, sometimes I feel that it had no effect on me. As I sat and looked at everyone, I saw how depended they were. It was like a strong sensation for like an academic- like atmosphere form them. I starting thinking for a second; you know�"they may not be social, but they sure seem like college hardworking students. At some point in my life, I ask myself. Do I really have what it takes? Will I ever succeed in college? Am I really college material? All of these answers are like puzzle pieces to me. On the inside of me I felt the death of failure turning me on the inside out, I tried to resist by doing other things. Consequently, it seems at that point that the situation that I am in now is completely impossible. And after hearing how my mum is going through with her classes, it really gets discouraging from time to time. Even though I worked so hard at Job Corps, it felt like it wasn’t enough. I remember one time, while my teacher Ms. Tammy Jones was talking. She gave us her example side of the story, after we all finished the job search survey. And she was talking about how when she was in college and the fact that after she graduated�"the real world was so much different then what she went to school for. Now the thing is, that had a link connection to my unanswered questions; I do know that my time management skills have been a bit sloppy. So I had to enforce myself to Say “NO” and go to bed on time and be to get up on time for class.

At this point, I had no one to talk to at school. Just about problems and other things that I was going through, nevertheless of course you and I know that when it comes to college no one cares at all. After running from counselor to counselor about my issues, during that time�"I began to feel that not only am I wasting my time but there’s also. At this point I didn’t know what to do, and I felt as though I am trapped in a tight squeeze in a deaths place of failing. I talk to my new girlfriend her name is Bethany. She is really cool, I love her a lot and every time I talked to her on the messenger on yahoo�"she made me smile. Some days she seems as though her words are saying that she does not feel like talking to me. Just now I spoke to her, and well she didn’t seem to care anymore. Or she must be tired or something, at some point since she is 15 years old more than likely she may be seeing someone and not tell me about it. Most people do that, not saying she would do that or nothing, she didn’t seem to wanna talk to me today. At that time, I felt that she was seeing someone�"however it was a matter of time. That I would find out about it, and I just didn’t want to come there and get my feelings hurt. My dream is to live there, and go to Japan.

When I checked my messenger she was offline; since she kept getting disconnected so much I guess she had to get ready for bed and stuff or something.

It’s crazy, and I know that there will be times when our emotions in life begin to have a mind of its own. To be blunt about it, sometimes�"I feel that maybe it won’t last long. My Exgirlfriend Kayla Lay came back and apologized to me about what she did, she wanted me to be friends with her which I told her that it’s fine. She claims that she has been thinking about me and all and how she loves me still, but it’s kinda strange to me. Plus we don’t talk much since she is busy doing other things so it matters little. Diana wanted me back, and well after for so long of not talking to her and for her not talking to me�"I began to send her a messenger mail on the yahoo messenger saying hello basically. All of this happen way before me and Bethany started dating, I asked her to marry me when she get older�"consequently I felt at the same time that I was moving too fast. I don’t know, things are collapsing on the inside of me like a deaths signal launch.

The center point about this is out of all of the people that I have dated and told how I have dated this person and so on one person after another�"by now, you would think by now the right person would be “mind settled” about things. As I began to date Bethany, and talking to her every chance that I have.

The question that I asked myself was I wonder have she or how many guys has she been with? Although since we dated, I couldn’t bring myself to express questions that I really wanted to ask her. I guess, sometimes it’s best to know when it is the right time to ask. Well, it seems by now at time but at the same time it’s not. Everything always seems to be a down fall at the end for a devastating answer. All my life back when I was a kid I didn’t want to be with anyone because I knew that up to know when I got older that this would happened to me. For so long I have not only hid my heart from Bethany but from all except fewer that I dated my heart. Because of the fact that I did not wanna be hurt, on top of that I have school and a lot of things going for myself.

I had to learn the hard way though, and for so many years after that. My heart has been in pain of rejection and from marks of relationship breakdowns. I began to think back on all of the things I went through and how that what if I listened and moved on it would have been the easy route but it’s not.


Chapter 26

Sorrows end

Here in this chapter I am going to talk to you about some things that you should know. Such as more key point of why relationships are bad, different types of Christians, and different types of social people which involves a fewer adults as well. As I told you, during the previous chapters and during the introductory of my announcements and so on? After you hear about this, you will be surprised.

Well, first I would like to discuss Christians. Some of them as you have or have not noticed, there are different types of Christians lingering in every church home or in any church. Especially, in well-known churches all round the world. Now then most people that you have a good conversation with, seems like a good person. Which is a law as in being a Christian law states that if you are either pin-pals etc with a friend and he or she is not a Christian�"then that means you have to cut yourself away from them? Now, don’t get me wrong there are some individuals that have such as hot tempered people and people that are wanna be Christians. Are not really who they say they are, a lot of people assume that just because a particular person has not come to church let’s just say around approximately�"in about a week or two. They consider that person satanic, and which it’s not true. Of course since we all including myself at a time never realizes it, people and their attributes in life. If you really want to know how or what they are who they say they are? Then in order to do that it is simple, just watch them. Most people, on a few by far on the others that get into a lot of activities in church, aren’t really Christians at all. So people that are really, into church or not very all nice like�"true to that we really surely know by instant that they are not a Christian. But, there are other people and teens that are not like I said before people who always getting into all kinds of church activities, seems to be like a high school-like social about the word of GOD. Or people that are just very hysterically, adequate but not really living the truth. I want you think back on what I have said to you, and it will all become clear I can a sure you that. Some Christians that use insensitive statements about others, especially the ones that scream Hallelujah a lot. Overall, there are some Christians that are serious about what they believe in and live by�"but also in what they do openly. But you still have people that are too stuck up /and or social friendly like at the same time. Just think about it? It may surprise you a bit and for those they are affected? Well, you just missed the whole center point already. Ultimately, you still have other Christians not only wanna bee’s but also people the cover up their mess behind being perfect in church and elsewhere.


Now about the contrast social types. Some people are really good to socialize with and others are still one track minded. This is a concept term, which I use from a reading literacy of my own. And yes it is a reading concept, however for just in other readings. The concept is, “Flat & Dynamic” people. Well I guess you already know what the word “Dynamic” means but you want to know what do I prefer to as to what I meant when I said the word “Flat,” along with “Dynamic?’’ Well, allow me to educated you on what I mean, but before I do that allow me to explain on how is this possible in which what I am about to tell you or for fewer of you may already know. All together what I mean by advance or for some, by far. Well, for people that only stick to one thing /and or careless about things around them are certainly are described as “Flat” people. As for dynamic people, are those who not only love what he or she does and meet with but also loves to seek out and do other things. For those are described as Dynamic people, as you know some people are into “going with the flow” sort of thing so it’s kinda lies in between the concept.

Well so now then, have you guys ever been bored (which I am pretty sure you do) from time to time, surfing on different social site. Trying to find other people to talk to? Mostly either they will talk to you, and or would replied and get offline. Some of you may or may not like that or not�"but I sure do. It really sucks that you try to fit in and people just take advantage of you and push you away, most people well online aren’t very social, that some people just add you and then never talk to you in about a month or two. Meanwhile in real life, you have people that you see at school that never talks to you or new people that you would like to meet, but judging by their personality they do not seem social especially the ones from time to time rather is it is at a job or at school (college) or high school. They always say hey to you every time they saw you are mainly the ones that aren’t dynamic people as well as for people that are hyper active college like sporty types or anime colleague types as well. Many or fewer adults, are not very open to socializing, especially keen really friendly types, most people only talk to others that they met in high school with. But they aren’t opened to new things in communication, many of the adults that are just perfectly friendly and or new employee professors or job employees as well as average which both all together aren’t very social at all or very carless.

Janitors are mainly good people to communicate with on average or even some times depends on he or she’s personality.


And now for different types of people in relationships. Most people are very Connie and sneaky in relationships and then most of all some of them within each person runs his or her own way and attitude while being in a relationship with another person. Whenever you seen a really, really perfect/and or somewhat hot “Chicks” as to what fewer people prefer to be called�"are usually the ones when know off the bat that aren’t very “Mind settled” about dating. Most dressed such as a lesbian, bi sexual, and so on. Most people are becoming bi sexual as it seems to be such a popular thing now days rather than being a lesbian. Furthermore, most bi sexual mostly cheats on their spouses or either on their boyfriends. Mostly there are Tom boy girls too. By far as I know is some of them can be w***e Tom boy girls? Soon there are also, as we all know today people that do not know what they want in dating. My advice to all who are dating or thinking about dating, just keep a look out for mainly look out for bi sexual or parents that are racists and most of all Tom boy girls.

Some people wait until they get at a certain age to decide to date again. Most people yet few remain singled, due to so much relationship and marriage crisis. It is hard to find the right person, for it takes many years to come. Some people stick to as we just explained before choose to date people in their own race and are racists against others. People like that are most likely not going to get far in life by being racists. The truth is what blinds people, and it like light and darkness the lie is of the darkness and the truth which is light. Most people are more succumbed to the darkness rather than knowing the light of the truth.

Marriages are for people that cannot control themselves, from sexual satisfaction. Many individuals now watch porn and mess around or mainly some of them stay clean, however become a “porn addict.” Mainly because people, try to have someone and the person dumps them and so they turn to porn and it later began to satisfy them more. Have you ever had a friend or a pin-pal that you have known since when you two first met? And then all of a sudden he starts asking you out and showing things that are very inappropriate on webcam for people that leave messengers’ online asking you to join them on webcam? Specially the guys that’s an example of why. Most people that get rejected in relationships turn to that stuff, and it’s not that they are really porn addicts they just need someone in their lives that will be with them. However, you have Tom boy girls that add a lot of guys and on top of that they are dating someone else and then they not know when to draw the line. That usually occurs. Just stick to who you are looking for in a relationship and stick to it. And being picky is a no; no regardless of what color race you are people like that don’t usually have someone in their lives.

And now I will close this chapter with this, first of all be careful who you socialize with, and also which for “fraud” Christians and friends and also get to know a person before dating or making a commitment.

Chapter 27

Top notch for tolerance


As life goes by it sure does fly by quickly, especially when the longer you live�"the longer you see more and learn new things about the way people are in life. The wiser the better and more likely, you would be more surprised when you start to discover new things. Ultimately, as I have see in the previous chapter about socialism�"that among most individuals. You wonder why is it that Most majority of people, and why minority of people are faithful and nice and many are such a runt. Well, I run into a lot of those in my life time though and it seems to never be enough.

Now by far of you taking the time, to read my novel you are thinking maybe. If this is supposed to be about me and my life then why, or what has the contrast in things and socialization has anything to do with your personal life, in spite of their concerns to you? Well? For one thing as I have said in the announcement of the previous chapter. This novel is about my personal life indeed, but also to explain to you my experiences in life. And generalizing to you /and or as in facts and statistics about, how people are and the secret way that people are.

Here is a little advice, if you have not remembered anything that you have read in this book. Enjoy your life, and pick a career that you really love and care about. Just as the same as writing as to writing the same as being a multi billionaire. However the process in to learning many things is sometimes you have resort yourself, to concentrating in being wise as a serpent. People are like creatures, while you have the instincts of a predator�"the only way to find out about how a person does is you have to let them show you and common sense are more that you will be more likely to use.

During the night I was reading on my assignments. I looked and saw that someone left me a text, and it was Kayla Lay. She left a message saying something about how she apologizes for what she has done to me. So we texted for about a good minute or two. All of a sudden she wanted me to become friends with her, I wanted to but however it wouldn’t make any sense to be friends with someone that you will never see or even talk to at all. She claims that it would make her feel better, but I do not see how, to turn out the guy that she was supposed to be seeing�"well she told him the same thing. It was ashamed that Kayla’s Ex boyfriend got kicked out for alcohol addiction, which is life and also in all things comes with a price. A blessing also comes with a burden, after that she never spoke to me again. And the next thing after it was about a week back when I was over to my grandmother’s house. I was talking Bethany a pin-pal, I would say girlfriend but, lately she is not talking to me so I feel that it would be best if I not talk to her for a while though. Because that would keep my heart guarded, and if she ever does reject me or cheat on me then I will know that my heart will be safe. Although I have been guarding my heart from her because I do not trust her yet, and so far I feel that it may not work out.


Have you ever dated someone that you like really like�"or sort of like, and the especially long distance relationships? Then all of a sudden it starts out good, and then you suddenly get a lot of random thoughts in your head thinking. Hmm I wonder if she loves me like she says she does. Or why haven’t he or she left me a voice mail, or why is she replying so late and so on? As I was watching T.V. one day (“demo look” not really a T.V. person like I used to anymore). And I saw an advertisement called commercial. And for some of you that are profound about this site you may or may not know about it. But anyway, it is a site where the site itself is designed to match you up based up on compatibility and so on. The site seems descent but I did a little investigation on the site and well? It kinda costs but it doesn’t costs if you get what I mean.

During church, I had a good time yet again. My pastor in which he is my spiritual dad and his wife my spiritual mother, during closing service the user’s The ushers were giving out coupons for chicken filet and a free café pulpit meal. I received both, and I thought of a special someone and I gave it to her, hahaha I know by now Bridgett that you are reading this and yes I am talking about you? LOL Well she is a special person to me and also because I wanted to act as a servant and to do it not for nothing in return. But to doing from the love of my heart, she was very excited, and we started talking. And then well I love to see her smile; she has a very beautiful smile, and I enjoyed her hugs and loves of joy.

Well, every time when it’s time to go Joe which is my step dad. Always stopping to the grocery store, it’s so ridiculous!! ARRGH!!! All I wanted to do was to meet new people enjoy service and leave. And for some reason at some point we stay, for another hour or two�"and then we leave finally. As I left church I saw Jay Clay Brook, and I wanted to meet him but I was in a hurry to leave. For some reason they have a habit of leaving early, I remember when I told my mum about Karen who is a family relative of mine or I guess you can say. Well I was explaining to her after the fact that I bring the topic up, she had a quizzetive look on her face as she begin to ask me Why and wondered for reason of the cause. I told her what happened and she told me this and it was quite astonishing to me but yet a Dum thing to say when I rarely get to do anything and my sister does. Well she told me that I have to get out more and talk to new people and stuff, like making new friends and stuff like that.

Well, she is the one to talk for how am I supposed to do that? Well, she thinks I am a mister know it all. But it’s a matter of knowing and studying ways to strategize your mind�"and the way things are in life and etc. I am always online surfing on the internet looking for someone to chat with. But there is no one to never talk to at all it’s is like you have been abandoned without being abandoned. I got on Facebook last night during the hours of watching anime�"and well every since I have deleted all of the people on my friends list that Facebook on my end has become disserted.

Some of the people I talk to on my cell as far as texting wise lesser calling. Well, this one girl named Lilly well her real name is Marion but people call her that I guess. We dated about a year ago, and well I stumbled on Bebo and found her number so I decided to text her. Well she is a good person to talk to; she likes to debate about stuff. Also she likes to be in a center of attention, she was later dated this guy named Mike. And Oh she lives in Canada by the way and currently she used to live with her parents in Bella Bella�"but now she decided to live on her own in Vancouver. Well later they broke up because of the intimate situation between them, a little hint as to how? Well let’s just say that during the moment that were in a sexual moment. And she was sore afterwards, that’s the hint, well afterwards even until now all she ever talks about occasionally is Mike this Mike that. She is willing to run her life behind him and his folly. It really makes no since, and the whole “rush down” fact about it is that he does things because he knows that she will come running to him. Although, him and her were friends since childhood growing up, and I try to talk since into her but she is as stubborn as he is.


She always text me with a random topic and then she stops after 15 minutes. Well, she is very independent just not as wise with her decisions. My conclusion on this is Mike seems to be taking advantage of her in ways of doing rational things. The mainly cause of this is it started out when she broke up with him because of the fact  that he was forcing her to do things with him that she didn’t want to do. Commonly you are going to run into a lot of people like that but in some cases�"dating your child hood friend is not always guarantee to work out depends on the person at least.


Chapter 28

A silent heart

 All the more pain and suffering you can have until it is not enough, to bear. Things are very hard to digress; being Longley tends to get intense at times. As though things in life sees to amaze you of why life is good. Overall, sometimes as I look at life I began to view it differently�"more like it’s meaningless to reach the future knowing that we all live in the last days.

Ok, now here are so things about social activities that some people are very keen on. Well, I will just start with a certain someone�"and his name is Tyler Toole. I met Tyler, at G.O. (Great Onyx Job Corps). And well he has become very keen and wiser at being picky over bands. He is a type that it’s all fun and games until his “zero intolerance comes into play. Just as far as saying of doing certain stupid stuff, but now music�"well he introduced me to insomnium which is a melodic death metal band from Finland. Well, at first things were going good with that band unto when I viewed his profile on Facebook�"he claims that the band is not so compassionate with their music like they used to. Well I simply asked him�"and he wouldn’t give me and answer, so Wilbert which is another person I went to school with, told me to looking at the comments that they have left on his page. And Tyler is very ejective over bands, now don’t get me wrong I have my share of likes and dislikes but he never gives a band a chance, he just listens one song�"and then he dislikes them. He shown me a band called Asking Alexandria, they’re ok I guess too much scream and the music is not HD like instead its sound very cheap. He expects every band to him to be perfect; although it’s understandable that people have their preference on things but common the least he could do is give a little advice.

In terms, he doesn’t he rejects a band and that’s it. Well anyways, just be careful running into people that are what I call “Metal head reject perfectionists” people like that aren’t very good to be around. Now then, allow for me to explain to you about metal bands well the first thing I will start with is the different metal styles. Tyler urged me not to explain to other people about melodies but he is not really offering any advice to his standards so it matters little.

Ok, now first we will start out with rock music. Rock music has its history like Elvis the king of rock n roll. Moreover, in today’s 21st century�"rock music began to change into contrast styles. Most people grew up listen to soft rock and hard rock passive like bands with no rhythm of atmosphere at all. But my advice is to you all is to be more detail and brief about what you hear because in the time line as we speak as said that the style such a Rock music has become extremely low-classed and not so good to endures into.

Now for country Rock, country rock seems to be the least favorite of all listeners. Well more importantly the words of the songs it what draws out certain people to like it or somewhat enjoy it not much to say is the fact that you can count on Kentucky people to enjoy such downing music.

Not all people in Kentucky though just a fewer at the least I guess.

Now about Alternative bands, Alternative styles are commonly popular to somewhat individuals, most people stick to that and not at all into what they call screaming music; it makes me sick to know that people mix all music with screaming music. Most people aren’t very good people to cohabitate with when it comes to music and not otherwise detailed nor serious about music at all. Alternative kind of like rock but just a bit more blurring sound and more loud-like sounds.

Now then, for hardcore metal. Well hardcore metal, is in different ways depending on the band itself. It is more screaming but more likely more drum bass and vary of guitar playing at such a rapid thrashing sound. Most people including some adults enjoy more of the style such as Slipknot, As I Lay Dying and so on. As a result, majority of fans of different bands love this type as to the outcomes of American bands. Some people are into bands that are one track minded and not into other bands. More than likely�"it’s a matter of finding the right people to chat with on bands that he or she likes.

Now for Melodic death metal. Melodic death metal, is like varies of different melodies that are yet with solo with guitars. Most people, in Europe are more attentive in this sort of style in music style such as this. The music starts out with a bang until the aftermath of the music it slows down into a peaceful �" like melody and a bit of talking in the background. These are bands such as insomnium, scar symmetry, and also dark flood. Now most people especially in countries like German, Finland, and Russia. Most certain individuals love bands from out of state because the bands in the United States really suck�"especially Christian bands. Christian metal bands really sucks and they aren’t very compassionate about their music at all. The only two bands that I’d say are good are very descents are August Burns Red and As I Lay Dying. The rest are really ridiculous.

Well a lot of bands in the U.S.A really suck, and they have no talent at all. Most people that are into “fails bands” such as slipknot and bullet of my valentine�"don’t understand the true meaning of melodies.

Chapter 29

Dusky path

Recently, I have discovered some unique interesting bands so far. Well to be blunt, they kinda seem as though they would go good for my Manga artwork. So far many people and well for some of us have our own ways of music. Now I can leave you, with this---fewer likely people aren’t very detailed about their music pattern at all.

My Grand pa finally came. He lives n the shelter though, when I first heard about this I felt bad on the inside. He is my mum’s father (biologically) father, Well me and him watching True TV.  It has funnier scene than the last time when I watched it with my grandmother.  Although all of them are funny in the first place anyway, I was in the kitchen eating some Popeye’s chicken that was on the table�"alone with some rice---yummy indeed.

The night before, I was on my way to let someone inside because someone was knocking on the door. I looked and there was another client that my mum had, that was coming in. me and her talked but for the first time it was kinda unusual---even for me. I was trying to talk to her about, not telling stuff behind my mum’s back and to tell me if she saw something that she got offended by. Well to be blunt about this, I said hi to her and she says: “Oh NOW you want to speak to me!” It was quite stupid. And when I tried to explain what happen, she was acting funny about it and at the same time, during the time that I was trying to talk to her. I felt my voice shuddering quite a bit, and well although later on after she left�"I was in the bed playing with my PSP (Play station portable hand held game) and my mum came in with an envelope in her hand, she was about to tell me to put something inside the mailbox for her�"until she stopped herself and claimed that she wanted to ask me a question. As we may or may not know, some people say certain things in their own way of wanting to talk to you about something. So we were talking about Katelyn. The girl that I didn’t like at all anyway, well during the conversation she was saying stuff about her didn’t care if I didn’t care about or love her anymore. Every time and she have these pity talks about some things; she begins to bring up other stuff about how I say things. Now once I thought about it afterwards, I felt I should apologize to her; even though it will be such a pain to do so. However, she was telling me about the other girl that I was talking to at her workplace in the mall; she told me that she was gay and liked girls. I was thinking---o….k? I didn’t need to know that? LOL. During the whole entire conversation she made it seem like I was racists and also comparing me with my biological dad all the time. Well I wonder why? Because “I am your Mother and I can say whatever I wanna say!” I take that it would be an annoying phrase to go by? Well, in general, if I had kids I would never treat them as a way that she is right now.


Ever since my mum found someone in her life, gradually she is changing; not in a good way either. The bottom line is, she is trying to kick me out of the house. For one thing she keeps talking about how I am such a bad person, second she and I never really communicate nor spend time with each other.  And third she is trying to kick me out of the house, and finally I am trying to get my degree and my license so that I can travel and be able to go places. Well with her planning to kick me out is defeating my plans of what I came home to do. I just pray that the LORD would please help me, because I really need it right about now. Well afterwards, she began to encourage me after saying “down-sizing” statements to me. Now don’t get me wrong of what I am saying to you, for what I am trying to say is she means well she just have other times were she wants to treat me in a certain way at times.

Chapter 30

Whispers alone

Well, the other day I finally got a chance to hear from a former friend at least. She was not able to text me because she was busy. And well, I spoke with her online about it and she should be able to talk to me starting next Friday. Lately during those times I have been busy with work and exams are coming in soon. There’s a good thing my next semester want be until in the spring oh goody LOL. Well, for sometime afterwards I was really bored one night, and I was listening to new bands on; a lot of new bands are usually flowing around on Well the first band that I checked out and recently discovered was all abandon ships.

This band was good in some ways I guess. Their style was like metal core mixed with hardcore and trance all combined, very good though and well after watching the music video that they had for their first album, called taking one last breath. It was good except what I call it the “squat head-banging” well it’s like when guitarists start to squat and bang their heads and stuff? For all or fewer of you that listen to metal pretty much know what I mean by that. Well to me, it was kinda funny in a way LOL; I was watching it for about a couple of times and more and the funnier it became to me.

Moreover, usual things make me laugh. Like a techno song called the funny gummy bear song. It was funny, STRANGLY funny. Certain things to be the least, and also there was another song that was kinda good. I think it was the name of guardian angel Ft. Lena Katina. That song was really awesome, and every time I find new bands; I always email them to Rana my pin-pal in Vietnam, he is really cool.  During the time yesterday, or a week back. My mum wanted me and Joe to remove and switch around mattress, at the time I was a bit aggravated. And I even had plans to do my homework assignments; that is due by Monday especially my open book test for homework. During the night while laughing and playing around on my computer, I was about to finish watching naruto anime. But I was distracted by some of the new bands that I found.

While I was in school on Wednesday the week after, Ms. Filer gave the whole class another test open book sheet for homework to do. Well, as I took a gander at the questions; in my head I knew all of the answers. Because I have read all of the chapters well except for chapter 14 but on my last page anyways. Ms. Filer asked me why was I smiling, and I told her that it was nothing. I was just happy to know that since I have already read the some of the chapter in the book of Tom Sawyer; I knew where to find the answers.


Chapter 31

The secret truth

A week ago, I called my grandmother because she mentioned about me coming over around thanksgiving and Christmas holidays. Well I called right before I headed off to bed for school. And after school I was so happy to go to my grandmother’s house and much more to come. So after I have arrived to my grandmother’s house, I noticed that it was icy cold when I first walked in. I spoke to my grandmother about it and she was very modest about it; it was hilarious.

 So during my stay, I was waiting for my cousins to get out of school. And I saw them suddenly walk in and both of them went back home. Later, my little cousin Xavier came back to stay with me over to my grandmother’s house. And then my oldest cousin decided to come to stay also, while we all were having a great time. My Dad called and my little cousin Xavier answered the phone.  And then I had to speak to him, to be honest I really did not want to talk to him but I did anyways. Every time my Dad comes over and I am not around to notice Xavier always comes to let me know. During the time that I was talking to my Dad, he started talking about braiding my hair or getting my hair in a pony tail. Ok, see the thing is with me is my hair is long but not as long as I wanted, and second I am still growing my hair. However I wanted to get braids to speed up the process for the time being. Well after the argument, during that point I was on thin-edge to hang the phone up on him. Because of his arrogant behavior over something stupid, that he refuses drop the argument over. After that I hung up and then he called right back, and after he spoke to Xavier he told me what my Dad told him. And I was almost shocked that he was say that to a child about my hair and other issues that is less important.

So anyways I and my two cousins went to their house, to play video games. During the times, I was dating some random people online on It was more of a love finder dating site then a site for writers. Although, I dated two people I want say their names however I can tell you this. Both of them are just a waste of my time, I mean really? I am 22 years old and all I seem to attract is minor 15 or 17 year old kids. It’s insane!!! ARGH consequently, this would be the time that I would use profanity in this book. But I am not going to do that, instead I am going to get right to the point.

The first person that I dated lived in Ohio; she well is a nice loving girl. The only two problems were is the fact that she had harbes (sexual transmitted disease). Every time when I come back home from school or when I have family outings, helping a church mate of mines etc. She always assumes that I am cheating on her, I was insane and to think she really knows me. Well, I couldn’t date her anyway knowing the fact that she has a habit of assuming that I am cheating on her and also to the point where she had herbes. Although, it was hard to tell her without her being hurt otherwise, and all the facts adds up to the point that I couldn’t take it anymore.

Next girl I dated she claims that she is from Ireland and lives in Maryland. Although she also claims that she never told me this. I reviewed the message to check to make sure, and to find out she did. But I concluded that she forgot and did not recall telling me in the first place. Well, she claims that people at her school says that she is nice and loving, and as far as I know of her is she seems to have breakdown habits. One thing I seem to talk to her about, she claims to text me a role play text message about her pitching fits, acting as though she has a seizure- like I have the stomachache reaction. After a while, when were texting I notice that she was a very emotional person. She is an A honor �"roll student and also she seems to be very clever when she wants to.

I spoke with her a few times and wow she is a great pin-pal to chat with. But later on during that time we dated, and I viewed he profile and she left a comment about 3 days ago saying that she loved him and that he needs to get on more often. As I looked at it I email the guy to see if they were really dating or not.  And he told me that he called her a few times and for 3 hours they have been dating or sort of dating I guess. Soon I spoke to her about it and told her about what he told me, she start to seem like she was getting bit irritated during the conversation. So I dropped it and then she started sending a lot of pictures of her, however pretty nice but I had an uneasy feeling about her. She told me about a 19 year old guy in her school almost raped her, and other than that everything went fine until suddenly the feeling came back again.

This person is a type that has Emotional breakdowns she told me that every day she has them. Other than that she doesn’t seem to be open to me about in particular things, and when I ask her certain things she changes the subject. She kept saying that she loves me but I don’t know if she means that or not. She is only 15 years old, and people her age I would not rather date and get sent to prison for it. So I didn’t I also asked her why talk to the guy on WC (, but she never gave me answer. She says that she doesn’t know why she told me not to.

Don’t get me wrong it’s not the fact I don’t trust her, it was the subject matter of her not opening up and telling me particular things. She is just I don’t know, and so on screwing that at least I found someone that not only talk the talk but also walking the walk. Her name is Kelsey, she means everything to me and I miss her every day. She is from UK (United Kingdom) I love her lots, and she means what she says. As for the others as much I hate to say it is screw them, I do not feel loved by them at all.

Now for the closing paragraph, well as far as I am concerned a lot of people will say what they want in a relationship, but to turn out that’s not what they really want. Some people say a lot of lovely dovey and even talk the talks. But only a very fewer of people walk the walks. Moreover, a lot of people claim that a long distance relationship does last long but the real truth is; it’s not. As I saw on T.V. once, a site called eHarmony, well its ok at lease the site but it doesn’t work on everybody. Either way, relationships sucks in all shapes and sizes and trying to feel loved by only big all lovely dovey talkers will not get him or her any good until they walk the walk. There is a saying and you may have heard of this before, “I am here what you’re saying, but I will believe it when I see it.” Well, this battle of my hopeless life continues so stay tuned, as of right now my final exams are coming soon so I pray and hope I pass.


Well everyone, thank you for taking the time to read my new issue. Due to so much work and with my finals coming soon, it may be another while before I can come up with another My Life Story soon. So for now I hope that you enjoy it and sorry that I have taken so long to finish the series, my flash drive was lost with all of my novel information, and luckily I have a backup flash drive until I am able to get another one soon. So until then stay tuned for my next series and I hope you enjoy my [Limited Edition] series.


To Be Continued…..


























© 2010 Nicaushio Yamaki

Author's Note

Nicaushio Yamaki
Well ladies and gentleman this book is about my life and the things that I went through up to now so, please show respect of other peoples biography please



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I found it very interesting, and how you dealt with the different issues. I had a cousin go into the Peace Corps. which is similar to what you went to, only he got to travel to different places. Sorry it took me so long in getting to read, Raven.

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