SWICK: Twinkle Beauty VOL 13

SWICK: Twinkle Beauty VOL 13

A Poem by Nicaushio Yamaki




Twinkle Beauty

VOL 13

1)       A glowing night


Even now as I saw the walker of light

My soul begin to plaint,

By the glory of the light.

The hopeless love bows

to fall as thy enslavement moon

Shines through the wicked

of hatred


As she walks her light enters my soul

As my body fades

Like the skins of the earth

And withers away.


Through this empty cradle

Of my heart, I find my lament lays awaken

To my sins


My shameful burdens with

Stands me from the saving



The crows of my shame shatter to dusk

Before the death of

Shallows in my reach


In my sleep the farther I fell

In the deepest abyss

Emptiness before my eyes

As the darken paths closes

Before me


Oh my love, how fowl

That I have came to

Sovereign this pain


Once more I shall revive the hidden

Prison through my eyes

As I become no more


Let thy song reach the soil

As thy feet treads into the

Restless path


So beautiful and together

Nothing will be the same

To pieces she goes


For soon terror shall become

A deadly walk as her

Light becomes fragile

To the unwilling

Shadows through

the blacken silence


2)      Sleeping soul



Even though I am waiting, for my befalling

Death, as I open my vessel

The more it withers to sand


As the waters of the earth

 treads my essence

Away from existence,

 forever will I be no more

to see this

daily bread


Cast those who sinks with grief

For thou will be done

For thin daily bread shall

Die in the shameless

Lies of his lament.



3)      Death Oppressors


To my story this is my song

As the heavens reigns in blood

Thin will be done


This is my story

My love is lost in



My heavens runs

Over with unfeeling mercy

Through this revenge of

Bitterness my tone

is in sorrow


When I lay in my deadly songs

a hymn watches over me

out of sadness


in my death a light comes into

me like a holy will,

to bare me free


as my eyes of death gazes

her beauty may she

hold me in her light

resurrect me


From this darken slumber

Help me reach to

The holy world


Oh how your sweet voice of

Tenderly love

Calls upon my sleeping vessel

When I awake to your voice


Forever my life shall I lay

In your holy voice of light

Once more

All of my sorrows vanish for ever

Under your tenderness

And for a while I have



Oh bleeding light

Claim me comfort

For your love as my inner

Being rejoices in your



4)      Night of the living moon



5)      Transgressors


Evil of the earth, shall bow unto

Me in my hands of judgment

Thy works shall be



As you fall in my punishment

Forever you will be tormented

By my hands


For my love you once

Broken into the dirt

Of my graven



Screaming voices

From my eyes from

My rules shall

Be forced to



You never call on me

For the speaking you once

Said in revengance


Your words of blasphemy

Will never be forgiven

Even for death


Your soul will crumble

When as the skins of the earth goes

Into a hopeless embrace

Of unconditional



Be with me will make you tread

Like a dusty fog   

Among the living breathe

For the time

For a deadly sleep


 Once again thin hymn

Closes her eyes

For this war of



Holy angels sending

Thy army into the blacken

Path of sorrow


Such a kiss can betray a soul

Lead astray

Into the falling night


As I watched you fall

Thy demons of joy

Has a bitter in tormenting

Voices in many


6)      Fatal pieces apart


Come to me my

Wondrous joy

For my being is strong and



Every joy in hearts will bow

Before the creator

Worshiping the lost


And now are found was

Nothing more than you

As I stumble in prayer

I flea


To nights moment is

For the moon to shine

When the evil creeps

 into the night


As the stars sleep and

 Twinkles to come

Will you be mine in you?


One kiss in deep love

Until mourning

Sleeping into the world in

The heavens


 All of my memories have been

Put to sleep

To rest the hard of hearts

While women

Of the moon


Sings in deeply slumber

While the wind

Blows with love


The sadness to the

Agony songs that

Crushes the hearts


Guiltless thou hope

Becomes fragile

As the glory stands



Come with me

To the world beyond

Your dreams


I will make you my

Green pastors

As the grass sings

To the skies


When the clouds come

Thy tears from the heavens

Falls in with joyful




7)      The answer



How will it be mine?

Why hath my body

Touched the soil


My vessel cannot rise


Touch thy death

Of a cup


As my blood over flows

With surely goodness and



Shall it be the

Death of your days

Forever more


My crisis will become one

In a new world of fate

That passes

In my grace


8)      Remembrance


In you my love let thin

Will be done

For thou cast was all in the

Love of your glory


Lost forever nothing can

Be unlike the first

As my living eyes



In you my vessel forever












© 2011 Nicaushio Yamaki

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WOW WOW WOW, I'm speechless =] The imagery is incredible.

Posted 9 Years Ago

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Honey, you simply stun me! In a good way! This is WOW! Absolutely so many elements to consider....the emotions are allowed to literally drain all darkness out here! Purge doesn't even come close!
Excellent love! xx

This review was written for a previous version of this writing

Posted 9 Years Ago

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Thanks a lot ^__^

This review was written for a previous version of this writing

Posted 9 Years Ago

great album chris, although you have a few mistakes in spelling. Each was a great poem/song..... might be interesting to hear it with music.

This review was written for a previous version of this writing

Posted 9 Years Ago

2 of 2 people found this review constructive.

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