Chapter 1, The Proposal

Chapter 1, The Proposal

A Chapter by Naomi Bloom

The first chapter of "Expand Your Horizons."



Milo felt the sun warm his face as he sat on his throne in the Atlantean throne room. Kida had decided to keep him company today.

It was a perfect day. The two of them were going to have a beautiful lunch together, continue an enriching day of reigning over Atlantis, fixing its few problems, and then they'd go for a swim and have a romantic dinner, maybe something else after that… Milo smirked at the thought. His daydreaming was interrupted by one of the servants, who announced that a young man wanted an audience with them.

"Of course. Oh, how interesting," Kida gushed.

A boy was led in. He was probably sixteen years old (in human years). His hair was white, slick and spiky. He was fairly tall and slim with a muscular physique and the typical tanned skin. His chocolate brown eyes seemed to penetrate Milo, like they could read his mind, see through his clothes. He bowed, something he knew all too well from school.

"Your majesties!"

Milo liked teenagers (they could understand his lectures a little better than children), but it seemed strange that one would miss school and try to talk to him. Maybe this was especially important.

"What's your name?" Kida asked.

"Amanotep, but that doesn't matter. What I want to tell you is that I hate my city. School is boring. There is very little to do for fun. Life is so pointless here. Many of the other teenagers agree. You two are ruling really well, there's nothing wrong with your leadership. I feel safe. But I have heard of another world. You talked about it in some of your lessons, sir. I feel limited just knowing the world around me. I bet there's so much more out there. I wish I could be part of that world. You're the only one who has been there. Why hasn't anyone else been there?"

The teen was so businesslike and professional. He spoke like an adult.

"You know why," Kida said sharply, "It is difficult to reach the outside world from here, not to mention extremely dangerous! I so miss the days when I could breathe fresh air and don't think I don't long to see what the other world is like, but it's just too dangerous. Who knows how people would react to an Atlantean? Milo…"

He sighed, "I miss it myself. But it's a lot safer here. I don't think I've ever been in real danger since I've been king. This place truly is paradise."

"Yeah, well paradise is boring." Milo and Kida looked completely hurt.

Amanotep continued, "Are you saying that even when I'm 100, 200, 300, I won't be able to explore outside of Atlantis? Do you know how slowly those years will go by as I do the same thing over and over? I feel like my existence is pointless!"

"Don't say things like that! Everything here has a purpose," Milo said.

"Is there any way you'll consider it? Just a few days for me and a few other teenagers."

"Out of the question," Kida did not hesitate.

Milo suddenly remembered something grandpa Thatch had said, "You never understand a person until you consider things from their point of view."

"Well said," Milo mumbled, smiling.

He looked at Amanotep and tried to imagine a childhood living just in one city, never to go anywhere else, even just for a visit. He thought about how much he longed to see Atlantis as a kid. He'd travelled to many places as a child and an adult, yet he always longed to see Atlantis so badly.

Kida and Amanotep's arguments had deteriorated to "Yes" and "No," back and forth.

"Kida. It's not as difficult and dangerous as it seems," Milo said.

"You're defending him now?" she glared.

"Well… you know what? Yeah! I could actually take him! I know the places we could go…"

Milo lept up from his throne and pulled a map of the world out of his pocket, "Paris, Egypt, the Sahara Desert, Rome, Greece, Singapore, Australia, oh so many delicious archeological wonders of the world!"

He looked like a little kid at Christmas. Kida rolled her eyes.

"Milo, I do trust your decisions. But are you sure they'll be safe? You know you won't have the power of the crystal!"

"It'll be difficult. But I didn't need it before, did I?"

"When you were the laughing stock of the excavation team?" she chuckled as Milo blushed, "I suppose I shouldn't have brought that up. Okay, Milo. I will let you go as long as the trip is only ten days and only four people are going, excluding your expedition friends…"

Amanotep's eyes lit up as he grinned. He hugged Kida and Milo, who was still not used to hugs from strong men.  Milo winced, pinned by the young man's hug, until Amanotep released his hold.

"Sorry about that, Milo. I'm just so happy! Thank you so much! Now who should I pick?"


Their stomachs were full as Milo and Kida finished their seafood supper.

"Even though you are still getting accustomed to Atlantean culture, you really have a gift for Atlantean cooking, Milo."


They moved to their plush bedroom. It had blue curtains and bedding with Atlantean patterns. There were a few beautiful antique rugs and statues and some chairs and a sofa near their king-sized bed. Kida had lit several candles. There were two glasses on a table by the bed filled with an Atlantean alcoholic drink quite similar to champagne, only it was blue and much bubblier. Kida went to her bathroom suite to take a shower and "freshen up." Milo followed suit by going to his own bathroom suite. Each suite had a large bathtub and stand-up shower as well as a toilet, two sinks and an Atlantean invention called a "sunat" (which is just like the Swedish sauna). Kida finished her primping before Milo, so she pulled the gold blanket off of her legarpa, an instrument similar to the Western harp, except one plays it with one's feet and hands (like an organ). She plucked and pressed out a peaceful melody, hoping Milo would hear it. She started to play faster and more passionately, playing complex and beautiful arpeggios.

Then Milo came in and cut off her playing by planting a kiss on her lips. He was wearing a silk bathrobe and so was Kida.

"You play so beautifully. How did you learn?"

"My father gave it to me for my birthday and I just taught myself. It always puts me in a good mood even when things seem to be going all wrong."

She frowned and looked away.

"Are you still mad about that?"

"No, I'm just worried. I don't want anything to happen to you," she placed her hand on his chest, "But it is only ten days. As king, you are certainly entitled to a vacation. I get the next one, though."

Milo giggled, "Where would you go?"

"Hmmm… I'd like to go to your city and see the place where you lived before you met me. Maybe I could visit the countries of Mole and Vinny."

"Oh, you don't want to see the place where I lived. It isn't half as exciting as Atlantis. And it's full of bad memories."

Milo felt sad memories of rejection and loneliness stampede through his mind. Fruitless searching for opportunities, friends and female company… Milo remembered how often he had cried in that sad, grey life.

"Do you want to talk about it?"

"No," his sadness started to fade, "but I know a certain service that could be useful in my forgetting of said memories. Would you be able to provide it tonight?"

Kida giggled and slipped out of her bathrobe, "Absolutely."

She helped Milo out of his bathrobe and then kissed him passionately. It would be a great night.

© 2012 Naomi Bloom

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