Teddy, Teddy Bear

Teddy, Teddy Bear

A Poem by Nastia

I look down at them from the overhead closet that is never opened. My lovers, my friends, my long lost companions. Once they held me, once they cried and confided into my warm fuzzy body. Speaking words they knew i couldnt hear excpecting no answer only the warmth of my cushy body.All that has passed, all that forgotten. All i have become is a distant memory that serves no purpose. The light grew dim in my eyes as they said goodbye. They didnt care that i was alone, that i too can be frightened when the light in the room darkened. I had served my purpose and now i am noone. 

Little pieces of my heart break and crumble to the cotton within, yet there is no heart, no life or brain. But somehow i feel and its all too real. 

Today a day like any other day, but yet today, yes today, today is the day that a difference will come to my distant and stagnant life. Fear boils inside and a tear burns my eye shattering my pride as they reach into my closet and remove me from it.A scream wants to errupt from the mouth i never had. 'They cant be throwing me out, they cant, they just cant. I was someone to them once upon a time.' I think to myself as I am dragged across the floor. 

'Teddy, Teddy, you are now all mine!' I hear a squeal that I had long forgotten. The squeal of a child as she reaches out and holds me tight. I feel the warmth creeping back into my life as she holds me so tight and takes me away to a new place where i will lay and be her friend, her lover, her companion. 

I am a Teddy Bear, your oldest friend. Please dont forget me or my heart will break because I, I always remember you.

© 2012 Nastia

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Added on August 2, 2012
Last Updated on August 2, 2012