A Chapter by natalieox

Loosening up my tie, I walked through the gates of manor view high school. Only another 6 hours till i would be on the way shopping with my best friends Mae and Charlie, and my boyfriend Marcus. Jumping out my skin I turned round to see who had just hugged me from behind. I smiled as I saw the crystal blue eyes, and took Marcus's hand, walking up the stairs into form with a big smile on my face. I walked into form, and everyone waved hello, sitting in my usual seat i exchanged glances with Mae and Charlie, knowing they were as excited as me for shopping. We needed something to wear for Mae's' birthday party, which was this Saturday - everyone was going. I looked at what Kristen was wearing and then smiled, she hadn't worn the same thing as me today. My phone bleeped, i checked - uh, only another text from mum. 
She'd put the water in the swimming pool in our back garden! YES! now Mae and Charlie and Marcus could come to mine for pool parties next month. I smiled, life was perfect.

Jumping out of my seat i headed for the door, finally my favourite part of the school day - the end! I linked Mae and Charlie's arms, and walked out of school catching all the latest gossip from today. It felt so good to have everyone staring at me as i walked down the stairs. Thomas, my ex was staring at me whilst walking and walked into a lampost. Mae giggled, and i waved at Thomas, then giggled. Walking down the high-street, some 18 year old's wolf whistled at me, i winked and walked on. I flipped up my mobile, and checked my texts, 10 messages in the past hour! Flicking through my inbox, Marcus, Joanne, Mum, Dominic and Thomas. Sometimes, it sucks being popular i thought then laughed at Dominic's text - who Charlie thinks is SO into me! Which is kind of obvious, but he's a good mate. Plus i've been with Marcus for three years now, since i was 12!
We've been going out since the first day in my first year at high school, and now i'm halfway through my fourth year! He's so adorable, i thought to myself ( then realised that i was smiling like an idiot to myself. Thank god for my mobile, and unlimited texts - i need to keep up with all the latest goss' i thought, as i read through Joanne's text - turns out the geek in our school has died her hair from black to blonde, switched to contacts, and started wearing low cut tops! Now this i MUST see!

Walking into river island, i saw 10 girls, and atleast three i recognised from house parties. "I don't remember any of the girls names, i hope they don't spot us!" Charlie whispered. "Same" i replied. 
"Maddie darling, how are you, it's been time!" The blonde one said, as she came up and gave me a bear hug, and as she went off to hug Charlie and Mae, the other 9 girls came and said hello. The thing about knowing everyone was that it was hard to keep in touch with them all- let alone remember them!

After shopping i knocked on the door, put my bags down and took out my keys, looks like mum wasn't in. I opened the door and checked the answer phone, then headed upstairs to my room. Shutting the door i turned on my ipod docking station put away my new clothes and jumped on my bed.Switching the tv on, i heard the key in the door, turning my music off, and not making a sound i came downstairs, to see my dad come in looking very tired, and then in came my mum. They'd just come back from a weekend away, i hid in my room, hoping they wouldn't come in, whilst i hid the alcohol bottles underneath my bed. Thank god that Joanne had come over and helped me clear up after the house party earlier, i loved my cousin. I sneaked into my brother Joe's bedroom and hid his f**s - i figured he'd repay me back for it some when, and he was going through tough times with all his school work. He's just turned 17, and is currently in Holland with his girlfriend Marie. Marie is a total babe! She gives me her old clothes/shoes and even her old mobile phone sometimes! I heard someone come up the stairs, and went out to see who it was. Only mum, i smiled at her but she looked pale, maybe she was just tired i thought, after all it was a 4 hour drive.

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First off, without even looking at your profile, I can tell you're from the UK. (Sorry about mentioning that. I get excited for non-Americans often.) You have one or two verb tense switches but other than that, the character has a definite voice to her making her personality shine through.

Posted 12 Years Ago

An interesting story thus far.
I am wondering if mom and dad have became ill on their trip...
The tense is a little off i think in this

i figured he'd repay me back for it some when, and he was going through tough times with all his school work. He's just turned 17, and is currently in Holland

maybe was currently in Holland since it says he was going through tough times.

you did a good job bringing the characters to life.



Posted 12 Years Ago

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A Chapter by natalieox

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A Chapter by natalieox

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