A Chapter by natalieox

I walked down the pier, stopping to look at all the attractions at pleasure beach, i jumped, as a seagull pooed in front of me. I remembered back to last night, the shock of it all, it was all over in a flash, just as he had pulled the trigger, i had ducked, shot through his legs, and i ran. I ran for my life. I didn't care if i couldn't go anymore, i knew i had to go. I ended up walking 4 miles to Brighton, i figured it would be cheaper there.
I stopped off in the doorway of a shop selling televisions, whilst the rain started to get harder, looking on TV my face turned pale, as what i saw on the TV, was not what i had been expecting. Millions of words entered my mind at the same moment, none of them positive. On the screen, was my mum, crying asking to look out for her daughter, who had been missing for 1 week. ONE WEEK?! i thought, how could i have been gone that long! My mum looked distraught. I realised how selfish i had been, walking up to a policeman down the road, i told him EVERYTHING. He gave me money for the train, and i dreaded the arrival. 
Putting my key in the lock, i dreaded what would happen next. I put up my hood, and got ready to be screamed at, and maybe even hurt. I was definately not expecting this either! My mum was as white as a ghost! She ran up to me, hugged me and i felt her bones. She cried, I cried, we all cried. It felt so good to feel loved, wrapped up in someone's arms, someone who actually cared.
Mum let me take time off school, for around a month. Slowly i was starting to create more and more songs, and entered competitions. I was told i was good, and started to send my cds into record deals, but none of them accepted.
I didn't take it to heart, i mean i was only 15! I was fine with playing to family, friends and in pubs for now.
Then i decided i wanted to be home-schooled, i didn't know who by, but i knew that i really didn't want to go back to school. I tried, with all my heart to let my parents agree but they wouldn't let me. Oh well, i suppose it was worth a try.
I looked in the mirror, and never felt so ugly. All my make-up was in the bin, and i decided that my dark blonde hair, and dark brown eyes, and my whole face needed a change. I went on a shopping trip, got my hair died light blonde, with golden highlights, got blue contacts instead of my glasses, and got new clothes, new make-up, and actually felt pretty.
Walking out of the shop, i had an idea, i went over to the hairdressers, and asked the really cute boy at the counter if they had any jobs available for a 15 year old.
" anything for you love " he said and winked. I smiled, it had been a while since a boy had actually talked to me. 
A few weeks later, i started work helping the boy ( who i found out was called Ricky) on the counter. It was quite fun really, and got money to keep up with the fashion, i started to get more and more people look at me on the streets.
Life was slowly getting better i grinned, as i deleted my facebook account, and felt a big weight of my shoulder.

© 2010 natalieox

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Perfection Perfection

A Chapter by natalieox

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A Chapter by natalieox