Soul Mates

Soul Mates

A Story by Natasha Ashway

I've always believed in what I'll describe now as the soul mate 'force'. Like a twin energy but more. I feel like we are elements with physical bodies, as we are, atoms combining, inside and out.

I've always believed in what I'll describe now as the soul mate 'force'. Like a twin energy but more. I feel like we are elements with physical bodies, as we are, atoms combining to create things that must be, from minute ice crystal patterns to entire galaxy frameworks, making up the universe, making up life as we know it, combining, creating, inside and out.

I think the soul mate force is a part of this atomic network. Something above and beyond the physical (living senses, brain perception, logical  reasoning) though completely connected, but beyond confinement and the boxes we create to define for example, our romantic one on one emotional ties to each other. 

Because for me it goes beyond the definitions I have found so far, hesitating to use some of these terms and fix, pinning wings down,  things that feel so fluid and evolving, into one place.
I'm still learning from teachers of thought as I sift through my experiences. Listening to stories that tell me something of my own.

In my story, lost in a sea of humanity, across oceans of what now seem like meaningless moments from this view, suddenly, without warning, I find him. The new axis. The One
Extinguishing all else. The revolution of feeling. Destiny. 

In every emotional direction I considered previously here he is, teaching the past, pre-setting the future, redefining every link to another soul I've ever and will ever have.

The One, the supreme nuclear suggestion, in the here and now, materialized into my little corner of time and space. Here! He is completely recognizable to me, it couldn't be more obvious, and I'm confused about, magnetized, stunned and enchanted by him, immediately and constantly.

Physical and spiritual attraction blend together, chemistry without borders, drug, definition, desire.

The endless within me awakening primal instincts previously unknown. The parameters of this craving blurring in my mind, as random as wanting his thoughts in my head, as powerful as wanting his cells in my body.

With this need it is more than lust, and of course lust is a hugely pivotal factor at this point.
I seem to discover myself in him, find codes to encryption, pieces of a soul map.  In the growingly confusing, overwhelming world I live in this illumination intoxicates me.  Drawn by a magnet, remaining  magnetized.

We find these stories in popular media, the soppy soul matey stuff, and the cynics sneer, but the ones who know hear the story of their lives.

I listen to them to understand how he was in my thoughts before I met him. How in time before I could have a premonition of the first kiss I did. 
Because these things astound me, the perfection of a force that had live streamed into my consciousness ahead and perhaps after time. Self discovery rushes in. I see the energy that guides us an unseen compass, a curious fuel brewed our entire lives around and beneath the mechanics of who we are and meet.

And in my heart my soul mate beckons like a spring of life. He is the One. The one who radiates the light of my life. There is priceless meaning to be found, there are equations to complete, unseen pattern inclinations to naturally conform to. I'm caught in the light.

I am not thirsty, a taste of this life gives life, like fire to a flame, lit.
I am inclined, restlessly, like the flame to that fire,  like we are one, and that's the way it feels. One fire.

© 2013 Natasha Ashway

Author's Note

Natasha Ashway
Just wondering what your thoughts are on soul mates in general...

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Added on January 14, 2013
Last Updated on January 14, 2013
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Natasha Ashway
Natasha Ashway

Here & Now, Canada


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